Baylor University Gamma Chi Application 2015

Baylor University Gamma Chi Application 2015
Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Email: __________________________________________ Phone Number: ________________________
Baylor ID: __________________________ Classification: ______________________________________
Greek Affiliation: _________________________ MM/YY of New Member Period: __________
Have you been a Gamma Chi before? YES or NO
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Thank you for your interest in being a Gamma Chi! Recruitment Counselors serve a
vital role during recruitment and are an integral part of a successful recruitment.
Recruitment Counselors provide support, friendship, and guidance to potential new
members going through Panhellenic recruitment. The newly established Graduated
Neutralization Standards serve a necessary role in making recruitment the best
experience it can be for both Recruitment Counselors and potential new members.
Please take time to read over the new standards and realize the purpose they serve in
helping new members find their Panhellenic home at Baylor.
Though the requirements seem lengthy, the Graduated Neutralization Standards
have been established with the goal of enhancing the experience of Recruitment
Counselors, while promoting an unbiased experience for potential new members. Please
read over the requirements and standards with care and consideration. When
considering your application to this position, please recognize what a privilege and
honor it is to serve PNMs in an objective manner and help young women find a home in
Greek Life, just as you have. Your willingness to give and serve potential new members in
an incredible opportunity to change the lives of the wonderful girls you will meet!
Graduated Neutralization Standards:
1. Participation in Chapter Recruitment of the 2015 New-Member Class is strictly
prohibited throughout complete term of the Gamma Chi Program
2. Letters may NOT be displayed on a vehicle after October 15th, 2014
3. Before October 15th, sorority apparel may be worn EXCEPT for the following:
a. Apparel may not display Greek letters (you could wear a shirt that says
“Alpha Chi” but not a shirt that says “AXΩ”)
b. You may not wear event shirts on campus the day of the event, or whenever
the majority of the sorority will be wearing the shirt. However, they may be
worn to the actual event. Also, you may wear all-university event shirts put
on by your sorority (ex. Chi-O Chili Cook-Off)
c. After October 15th, NO wearing of sorority clothes is permitted
4. Symbols (ex. arrows, crowns, etc.) may be worn, as long as they are things anyone
could wear. However, NO letters on necklaces.
5. Participation in intramurals is permitted following these guidelines:
a. No playing on A team or C team
b. No participation in any recruitment gathering/meetings associated with flag
football, dodge ball, or volleyball (NO “meet the teams,” etc.)
6. Facebook profiles MUST be set to “private” upon arrival at Baylor in the Fall. All
photos must be hidden and letters must not be displayed (including statuses, etc.)
7. On October 15th, all of these provisions will no longer be valid and complete
neutralization (disaffiliation) will be required to fulfill Gamma Chi responsibilities.
Requirements for Selection:
1. Be an initiated and active junior or senior member of a Panhellenic sorority
2. NOT be attending a Study Abroad program in the Fall of 2014 or Spring of
2015 (or at least not leave until after formal recruitment is over)
3. Have participated in at least one Formal Recruitment for your chapter
4. Maintain good academic standing and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
throughout the Recruitment process
5. Uphold the stated Graduated Neutralization Standards
6. Attend all training sessions in the Fall of 2014
7. Be dependable, responsible, impartial, and enthusiastic
8. Return the day before Formal Recruitment begins and stay for the whole
formal recruitment week!
Please answer the following questions carefully on a separate typed sheet of
1. Why did you want to join a sorority?
2. What have you gained from your chapter experience? In what ways have you
contributed to your chapter?
3. What qualities make a successful recruitment counselor?
4. What strengths do you possess or what experiences have you had that will
make you an asset to the Recruitment Counselor Team?
5. What do you hope to contribute to the experiences of potential new members?
6. Reflecting on your Greek life experience, what have you learned about yourself
that you feel has significantly influenced you?
7. As a recruitment counselor, how would you deal with any chapter stereotypes a
potential new member may have?
In completing this application:
1. Please make sure you have ALL questions on this application answered
2. Turn your application in to the Panhellenic Office Monday through Thursday
from 12pm to 5pm and Friday from 9am to 12pm by Wednesday March 5th
3. Circle one of the days in which an interview would be best for your schedule (they
will be held in the evening)
Mon Mar 31
Tues Apr 1
Wed Apr 2
Thurs Apr 3
Fri Apr 4
By submitting this application, I agree to adhere to the following expectations if
1. Support Panhellenic unity through my words and actions as a representative of
Collegiate Panhellenic women at all times
2. Attend all Recruitment Counselor meetings, training sessions, and recruitment
3. Uphold and reinforce all recruitment rules and guidelines
4. Act as a dependable and impartial contributor to the recruitment efforts for the
enrichment of all chapters and potential new members
5. Be present for all of Formal Recruitment (Monday January 5th through
Saturday January 11th)
I have read all of the requirements and am willing to meet these expectations.
Signature: ________________________________________________ Date: _________________________
Thank you so much for taking time to apply! Please contact me or Tam Dunn if you have
any questions. We look forward to meeting you!
Hayley Shacklett
2014-2015 Recruitment Counselor Coordinator
[email protected]
(858) 735-7872
Tam Dunn
Associate Director of Student Activities for Greek Life
[email protected]
(254) 710-6456