How to Land and Prepare for the Interview Updated: 3/4/2014

How to Land and Prepare
for the Interview
Presented by: Northrop Grumman Corporation
Updated: 3/4/2014
The résumé
Where to look
What to wear
The Interview
Tough questions to consider
Cover Letter
Contact Information
Objective/Summary Statement
Education - New Grads Focus or Major, GPA
Grad Date (Intern, New Grad, Exp)
Experience - Coop, Summer Intern or Part Time Work, Volunteer Work
Projects, Coursework, Publications
 Honors, Professional Organization, Technical Skills
Citizenship Status
Flows to project a professional image
Good Résumés
Bad Résumés
Résumé Cover Letter
Good for online resume submittals
Reveal any information that is not in your resume …
How your skills/experience are relevant to the position,
How you met with the contact person (when, where, be specific etc).
Don’t be too lengthy – 2, 3 paragraphs max
Address the receiving person properly… spell the person’s name
Résumé - Should
Contact Information Correct and Complete
Clear Large Fonts, Arial or Verdana, Simple Format – make it scan able
Good, Plain White Bond
Strong Headline
Use Bullets and Phrases
Relevant to Job your applying for
Accomplishments over Responsibilities or Duties
Evidence and Proof (What makes you the right candidate?)
Résumé – Should Not's
Fancy Paper or Fonts
More than 2 Pages, if possible
Typos, Grammar Errors – ask someone else to read your resume
Graphics and Photos
Keep Professional, not Personal
Dateless – When did you study abroad?
Underlining, Bolding and Italics
Parenthetical Phrases, Also, etc. et al
Fabrication – be truthful
Do I need to have a resume if companies are not taking hard copies?
– Many companies are having you submit to positions on-line
– Bringing a resume to a career fair gives you something to talk to while
interacting with a company rep
Where to Look
Best Place – Company Career Websites
– Create a Profile
– Apply weekly to positions that fit; follow status
Career Fairs
– Target those companies that you want to talk to-know something about them
– Priority Candidates Selected
 Career Services Center
– Post your resume
– Participate in mock interviews
Resume Databases
Professional Associations
– Attend their month meetings and company presentation events
– Faculty, Colleagues, Family
Newspapers or Magazine Publications
– IEEE, Embedded Software Design
Phone Screen
Phone Screening
– Used to develop applicant pool
– Necessary to advance to on-site
Keep four things in mind
Get their attention
Generate interest
Create a desire to know more about you
Your goal is to achieve an in person interview
Before Your Interview - Research / Do Your Homework
What does the Company do?
Corporate Culture (Northrop Grumman vs. Google)
Newspaper/Net Search
– Net Worth, Growth Trends
– Trouble
– Litigation
Company’s Web Site
Company’s Social Media Pages
Friends or Associates Impressions
Salary, Cost of Living,
Regional Issues
Don’t Waste Time
 Yours or the Company’s
Stay Connected. Keep Everything Else Undercover.
Social media is a great way to connect with a potential employer while sharing
what makes you an exceptional candidate. But there are things to keep in mind
to make sure the impression you make is always positive:
Update your online profiles and blogs. Include your most recent internships, job experience,
and volunteer information.
Lock down your public information. Keep your personal information and photos set to
“friends only” so that only connections you’ve approved can see them.
Secure your Facebook profile. Update your privacy settings and check them at least twice a
year, as they may change without notification.
Think twice before you post. With any kind of publicly viewable content, Google can find it
and keep it forever. Could this reflect poorly on you or your employer?
Follow up with your social network contacts. Face-to-face, email, and messaging will
make a good impression with the organization.
Research employers. Companies like Northrop Grumman are using social media to
build relationships with potential employees. Follow us! Ask questions. Read posts.
We think you’ll “like” what you see.
Prepare for your Interview
Practice in front of a mirror or to your friends
Sign up for Career Center-Mock Interviews
Think of how your education and work experience has
prepared you for this position
Be prepared to give specific examples
Be ready to share your strengths and weaknesses
– Thought patterns
– Self improvement
What to Wear for Women
– Manufacturing
– Government
– Entertainment
Slacks vs. Skirts
Shoes -- closed toe, low heeled, hosiery
Conservative makeup. hair color, perfume
Minimal jewelry
– What about body piercing and tattoos?
What to Wear for Men
– Manufacturing
– Government
– Entertainment
Pressed Suits
Shined Shoes
Hair color
– Piercing and tattoos
What Do Employers Want?
Thinkers, Problem Solvers
Leaders vs. Managers
Self Assured not Victims
Fits Into Culture
Communicators, Both Written and Oral
Format for Conducting Interviews
Interviewer Tasks
Review candidate’s resume
Interview Steps
Preparing for the Interview
– Identify areas to explore
Make candidate comfortable
– Set a relaxing tone
Extract job-related information
– Verify unclear items on resume
Answer candidate’s questions
– Promote organization
– Present realistic picture
Discuss next steps
– Bring interview to an end
Compare candidates qualifications
Record information accurately
– 3-4 minutes
Breaking the ice:
– 2-3 minutes
Asking questions/verifying information:
– 14-17 minutes
Answering questions
 Promoting organization to qualified
– 6-8 minutes
Closing the interview
– 1-2 minutes
Evaluating/Recording Information
– 3-4 minutes
In Person Interview
Call to confirm you have the correct address, date, time and spelling of
interviewers name.
Bring extra résumés (these can be your fancy version)
Fill out application accurately
– If you sent ahead, bring a completed printed copy
Let the interviewer lead the conversation and guide you
Look directly at the person that asked the question.
– Panel interview- start with person that asked question and end with
that person
In Person Interview (Continued)
Body Language
– Learn to control negative body movements
– Firm Handshake
– Taking your seat
Personal zone
– Eye contact
– Acknowledging you are listening
– Smile
Hands -- keep them under control
 Hold onto something
In Person Interview (Continued)
Do not make negative remarks about past experiences, employers, or
team members
Do not take your cell phone into the interview
Have 3-5 prepared questions
– About the position/company/training
Don’t hang around
– Be sensitive to the interviewer’s time
Tough Questions to Consider
Describe a situation where your work/idea was criticized
Have you ever had any confrontations with a teammate
Have you done the best work you are capable of doing
Tell me something you are not very proud of
How did you get your summer jobs
What type of position are you interested in
What do you know about our company
Why did you choose the college you decided to attend
What are your biggest accomplishments
Can you work under pressure
What are your outstanding qualities
Why should I hire you
More Questions
What was the most challenging part of your internship
What exactly do you mean you want a position that challenges you
What would your references say
In what way, has your education prepared you for this position
Why do you want to work for this industry
Do you have any questions
You should be prepared to ask 3-5 career related questions
Training, continuing education
Mobility in the company
Are there any concerns you have regarding my background that
I can clarify -- your chance to resell yourself
Evaluation – Ten Assessment Factors
Energy, drive, initiative
Trend of performance
Comparability of past accomplishments
Experience, education, industry background
Problem solving and thinking skills
Overall talent, technical competency
Management and organizational skills
Team leader/motivate others
Character-values, commitment, goals
Personality/culture fit
Find a friend and role play an interview – practice
makes perfect!
Resource Page
Hire With Your Head: A rational way to make a gut decision
– by Lou Adler
Knock ‘em Dead 2004
– by Martin Yate
The Everything Etiquette Book
– by Nat Segaloff
NACE’s Guide to Interviewing College Students
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