« about time

« about time
It’s your creativity on display when it comes
to custom-made team apparel. For example,
we used ordinary household bleach and a
plastic paintbrush to stencil the time on this
unique track shirt. Stencils available in the
Crafts Department. Caution: Always keep
bleach away from children, and be sure to wear
protective gloves as you paint on your design.
» tank you
A dye job did wonders for this off-the-shelf
tank. We used fabric dye, according to the
manufacturer’s instructions, to color it a
cool blue. Then we added iron-on alphas,
including some that come in girly pink!
Now, take this idea and run with it!
rom shirts to caps to stadium
blankets and more, fill the stands
with personalized game day
gear. It’s as simple as iron and go!
« on the double
team up
Does your athlete have a whole team
of fans? Suit the family up with game
gear that displays his name, team or
number. Tees for the grandparents…a
hoodie for dad…and embellishments
to please them all. Now there’s no
mistaking who they’re rooting for—
and they look good too!
She’s hip, she’s glam and she’s got a style
that’s all her own. That’s why we doubled
up the embellishments on her ball cap.
We started with distressed monograms
(simple iron-ons). Then we blinged things
up with iron-on rhinestone numbers—
you can apply them right over the top of
the fabric letters.
be a sport
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« go gear
Want to tiger up some tools
of the trade? Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to
apply fusible web to the back of a tiger-striped bandanna.
Then, stencil and cut out the appropriate letters and
numbers. Iron your cutouts to our ready-to-go accessories,
and you’re good to growl! Tip: For extra interest, iron your
handmade letters to our readymade iron-on alphas. We used
this technique on the knapsack and the cap shown here.
Game gear is more than
just the clothes. It’s what you carry…and what you
cover up with too! We’ve got a fantastic selection
of ready-to-personalize accessories, like this roomy
tote and this cozy stadium blanket. Add acrylic
paint, iron-on letters, appliqués and more!
bandanna ball
won’t let you drop the ball when it comes to game day
accessories. Take, for example, this embellished bandanna.
We added distressed iron-on letters and flocked iron-on
basketballs. Love the ladybug appliqués? Yep, they’re
iron-ons too!
dot thought
Put that girl power front and center with an
adorably dotty T-shirt. We decked this true
blue, ready-to-embellish tee with an
iron-on cheer and some sweet
iron-on numbers. It’s a feminine
take on athletic apparel.
And the best part is
that you can design
it yourself!
» all ball
petite pom
You have an athlete on
every team at school, but it isn’t a problem! Not when
you can customize your cheer gear. Try an all ball look
with a group of trendy iron-ons. We used a basketball,
a football, a baseball and some bold iron-on alphas.
Three teams, one shirt…so cool!
Cheer gear? Check! Let the little
ones in on the game day fun with
our child size apparel. For this
look, we outfitted a simple tank
dress with an iron-on rhinestone
appliqué. And for pompom appeal?
A beribboned hair embellishment,
simply clipped to the collar.
» top spot
We made our cute as a bug basketball theme ready
to travel…on a sports-friendly duffle bag. And this
time, we added extra iron-ons to the mix. To get the
look, incorporate distressed flowers, embroidered
and chenille basketballs, and bold flocked numerals.
» game glam
This mom’s not into
sweatshirts and sneakers, but she’s still all about
supporting her team! She’ll go for a girly zebra print
tote, glammed up with some trendy iron-ons, like
distressed alphas and glitzy rhinestones. Tip: To make
our rhinestone “basketball” applique pop, we stitched a
simple black embroidery thread border around it.
Gotta run
knapsack knack
Do you like to change
your game plan to match
your mood? Try your
hand at creating sporty,
clip-and-go accessories.
For example, this cute
corsage is just a stack of
crocheted flowers topped
with a simple football
iron-on. We outfitted the
arrangement with an
alligator clip. Now we
can clip it to a sweater, a
headband…or a sweet
crocheted cap!
If you don’t see your team
colors on the shelf, you
might try…some dye!
That’s how we turned these
classic embroidered letters
yellow. Choose a color from
our fantastic selection of
fabric dyes, and follow the
manufacturer’s instructions
to apply.
long shot
« best shot
Cold weather can’t stop this
sports fan from flaunting her
love of the game. That’s right,
we have long sleeve tees too!
Pick your size, pick your color
and go to town with our game
gear embellishments—think
gym-shirt style lettering and
bold flocked numbers.