The Ultimate Mix Quiz ™

The Ultimate Mix Quiz™
All questions are worth 2 points.
Page 1
1) (GK) What is the Spanish word for Bullfighter
2) (YR) In what year did it become legal to have see-through windows in betting shops
3) (GK) Which author created The Secret Seven
4) (TF) TRUE OR FALSE - the Llama belongs to the Camel family
5) (GK) What nationality was the composer Brahms
6) (GK) What colour flag does a ship fly when in quarantine
7) (GK) Who wrote a book called Centuries in the 16th century containing predictions
8) (FM) In which 2004 film did Will Smith provide the voice of a fish called Oscar
9) (GK) Which plant does the Boll Weevil attack
10) (FM) Which actor played The Invisible Man in the 1975 re-make
11) (TV) Which character did Billie Piper play in Dr. Who
12) (MU) Which member of The Sex Pistols formed the band Public Image Ltd.
13) (GK) Which alcoholic spirit is used in a Harvey Wallbanger
14) (SP) What is the value of the green ball in snooker
15) (TV) Una Stubbs and Lionel Blair were the team captains on which game show
16) (SP) Which London football team was the first British club to win a European trophy in 1963
17) (FM) Which country was the setting for the 1952 John Wayne film The Quiet Man
18) (MU) Which female group had a hit with Right Now in 1999
19) (GK) In which sea is Dogger Bank
20) (SP) What is thrown in the Olympics that weighs 4lb 6oz
21) (FM) Which 2003 film was sub-titled The Curse Of The Black Pearl
22) (TV) Which comedy series featured pigs called Pinky & Perky
23) (FM) Which actor played Daniel Cleaver in the 2001 film Bridget Jones’s Diary
24) (MU) Which 1960’s female singer became famous for appearing on stage barefoot
25) (GK) What term is given to something that speeds up a chemical reaction
26) (GK) What number Commandment is ‘Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife’
27) (GK) What are the only two words in the English language ending in ‘shion’ (1 point for each)
28) (GK) Which famous Russian Ballet Company was established in Moscow in the late 18th century
29) (FM) Complete the title of this River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves film – My Own Private……….
30) (YR) In what year did Tit-Bits magazine close down
(A)Enid Blyton
(A)Shark Tale
(A)Cotton plant
(A)David McCallum
(A)Rose Tyler
(A)Johnny Rotten
(A)Give Us A Clue
(A)Tottenham Hotspur
(A)Atomic Kitten
(A)North Sea
(A)The Discus
(A)Pirates Of The Caribbean
(A)The Good Life
(A)Hugh Grant
(A)Sandie Shaw
(A)Cushion & fashion
(A)The Bolshoi Ballet
Page 2
31) (MU) Which song was a Number 2 hit for both Nat King Cole and Rick Astley
32) (TV) Give the first name of Agent Mulder in The X-Files
33) (GK) In the A-Z books of maps, what is represented by a black triangle
34) (GK) How many stripes would an Admiral have on his sleeve
35) (SP) How many innings does each team have in Baseball
36) (IL) INITIAL LETTERS – What P.A.N. is the more common name for the medical term Paraesthesia
37) (GK) Which country owned The Hebrides until 1266
38) (TV) Which soap opera started on July 6th 1992
39) (GK) Who was the Greek Goddess of Wisdom
40) (SP) How many are on each team in Shinty
41) (TV) Who lived at Scatterbrook Farm
42) (GK) Which metal is the main ingredient of Fool’s Gold
43) (GK) Of which country did Nicolas Sarkozy become President in 2007
44) (SP) In Golf, what term is given to a stroke that completely misses the ball
45) (TF) TRUE OR FALSE - Puffinus Puffinus is the Latin name for the puffin
46) (MU) Which group had a hit with Speed Of Sound in 2005
47) (GK) In American colleges, what is the female equivalent of a Fraternity
48) (MU) With which Rolling Stones song did Melanie have a hit in 1970
49) (GK) What was the capital of Australia before Canberra
50) (IL) INITIAL LETTERS – What F.M. was a painting by John Constable
(A)When I Fall In Love
(A)Police Station
(A)Pins And Needles
(A)Worzel Gummidge
(A)Air Shot
(A)A Sorority
(A)Ruby Tuesday
(A)Flatford Mill
Tie Breaks
When the Millennium Dome first opened, how much was a full-price adult ticket
In what year did Dad’s Army actor John Le Mesurier die
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