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Dear Friends:
Colorado in September is truly spectacular. And this year will be no exception. So
here’s hoping you find the time to explore
our beautiful state and drink in the splendor of Colorado in the fall. To help you
plan a trip, whether it be a half day or a
weekend, ask me for this month’s free
Report entitled: Best Colorado Road
Trips for Fall Color. (Check the inside of
this newsletter for more details.)
If you do head out on a scenic road trip, be
sure to take your camera. And speaking of
photos--if your home looks particularly
beautiful at this time of year, take photos
for the future. When the time comes to put
your home on the market, those photos can
be crucial in helping prospective buyers fall
in love with your property.
Seasons do the seasons of our
lives. Whether your changes involve a
growing family, or an empty nest, call me
and let’s talk about getting you into a home
that best suits your changing lifestyle.
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News & Views
If your home is currently listed for sale, this is not intended as a solicitation.
Rethink your landscaping and improve your home s value
While the gold and silver mines of Colorado
played a huge part in shaping our history,
water has played, and continues to play, an
even greater part in not only
our past, but in the future of
Colorado and the West.
Now consider this: one in
three Americans live in the
western states--and these
areas are also among the
fastest growing in the
With a growing population
dependant upon obtaining a
sufficient water supply, and the common
occurrence of droughts in Colorado, managing water usage in Colorado will become an
increasingly important topic. According to
statistics from the Colorado State University
Extension, outdoor water use accounts for
about 55% of the residential water use in
urban areas along the Front Range, most of
which is used to water grass. In addition,
many Colorado residents use over 200 gallons of water per capita per day. Contrast
that to Arizona residents who use 20% less
water than Colorado residents, yet live in a
harsher climate than ours. That’s because
Arizona residents compensate by using
native, drought-tolerant plants, shrubs, trees
and flowers to beautify their landscaping.
It’s called “xeriscaping” and it refers to
landscaping and gardening in ways that
reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental water from irrigation.
Now that it’s September, this
is an ideal time for homeowners to replace water-thirsty
grass and shrubs with xeric
materials. In fact, many of
these xeric plants do best
when planted in the fall. So
why not take advantage of the
garden sales, and make landscaping changes that will dramatically cut your water
usage, and improve your home’s value by
making it less costly to maintain.
If you’d like to learn more about the principles of xeriscaping in Colorado, here are
three excellent web resources:
Landscaping is just one of the many aspects
that determine the value and appeal of your
home when it comes time to sell. As a
Colorado real estate specialist, call me if
you’d like to discuss your home and how to
improve on its salability factors.
▼ According to a recent Wall
Street Journal article, five
years ago, the median cost of
a home in Vail, CO, was
$562,000. The median cost
today is $385,000. If youʼve
ever given thought to buying a
second home, these lower
prices, combined with todayʼs
low interest rates, provide a
great opportunity. If youʼd
care to take a look at second
home opportunities anywhere
in Colorado, or around the
nation, call and letʼs talk.
▼ Married couples no longer
comprise the majority profile
of households. In 1960, married couples made up 75 percent of total households. In
2010, that percentage
dropped to 48 percent,
according to U.S. Census
data. Meanwhile, “family
households”–which includes
married couples with no
children–has grown from 45.1
million in 1960 to 77.5 million
in 2010. And non-family
households (people living
alone or households where no
one is related) increased
nearly five times in the last 50
years–from 7.9 million in 1960
to 39.2 million in 2010.
▼ Optimism among home
builders is growing as new
building permits (an indication
for future building) increased
2.5% in July to a 624,000-unit
pace. Permits for the multifamily segment rose 8.2%,
reaching its highest level
since October of 2008.
▼ In its latest economic and
housing market outlook report,
Freddie Mac says that the
housing market is unlikely to
experience a “double dip,” and
home sales are projected to
reach above last yearʼs pace
by 3 percent to 5 percent.
▼ Homeowners looking for
additional income are opening
up their homes and renting
out spare bedrooms to offset
mortgage costs, which has
made “home-sharing” the
latest trend to catch on in
some parts of the country,
particularly in affluent areas.
Programs and companies
nationwide have sprung up to
help play matchmaker to
homeowners and renters.
Fun Tidbits and Trivia about Colorado
• The United States federal
government owns more than 1/3
of the land in Colorado.
• Colorado
contains 75%
of the land
area of the
U.S. with an
altitude over
10,000 feet.
• The Dwight
Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel
between Clear Creek & Summit
counties is the highest auto tunnel in the world. Bored at an elevation of 11,000 feet under the
Continental Divide, it is 8,960 feet
long, and the average daily traffic
last year was 31,210 cars.
• Leadville is the highest incorporated city in the United States at
10,430 feet elevation.
• Denver has the largest city park
system in the nation with 205
parks in the city limits and 20,000
Acres of parks in the nearby
• The tallest sand
dune in America is
in Great Sand
Dunes National
Monument outside
of Alamosa.
• Colorado has the highest mean
altitude of all the states.
• Colorado has more microbreweries per capita than any other
• The highest suspension bridge in
the world is over the Royal Gorge
near Canon City. The Royal Gorge
Bridge spans the Arkansas River
at a height of 1,053 feet.
Is your home ready for winter?
Ready or not, “Old Man Winter”
is coming. By performing a few
simple home winterization tasks,
you will protect your property,
make it safe for yourself and visitors, and even lower your energy
bills. A weekend of preventative
home winterizing maintenance in
the fall will save you from expensive hassles next summer.
Clean your gutters, or rain and
melt-off from
snow will not
flow freely and
your roof and
walls. If you
heights, hire a
professional to
do the dirty work. You might want
to consider gutter guards to keep
out the clutter.
Service your heating system. This
includes replacing the filters and
checking to make sure the system
is working properly. You can
replace the filter yourself, but
servicing your heating unit is best
left to the professionals.
Inspect for cracks. Mice will
soon be looking for an escape
from the cold--so make sure they
don’t take up residence in your
home. Check the foundation and
crawl spaces. Move all debris and
plants from the foundation. If you
see any cracks, no matter how
small, seal them. Mice can find a
way into your home through the
tiniest of cracks.
Inspect the seams around your
windows and door frames for
gaps. Be sure to examine the seals
around dryer vents and other holes
in your home's exterior. Caulk to
seal any gaps.
Conduct a simple test to see if
your deck needs to be treated.
Sprinkle water in different areas
and notice what happens. If the
water forms a bead, your deck
doesn't need to be sealed.
However, if the water soaks into
the boards, it is time to seal the
deck. Replace any
damaged boards
before you proceed with sealing.
Get equipment
ready. Check the
snow blower, and
locate any other
snow removal equipment needed.
Conduct an attic insulation
inspection. Insufficient insulation
can create an ice dam which is a
ridge of ice that forms at the edge
of a roof and prevents melting
snow (water) from draining off the
roof. The water that backs up
behind the dam can leak into a
home causing damage to walls,
ceilings, and insulation.
Have your fireplace inspected. If
you have a wood-burning fireplace, it may not need to be
cleaned, but it should be inspected
in case there’s a blockage from
debris that may have blown in.
Check for low limbs that may be
too close to your home or to electrical wires, and trim them back.
This Month s Free Homeowner Report:
Best Colorado Road Trips for Fall Color
Round up the kids...grab the camera, and head out
to see some of the most spectacular scenery on
earth: Colorado in the Fall. From a few hours, to
a few days--weʼll give you a complete guide to:
• The BEST fall foliage viewing in the
Front Range and throughout the state.
• Resources to tell you when the colors
are at their height.
Simply call or email for this FREE SEPTEMBER REPORT!
Cutting home energy expenses doesnʼt
mean you have to freeze in your home.
No- and low-cost steps to save energy.
The average household spends
more than $2,200 a year on energy bills – nearly half of which
goes to heating and cooling.
With winter
right around
the corner,
ideal time to
think about
saving energy
while keeping
winter. Here
are some tips
to help make the task easier.
Consider a home energy audit
because it can show you the
biggest energy problems within
your home--and provide recommendations for improving your
energy loss. If you’re with Xcel
Energy and you’re interested in
a home energy inspection, contact Xcel at 1-800-895-4999.
For details on their home inspection programs, check out this
To find independent home
energy audit firms, search the
term “Colorado Energy Audit”
in the phone book or on the
Homage to Education
Here are four small steps you
can take that can also make a
dent in your heating bills this
1. Homeowners
can save about
$180 a year by
properly setting
their programmable thermostats
and maintaining
those settings.
2. Let in some
light. Open blinds on south-facing windows during the day to
let in the sun. Close them in the
evening to add a bit more insulation. Depending on the location
of the windows, this could provide just enough mid-day
warmth that on some days, you
may not need to turn on the heat.
3. Block drafts. This is best done
with weather-stripping, but even
a rolled up towel at the base of
the drafty door will help.
4. Close unused rooms that don’t
need to be heated.
For more information, visit:
Click on “Tips & Information”
and visit the Consumer link.
The Short Sale: A better
alternative to foreclosure
For homeowners who are upside down and can
no longer make their mortgage payment
(because of either a job loss, divorce, or an
option ARM that’s resetting higher), in the
past, the only option was letting the bank foreclose. However, another option, called a “short
sale,” is generally the best choice for homeowners in this predicament. In today’s market,
an agent is hired and when a contract offer is in
hand, if the bank agrees to eat the loss, the
short sale process proceeds toward closing. In
some cases, the lender could demand that the
seller share in the loss, but this is an issue
addressed within each contract.
That’s the really short, highly condensed version of how a short sale works.
I have never let
my schooling
interfere with my
Education is the
ability to listen to
almost anything
without losing
your temper or
your self-confidence.
• Mark Twain
It is a thousand
times better to
have common
sense without
education, than to have
education without common
• Robert Frost
Education's purpose is to replace an empty
mind with an open one.
• Malcolm Forbes
• Robert Green Ingersoll
An education isn't how
much you have committed
to memory, or even how
much you know. It's being
able to differentiate between
what you know and what
you don't. • Anatole France
Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a
standing army.
• Edward Everett
He who opens a school
door, closes a prison.
• Victor Hugo
Some people drink from the
fountain of knowledge,
others just gargle.
• Robert Anthony
The object of education is
to prepare the young to
educate themselves
throughout their lives.
• Robert M. Hutchins
Education is not the filling of
a pail, but the lighting of a
fire. • William Butler Yeats
The roots of education are
bitter, but the fruit is sweet.
• Aristotle
Name the seven states that touch the borders
of Colorado.
Colorado is bordered by Wyoming and Nebraska on the
north. To the south is New Mexico and Oklahoma. In the
east, Colorado is bordered by Nebraska and Kansas.
And to the west by Utah. The southwest corner of Colorado
meets Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.
Banks, investors, and even the federal government have all publicly stated that if a person is
qualified for a short sale, the deal needs to be
considered. Overwhelmingly, banks receive
more on their investment through a short sale
than through a foreclosure, but short sales
involve a great deal of work, and at times,
“overworked/understaffed” mitigation staff
may take the easier way out (foreclosure)
rather than go through the hassle of a short
sale. So a “short sale” is never guaranteed, but
it is worth pursuing, because it has less negative impact on the long-term financial record
of the seller.
The main qualification for a short sale is that
the seller be experiencing some type of "financial hardship." This can include: loss of
employment or income, divorce or separation,
relocation or job transfer, major illness and
medical expenses, high dollar repairs without
the resources to make them, increased bills, or
higher living expenses.
The short sale market has lately become a target for scam artists who prey on individuals
facing financial hardships and foreclosure. As
a word of warning, never sign a quit claim
deed, power of attorney, or an "option contract" without consulting an attorney or experienced agent. A good rule of thumb to understand is that anybody trying to purchase your
home will look out for their own best interests
in the transaction, not your best interests.
Real estate short sales are complex transactions involving intense negotiations with the
loss mitigation departments of the various
financial institutions, as well as extensive
paperwork that is required. A short sale must
be conducted with a real estate agent, so if this
is of interest to you and you’d like to know
more about this process, let’s talk.
Unlike life, seasons change with a more
consistent level of predictability.
There’s a certain predictability to Mother Nature . . .
like the changing kaleidoscope of colors as the landscape prepares for winter. Unfortunately, our daily
lives are not as predictable as the seasons.
Whether the decision is made by you or someone
else, if you need to make a move, call me. The road
to your new home can be made predictably smoother
when you’ve got me by your side to guide you from
start to finish.
Study the market. Educate myself to
changing trends and resources. And
convey that knowledge to my clients in
a way that helps them make smarter,
more informed decisions.
Sharon Cardwell
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