Work sample Italian

Work sample
Stage 1
Work sample: Document 6
Grades are allocated at the end of a unit or
semester based on the rank order of
students. Grades should not be allocated
to individual assessments.
Assessment type: Written communication
Performance associated with Grade C, representing satisfactory achievement.
Work sample summary
The writer has produced an email which is relevant to the task – to communicate as much personal information as
possible to a chosen correspondent. The writing gives evidence of understanding the question and provides
relevant information on the topic. Ideas and information are appropriate.
Stage 1
Grade descriptions
Form and features of language
Uses familiar vocabulary and sentence
structures with some repetition and
Text types and linguistic resources
Uses vocabulary and sentences
structures that are often influenced by
first language. Produces texts that
sometimes adhere to text type.
Structure and organisation of text
Some use of paragraphs and connecting
words to organise the text. Sentences
are often repeated and sometimes
incomplete. Word omission and incorrect
syntax impede meaning.
2009/22373 PDF: 2009/23578
Grade evidence in work sample
The writing demonstrates a satisfactory knowledge and understanding
of vocabulary and grammatical concepts. There is evidence of some
minor errors in choice of verb, use of tenses and conjugations e.g.
‘constare di’, fare i bicicletta’; ‘il mio padre’ and ‘Ciao, scrivere presto’,
feature in writing. Common mistakes made are linked to use of first
language e.g. ‘Qualche volta aiutare la mia mamma a suo lavoro’.
The writing shows control of a limited range of linguistic resources and
frequently used simple rehearsed sentences e.g. ‘Mia sorella Clare è
brava a tennis’; ‘Spero che siamo amici per sempre’. The influence of
English syntax/first language is also evident in the writing e.g. ‘Lei è due
anni piu di me ed è anni dodici a scuola.
The writing shows limited ability to organise information and ideas. The
email lists the various hobbies of the writer in the second paragraph and
then returns, as if in afterthought, to list further interests in paragraph
five. Language is manipulated with limited degree of authenticity and
creativity to persuade and convince the reader e.g. ‘Ciao, scrivere
presto’. Information, ideas and/or opinions of the text relate too many of
the main points in the stimulus email and therefore meet the
requirements of the task.
Italian: Stage 1 Grade C Work sample
Work sample
Stage 1
Grades are allocated at the end of a unit or
semester based on the rank order of
students. Grades should not be allocated
to individual assessments.
Question: Part B In Italian, write an email responding to the e-pal you have chosen. As well as
talking about yourself (remember that your e-pals have already seen your ad on the website)
refer to information your e-pal has provided and if necessary respond to questions you may be
First language influence,
minor errors evident.
Uses appropriate
vocabulary and sentence
structure with a minor
spelling errors.
Some errors evident such
as 'constare di' instead of
'consiste di' and 'il mio
padre' instead of 'mio
Omits definite article 'la'
before 'Vietnamita'.
Italian: Stage 1 Grade C Work sample