Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials State of Florida Update

Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials
State of Florida Update
April 14, 2013
Craig J. Nichols, Secretary
• Bureau Updates
– Goods
– IT/Telecom
– Services and Special Projects
• 2014 Legislative Session
• Professional Development
• Commodity Code Standardization
• How to Contact Us
Goods Bureau
• Natural Gas (Capacity Management)
• Carpet and Floor Covering
– Replacing ACS with NJPA
• Awarded contract for Motor Vehicles (071-000-14-1) through
October 2014
Goods Bureau
• Boat Motors (120-440-08-1) through February 2015
• Tools: Hand Held, and Hand Held Power Tools (445-001-11-1)
through November 2015
– Adopted punch-out catalog
• Body Armor (680-850-11-1) through January 2015
• Library Materials (715-001-07-1) through February 2015
• Tires (863-000-10-1) through February 2015
Goods Bureau
• Educational and Institutional Furniture (420-420-10-1) through
January 2016
• Bulk Paper (645-120-10-1) through February 2016
– Added truckload quantity discount
– Punch-out catalog awarded
• Mail Processing Equipment (600-760-11-1) through February
• MRO (450-000-11-1 ACS) through February 2017
Goods Bureau
• Live Capture Fingerprint Equipment to GSA Schedule 70
– Replaces STC 680-370-07-1
• Laboratory Supplies and Safety Equipment ACS (490-000-12-ACS) to
Dec. 31, 2014
• Mobile Shredding Service (991-648-14-ACS) effective April 1, 2014,
through March 31, 2017
• ACS for Heavy Equipment Rental (518-410-13-ACS) through March
IT/Telecom Bureau
• Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software ITB (19-252-035-M)
– Launched Feb. 4, 2014
– Anticipated start date: April 28, 2014
• Network Infrastructure ITB (15-250-000-X)
– Launched Feb. 11, 2014
– Anticipated start date: May 2014
• Telephony Equipment and Services (20-730-000-S)
– Anticipated launch date: Late April or Early May 2014
IT/Telecom Bureau
• IT Products and Services (U.S. Communities) (252-000-09-1)
– To be renewed through Sept. 7, 2016
• Land Mobile FM or PM Communications Equipment
– To be renewed through June 29, 2015
IT Research and Advisory Services (Gartner) (973-501-12-ACS)
– To be renewed through April 20, 2015
Services and Special Projects Bureau
• Mail Services—This is a solicitation designed to put a contract in place by late
May or early June 2014. The current Mail Services contract (991-530-12-1) will
expire June 29, 2014.
• Custodial Services—This is an alternate contract source under review based
on a contract with DMS’ Division of Real Estate Development and
• Security Officer Services—This is a solicitation designed to put a contract in
place by October 2014. The current Security Officer Services contract (991380-10-1) will expire Dec. 14, 2014.
• Purchasing Card Services (Pcard)—This solicitation was issued on Nov. 12,
2013. The current Pcard contract (973-120-13-SS) will expire Jan. 5, 2015.
Services and Special Projects Bureau
Equipment Maintenance Management Services—The current contract (477-860-08-1) will be
extended until Oct. 15, 2014.
Temporary Employment Staffing Services—The current contract (991-460-07-1) ends May 17,
2014. An alternate contract source is under development.
Management Consulting and Financial & Performance Audits—The new Management Consulting
contract (973-000-14-01) became effective on Jan. 15, 2014. The new contract has a reduced
scope and fewer vendors. Users are now required to send requests for quotes (RFQs) to all
vendors for all projects.
Financial & Performance Audits—The new Financial & Performance Auditing Services contract
(973-000-14-02) became effective on Jan. 15, 2014. The new contract has a reduced scope and
fewer vendors. Users are now required to send requests for quotes (RFQs) to all vendors for all
Proposed Legislation/Bills for 2014 Legislative Session
HB801 Relating to Preference in the Award of State Contracts
Extends the Florida Business Preference beyond the purchase of personal property to
construction services and expands the application to include counties and
municipalities. Section 287.084 would now supersede local ordinance that might
restrict certified contractors under section 489.105(8), Florida Statutes, from
competing for an award based upon specific local preferences. The bill also removes
the previous exemption for counties and municipalities.
HB953 Relating to State Contracting (Similar to SB914)
Amending solicitation requirements for both Request for Proposals and Invitations to
Negotiate to include a vendor’s prior relevant experience in the evaluation criteria.
HB1281 Relating to Preference in Award of Governmental Contracts
The bill creates section 255.0991, Florida business preference and amends sections
283.35 and 287.084, Florida Statutes, to create a uniform business preference
throughout the two statutes in the procurement of personal property, services and
printing. The bill creates a preference for in-state businesses.
Proposed Legislation/Bills for 2014 Legislative Session
SB612 Relating to Preference in the Award of State Contracts
Similar to HB 801 but amends section 215.985, Florida Statutes, requiring state
agencies to also post to the contract tracking system whether the contract is on the
complaint list, suspended vendor list or terminated vendor list per section 287.1335.
The bill creates section 287.1335 and provides that vendors disclose in their responses
to competitive solicitations whether vendors were terminated for non-performance,
paid a fine or penalty, or entered a settlement in a federal state or local government
contract. The Department of Management Services is to maintain a website of the
following: the vendor complaint list, the suspended vendor list, and the terminated
vendor list. When agencies evaluate bids, proposals or replies, they are to consider the
information on the foregoing lists to determine whether the vendor is responsible and
Proposed Senate Legislation/Bills for 2014 Legislative Session
SB1240 Relating to Public Records/Personal Financial Statement/Contract Bidding
This bill exempts from the public records disclosure requirements of section 119.07(1),
Florida Statutes, and Article I of the Florida Constitution, a personal financial
statement, balance sheet, income statement or cash flow statement that a
governmental entity or agency requires a person to submit in response to a
competitive solicitation or as a term or condition of a contract.
Professional Development
Evaluating all of the certification programs offered for public
procurement professionals
• Reviewing and revising programs to meet all statutory requirements
• Ensuring programs reflect best practices in public procurement
Expired On
or Before:
Extended To:
Florida Certified Contract Manager
Jan. 31, 2015
June 30, 2015
Florida Certified Purchasing Agent/Manager
June 30, 2014
Dec. 31, 2015
Professional Development
• Current programs
– Florida Certified Purchasing Agent and Florida Certified Purchasing
– Both programs will be replaced with new certificate programs in
• Certifications programs to resume in the fall of this calendar year
– Florida Certified Contract Manager
– Florida Certified Contract Negotiator
• Check the State Purchasing Professional Development website
for updates.
Commodity Code Standardization
The State of Florida will be transitioning from the current custom
commodity code set to the UNSPSC code set on July 1, 2014.
• The UNSPSC code set is used by most vendors. Several large states
have moved to this code structure to make spend comparison easier.
• UNSPSC has a hierarchical eight digit format with a four-level tree
structure: Segment, Family, Class, and Commodity (ex. 80150301).
• The state will be implementing approximately 9,000 of the 55,000
available UNSPSC codes.
Commodity Code Standardization
• The Vendor Bid System (VBS) will be making changes to convert
to the new code set.
– VBS will convert open advertisements during downtime the
evening of June 30-July 1, 2014. VBS will be available again July 2.
• Updates on the project, including the new UNSPSC code set and
mapping from the current custom Florida codes to the new
codes, are available on the MFMP website under Current
How to Contact Us
Kelley Scott, Director of State Purchasing & Chief Procurement Officer
[email protected]
Richard Chatel, Bureau Chief, Goods
[email protected]
Marjorie Rubenstein, Bureau Chief, IT/Telecom
[email protected]
Cliff Nilson, Bureau Chief, Services & Special Projects
[email protected]
Veronica McCrackin, Governance and Professional Development Manager
[email protected]
Cliff Chroust, State Purchasing Operations Manager
[email protected]
Kasey Bickley, MyFloridaMarketPlace Program Manager
[email protected]