Sample letter to the editor To the Editor:

[Sample letter to the editor]
To the Editor:
Connecticut is a great place. [Insert personal comments, such as] I grew up here,
settled down here, and raised my family here.
I choose to live here and I’m now choosing to speak up about where our state is
Many other states have fully recovered from the recession, producing stronger
state economies that are encouraging private businesses to create more jobs and
But Connecticut has been one of the slowest states to recover, with many people
still struggling and wondering whether they can stay here.
Through the new CT20x17 campaign, we have an opportunity to help our state
finally realize its full potential. It’s a campaign to move Connecticut into the top
twenty states in national economic competitiveness rankings by 2017.
Improving Connecticut’s economy isn’t just about helping businesses; it touches
every community, every neighborhood, and every family in our state.
A vibrant economy will mean more resources for education, for our communities,
and to fix our state highways and bridges. It will also mean creating more and
better opportunities for our children.
We can get there. This election season, let’s all ask our candidates what they
would do to improve our economy.
Connecticut’s future depend on it.