Sports Field Stencils

Sports Field Stencils
Enhance field appearance and pride in your program with
durable sports stencils. Your first choice for football field
stencils. Highlight field side lines, common areas on campus, and company facilities. Help sponsors with advertising on different areas of your fields. Customize your field
with player names and numbers.
• Sideline Number stencils in 3 1/2 and 6 foot heights and 1/8” or 1/16” thick
plastic come standard with:
G, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, -> (ARROW)
• Large 10’ x 16’ block letters in 8.5 mil high grade plastic sheets
• Hash mark stencil made from 1/8” plastic created with standard 4” x 24” stripe, folds
out to cover 5 yards and folds up for easy storage.
• Small 18” x 24” Block Letter stencils for many different sports fields such as soccer,
rugby, lacrosse, baseball, and softball
• Custom stencils in 8.5 mil high grade plastic sheets
Small Block Letter
Stencils, 18” x 24”
Durable 8.5 mil plastic
sheet using bracing
Hash Mark Stencil, 1/8”
Large Block Letter
End Zone Application
Custom Sports Stencils
Stencils for painting surfaces to enhance special
events, parking lots, playgrounds, and sports fields.
• Tough 8.5 mil plastic material and proper care
Custom Sports Stencils
provide for long life.
Patriotic Star, 12’ tip to tip
• Easy storage as they fold like bed sheets into 2’ x
2’ square.
• Stencils between 45 yard lines start at $400 depending on size and design.
• Shipped in 2 - 3 weeks once accepted. Allow more time for summer and fall.
• Staff has over 10 years experience designing and cutting stencils.
• Email or fax your team emblem, logo, and lettering today for a FREE price quote!
email: [email protected], Fax: (707) 276-1061
Paw Stencil, 15.5’ x 17.5’
Sideline Number Stencils
10’ x 16’ Block Stencil
Durable 8.5 mil plastic sheet
Eagle Head Stencil,
13.5’ x 28.5’
Straight Lines in Less Time
Straight Lines in Less Time
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