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 Letters to Santa – Colby Free Press Friday, December 23, 2011
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Sacred Heart School
Third Grade
Dear Santa
I want an American girl doll
with PJ’s to match. I also want a
new TV. My sister Want a tredmill.
HAPPY Holidays!!
Dear Santa
For christmas I would like
Kanani the girl of the year from
American girl. I would also like
the cozy plaid outfit a suitcase
from American girl. In my stocking I don’t care what you put i my
stocking as long as it isn’t a snake
or coal. Thank you for bringing
presents to children. Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Jenna Reinert
Dear Santa
Merry Christ mas, I would like
it it if you would bring my mom
a pair of slipper socks and PJ’s.
Please bring my dad a thing for his
Raider shelf. My sister Baidynn
some toys. My sister Caryl some
stuffed Cat and Clothes for her gg
doll. I would like some clothes for includes books.
me and my dolls.
Oaklynn Ann Carman
Dear Santa
Dear Santa
For Christmas I want a new
For Christmas I would like game cube card. Thank you
Just Dance 3 Wii game. Also an
p.s. Merry Christmas
Ipod with a pink cover. I would
Alex Bowers
also like a Just like me doll from
American Girl. I would like a pink
Dear Santa
and purple peace sign beanbag.
This year for Christmas I want
Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Christmas.
a KU sleeping bag, an Ipod touch,
Lacy Weigel
KU bedsheets, KU teddy bear, KU
Kleenex box, KU trash can and a
Dear Santa
KU hat I wish you a merry merry
For Christmas this year I want Christmas!!!
a K-state suggie, a Bronco back
Eli Applebury
pack, a Bronco football helmet
and football gear, a Tim Teabow
Dear Santa
jersey, a nice K-state coat, and
I would like an Xbox 360, a
some new boots. Merry Christ- pony and all the Halo games, an
electrec scooter, legos (any kind).
Jaren Wesley Rush
Braydon Horinek
Dear Santa
Dear Santa
I would like lots of things like
For Christmas I want a toy gun,
some nonficton books and any- an American girl doll, a pony or
thing else. My sister wants a new horse, a stuffed animal horse,
jacket or a Harmonica. My dad some glass horses, and a skyball.
wants a new robe or some slipDanielle Schroeder
pers. My mom wants anyting that
Golden Plains Schools
Love, Tucker Wark
Dear Santa,
I wood like a big truck and remot cuntrl car.
Love, Tayten Barnett
Dear Santa,
I would like a toy rig.
Love, Montana Fringer
Dear Santa,
I want a green dart gun and dragun.
Love, Caleb Hill
Dear Santa,
I would like a computer.
Love, Keyth Masoner
Dear Santa,
I would like a DS, DS games
and an ipod.
Love, Jordyn Fleckenstein
Dear Santa,
I want a DS and Lalalupse.
Love, Jorja Juenemann
Dear Santa,
I would like a Happe Napur,
fishe, and stuf animal.
Love, Shea Bowers
Dear Santa,
I want a motersicl.
Love, Jerrit Koerperich
Dear Santa,
I want a julree box, julre, and a
Love, Mia Rogers
Dear Santa,
I wat a truk.
Love, Blake Durham
Dear Santa,
Dear Santa,
I want bastball cloze and purple
I would lick a teacup piggie and chaps.
First Grade
Love, Will Bruggeman
Love, Ava Brantley
Dear Santa,
Dear Santa,,
Dear Santa,
I want a new DS game for my
I want balluns, barbee and dols.
I want a race car.
DS. Becuz the ofer one is broke.
Love, Valentina Bermudez
Love, Wyatt Higerd
Love, Isiah Schwarz
Dear Santa,
Dear Santa,
Dear Santa,
I wont baluns, carz and a robot.
I wood like a remoot control
I want a uonkorn happy napprr
Love, Oscar Ornales
Meghann Elling
Sacred Heart Fourth Grade – Ms. Williams
because I think it’s cool!
Love, Breanna Rath
Dear Santa,
cause thay are fun.
I want a real four weler and I
Love, Jazline Manriquez
want a horse because thay would
Dear Santa,
be fast! I love Santa!
Dear Santa,
For chistmes I want a color
Love, Landen Vogler
I want a pink DSi and a toey
bookbag for chistmes because my
barbe doll for my toey house beuthre bookbag is to pink.
Dear Santa,
cauz it is fun to play with my sesLove, Sidney Taylor
I want a purple ds an a dolset ter. I love Santa.
because I wood love to play with
Love, Hailey Farr
Dear Santa,
them cus they sount fun!
I wunt a real car becus I wunt to
Love, Jamie Graves
Dear Santa,
driv. I olsow wunt a dsi.
I want a DSi because my sistr
Love, Dalton Bice
Dear Santa,
has one. I want a plastachin 3 beI want a DS and I want a pillow cause I wont to play it.
Dear Santa,
pet youncorn because I like it! I
Love, Dylan Bice
I want a tuch ipod because thay just like it!
are fun. I want a DSi because I
Love, Tessa Hill
Dear Santa,
play thim on rood trips.
I want a DS. because I don’t
Love, McHaley O’Neal
Dear Santa,
have a DS. I wont a bick becuz
I want a doll because I love to my bick don’t not fit me.
play weth them. I want a DSI beLove, Mason Green
Other Letters
Dear Santa,
Dear Santa,
Dora with a pink dress and purple
I hope you have a very merry
For Chrstmas I want evrything hair. I will be nice
Christmas today May I please get to have good helth for a year.
Amber Woods
a pokie mon for my Dsi and a reLove, Ava Mull
Ms. Judy
mote control car.
Dear Santa,
Dear Santa,
D. Ohlrogge
My name is Amber I have tried
My I have a monster truck that I
Mrs. Donley
to be good most of the Time So can drive like a toy.
if you could bring my very own
Paul Woods
Alexis Carney
Colby Fifth Grade – Mrs. Rall