$2295 MV8000

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Far more than a killer sampler…
One of the most powerful samplers available!
To many, Akai’s MPCs are synonymous with
pro percussion samplers; there’s something
about those big square rubber pads. But
the MPC4000 Plus goes beyond simple
percussion sampling. This is a full-fledged
pro sampling production center, boasting
Akai’s ultra-powerful Z-96 sampling engine.
The MPC4000 Plus supports not only
conventional drum programs, but also lets
you select Keygroup programs, allowing you
play ‘conventional’ sounds such as piano, bass,
strings, synth, etc., from a keyboard. With sampling frequencies up to 24-bit/96
kHz and a 4-channel effects processor, the MPC4000 Plus stands alone.
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24-Bit/96kHz Sampling Workstation with 80GB Hard Drive, 4-Channel Effects Processor, and Digital I/O
Take your MPC on the road!
The MPC1000 is Akai’s most portable MPC yet. This modern sampling drum
machine and 64-track MIDI sequencer is
about the size of a laptop. It’s the MPC
you can take on the road with you,
without the weight and awkwardness of
larger models. The MPC1000 delivers
the MPC’s legendary ‘feel’ and ‘groove
in a rugged, dependable ‘switch on
and work’ and ‘out the carton’ solution to computer sequencer headaches. The
MPC1000 features the sixteen characteristic velocity and pressure sensitive pads
— an established (and essential) component of the MPC series since its inception! It
also features the original MP60’s intuitive transport and locate controls, the unique
NOTE REPEAT function plus new additions such as the two Q-Link sliders that allow
real-time interaction with tuning, filter cutoff, layer switching, attack and decay.
Only $84/mo.
List $3599.00
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Compact Sampling Workstation with 64-Track Sequencer, Compact Flash Storage, and
USB Port
Only $27/mo.
List $999.00
From sample to song in one unit THE Sampler/Sequencer
From creating beats to sampling and CDburning, the MV-8000 Production Studio
does it all— quickly and elegantly. While
the feature set-up is extremely impressive,
it’s the feel of the MV-8000 that’s
going to win over the hearts of DJ’s,
composers, re-mixers, and other
musicians. The 16 big, fat velocitysensitive rubber pads really deliver the
vibe you expect and make sequencing a breeze!
When it comes to its sampling capabilities, the
MV-8000 is unequalled in its class. You can sample your own sounds or load
libraries including Roland S-700, Akai MPC-2000, ACID and .WAV, then arrange
it all using 16 velocity-sensitive pads and Roland’s most powerful audio/MIDI
sequencer yet — 136 tracks (128 MIDI tracks + 8 stereo audio tracks) with easy
software-style operation, real-time timestretch, and pitch shifting capabilities.
Your Low Payment:
by Roland
Sampling Workstation with 136-Track Audio/MIDI Sequencer, 40GB Hard Drive, and
Built-In CD-RW
Only $69/mo.
List $2695.00
Seen in countless studios across the globe, the
MPC2000 hits home with the right features,
feel and productivity. The MPC2000XL
is a total production center, a sampler,
drum machine and MIDI sequencer all
in one instrument. As a sequencer, the
MPC2000XL gives you 64 tracks and
supports both linear and pattern-style
(looped) recording. There’s a whopping
300,000 note sequence capacity and a
Step Edit mode for quick and easy recording,
viewing or editing of any event in a sequence. As a sampling drum machine, the
MPC2000XL is peerless, capable of producing nearly any rhythmic texture you
can imagine: 16-bit stereo sampling with 32-voice polyphony. Additional features
include dynamic resonant filters, new time stretch capabilities, graphic sample
editing and resampling.
Your Low Payment:
Only $36/mo.
List $1499.00
Sampling Workstation with 64-Track Sequencer
MPC2000XL Sampler/Sequencer
Groove central station
Electribe dance creation!
Inside the SP-505 from BOSS you’ll find
everything you need to capture the samples,
lay down the beat, and build the perfect
groove. The SP-505 gives you 8 voices of
CD-quality sampling. Edit your samples with
onboard tools like “Chop,” which divides
loops and can map individual samples to
pads, or “Pitch,” which lets you play back
samples at new pitches. The BPM sync
function lets you instantly match up to 16
phrases to the same tempo. There are 64
tones onboard, When you’re ready to start building all these elements into a
song, the SP-505 has a 4-part sequencer with Quantize. There’s also 26 amazing
DSP effects like tape echo, isolator, vinyl simulator and more, all of which can be
controlled in real-time via front interface knobs. And with a choice of mic, line, or
coaxial and Optical digital inputs, you can sample virtually any source. Get your
beats down today!
Your Low Payment:
Only $15/mo.
by Boss
List $595.00
The Electribe-MX from Korg represents a new generation of Electribes
- powerful dance music products that
cover everything from laying down
stunning tracks to creating exhilarating
live performances. The EMX-1 comes
housed in a sleek, rugged metal chassis
that’s ready for the abuse of your travels.
The new backlit LCD provides a wealth
of information during programming or
performance. To get you started, a wide
assortment of patterns covering house, hip-hop, R&B, electronica, drum’n’bass,
techno, trance and more come preloaded - 196 in the Electribe-MX.
Compact Sampling Workstation with Onboard Sequencing and Effects
Your Low Payment:
by Korg
Music Production Workstation with MMT Synthesis Engine and Vacuum Tube Output
Only $21/mo.
List $850.00
Electribe SX Sampler
Electribe Analog Synth
Rhythm Production Sampler
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The world’s first motor-driven
active platter
Motor driven platters have been the creative
tool of many musicians and DJs for decades; the
DN-S5000 merges the tried-and-true methods
and technology of yesterday with the ease and
versatility of today’s digital world! The DN-S5000
delivers a number of features that make it one
of the coolest DJ tools around! Alpha Track
(2 in 1) allows independent and simultaneous
playback of another track from the same disc,
Hot Disc lets you eject a disc during play and
have it continue for another 35 seconds, and 3-Way Scratch lets you apply scratch
effects by selecting Main, Alpha or Sampler Track as the source! Independent
Digital Outputs (Coaxial, SPDIF) for Main and Alpha Track and constant Digital
Output (at 44.1kHz) means you can stay
connected with a digital
Your Low Payment:
Only $30/mo.
mixer. Manual input of DNS5000
by Denon
List $1199.00
BPM and Pitch Control
CD Turntable with Motor-Driven Active Platter
for True Vinyl Emulation
are also included!
E-MU’s beat command central
E-MU’s PX-7 command station
is bristling with 24-bit drum
and percussion samples — 32
MB of brand-new acoustic and
electric drum and percussion
sounds, meticulously sampled
by E-MU’s engineers. The
combination of powerful synthesis
architecture and instant access to
sound and sequence parameters
make the PX-7 a great creation tool. Performing, sequencing and editing are
the PX-7’s thing, but it’s also designed to be a full-blown MIDI controller; use it to
control the other MIDI gear in your set-up in addition to the PX-7’s internal sounds.
The 13 velocity-sensitive pads are set up in
Your Low Payment:
Only $21/mo.
a keyboard-style layout,
by EMU
so it’s easier to play PX7
List $995.00
melodies than on square
128-Voice Drum & Percussion Workstation
with All-New 24-Bit Percussion Samples
layouts, while 16 knobs
Euro-Dance Command Station
offer real-time control XL7
Urban Dance Command Station
over MIDI parameters.
The creative storm front
The original KAOSS PAD redefined the
concept of what an effect processor can
do and caused a creative storm in the
international music scene by letting you
control any type of effect in real-time with
the touch of a finger. And now, the new
KPE1 KAOSS PAD “Entrancer” gives
you similar control over video effects
and transitions. Images are now an
indispensable part of dance music,
and the Entrancer lets you control them
in realtime just as if you were “performing” them. This revolutionary audio/video effect processor opens up a new world
of image and sound by allowing you to easily manipulate video at any type of
performance - even those that were impractical with existing VJ equipment. With
the KAOSS PADD Entrancer, you can now
manipulate visual images
Your Low Payment:
Only $27/mo.
in realtime with intuitive KPE1
by Korg
List $1100.00
fingertip control!
Audio/Video Effects Controller/Processor
Numark’s 24-bit, two-channel
digital mixer
Say hello to the PPD-01, the world’s first pure digital
10” high-performance scratch mixer. For the first
time, Numark has adapted legendary Alesis
professional audio semiconductors for use in
road-ready DJ equipment. Taken by itself,
digital means nothing. For Numark, digital
is a way to provide more functionality and
performance through design. For the rest
of us, digital means eight built-in effects with
multiple modes, and multiple curves. Digital
means continuously scanned controls, including
velocity-sensitive faders, for instant action. Translation:
the more you put in, the more you get out. The PPD-01
wraps all this innovation in a dampened
Numark Your Low Payment:
steel enclosure to deliver
the best DJ mixer avail- PPD01
by Numark
able today. Period.
24-Bit Digital 10-Inch 2-Channel DJ Mixer
The premier turntable “Scratch” your CDs
The result of extensive research into the needs of
pro DJs, the TTX1 deftly combines unmatched
torque, incredible precision, and the world’s
first interchangeable tonearm design for optimal
performance under all conditions. Imagine a
turntable with features such
as digital S/PDIF connectors
for digital mixers and
recording, an on-board
auto BPM counter so
you’ll always be in sync
with your music, and interchangeable
pitch fader and button cartridges for club and battle
style performance! That’s just the beginning of what
the TTX1 can deliver.
Numark Your Low Payment:
by Numark
Premium High-Torque Direct Drive Turntable
with Interchangeable Straight and S Tonearms
Only $12/mo.
List $620.00
The digital DJ’s CD player
Take your DJ skills to a whole new
level with this desktop CD player.
With unprecedented realism in
digital mixing and scratching,
an array of effects that can
be used simultaneously, and
a built in Beatkeeper with
auto-synchronization, the
AXIS 9 will unleash the
digital DJ in you. Featuring
an enhanced interface that employs a
touch-sensitive scratch wheel, the AXIS 9 delivers
incredible response that has a “feel” all its own.
Numark Your Low Payment:
by Numark
Tabletop CD Player with Touch-Sensitive Jog
Wheel for Real-Time Scratching
List $560.00
Numark’s professional
direct drive table
The TT200 delivers many of the
innovative features found
in the industry leading
TTX1. With a direct drive
motor that delivers 1.7 kg/cm
of torque, the TT200 competes
spec for spec with any other turntable
out there! Featuring a battle and club style design, the
TT200 is a favorite among those in the know but are
still working with a limited budget!
Only $12/mo.
List $600.00
Only $12/mo.
Numark Your Low Payment:
High-Torque Direct Drive Turntable
by Numark
Only $10/mo.
List $310.00
power & patchbays
Backup Power Supply with 1000 VA Capacity
Only $13/mo.
List $589.00
Backup UPS 1500 VA
Backup UPS 420 VA
Backup UPS 650 VA
Power Conditioners
The PL-8 provides basic power protection essential
to audio or video systems, along with independently
switched adjustable rack lights. PL-PLUS is an
enhanced version, with improved noise filtering and
AC voltmeter.
Your Low Payment:
by Furman
Power Conditioner / Light Module
Power Conditioner with Lights
Only $10/mo.
List $159.00
The 15 amp AR-1215 AC Line Voltage Regulator
protects gear from problems caused by AC line voltage irregularities. Delivers a stable 120 ±5 VAC for
input AC line voltage between 97V and 141V.
Your Low Payment:
by Furman
AC Line Voltage Regulator
List $659.00
Universal voltage
Digital patchbay
PlugLock is a
super-secure outlet
system featuring
outlets spaced
widely enough for five bulky transformer wall warts,
with individual clamps to lock wall warts or regular
plugs securely into place. Easily mount it safely
behind your rack. It’s also circuit breaker protected
with a 15 amp rating to keep your gear safe.
The OptiPatch
is a fully
router, patchbay,
and distribution amplifier for your Lightpipe and
S/PDIF optical digital audio signals. Just hook all
your optical fibers to the OptiPatch, route the signals,
then save your configuration for instant recall later.
Your Low Payment:
by Furman
Locking Outlet Strip
List $58.00
by Z Systems
Automated Lightpipe Patchbay
Automated Lightpipe Patchbay
List $599.00
Industry standard
Easy patch!
Everybody’s patch bay!
Neutrik’s NYSPP is a
professional 48 point
1/4” TRS patch bay that makes it easy for you to get
the job done right. Its convenient and flexible design
allows the front panel to be removed while the unit is
still racked to flip cards for half-normalled, split, or
isolated use.
Your Low Payment:
48 Point Neutrik TRS Patch Bay
by Neutrik
Looking for a patchbay that does what it’s supposed
to and stays out of your way? Here it is! The PB-48 is
a balanced 1/4” TRS Patch Bay with 48 jacks each
in the front and rear. It’s also user configurable for
normalled or non-normalled operation. People love it
because it’s easy to use and configure.
Only $10/mo.
List $285.72
Your Low Payment:
48 Point 1/4” TRS Patch Bay
by dbx
by Furman
Power Conditioner
Only $14/mo.
List $609.00
Designed for
applications in
this specially
wound and shielded 20-amp isolation transformer
offers balanced AC power with a center-tapped
secondary. The back panel provides 12 isolated AC
outlets; the front panel provides two more.
Your Low Payment:
by Furman
Isolation Transformer
Only $35/mo.
List $1579.00
S•Patch Plus
Only $16/mo.
Your Low Payment:
Balance your power
protects your
from AC
line voltage irregularities, and also accepts single
phase input AC voltages anywhere within 88-134 or
170-264 volts, and converts them to North American
standard 120 volts.
Your Low Payment:
Only $51/mo.
by Furman
List $2579.00
Universal Voltage Regulator
The PS-PRO Power Conditioner/Sequencer can
power up a rack full of equipment in a 3-step delayed
sequence. The sequence is reversed for power-down.
A duplex outlet is provided for each delay step. A
front panel screwdriver adjustment sets the delay time.
A locking switch with a removable key is provided for
maximum security.
Only $14/mo.
Voltage protection
Back-UPS Pro protects all
power paths leading to your
computer, keeping all your investments safe from power events
- and keeping you safe from the
downtime that power problems
inevitably produce.
APC Your Low Payment:
by APC
(800) 222-4700 • www.sweetwater.com
Quality and value
Samson’s S•Patch balanced patchbay is an
affordable 48-Point professional patchbay capable
of Normal, Half-Normal and Open modes at a low
price. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today
and save.
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
by Samson
List $169.99
48 Point Balanced Patchbay
PowerTrip 8!
This slick
1U power
and light
module from
Alesis offers
surge and transient protection for 8 separate AC
power jacks along with an LED voltage display.
Check out the PowerTrip 8 today!
Your Low Payment:
Only $10/mo.
List $149.97
48 Point Balanced Patchbay
by Alesis
Power Conditioner / Light Module with Voltage Display
Only $10/mo.
List $199.00