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MOB: 0123 123 456
TEL: 9123 4567
EMAIL: [email protected]
High achieving Actuarial and Mathematics student, recipient of prestigious scholarships and
premier’s award for academics. Experience in investment banking and actuarial services as an
analyst. Fluent in English, Mandarin and Japanese .
Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science double degree
2007 - current
University of New South Wales (UNSW)
• Major in Actuarial Studies and Mathematics with distinction average of 80
• Awarded as one of top five students in first year Commerce by the Vice Chancellor and Dean of
• Recipient of prestigious Greenway City Tertiary Scholarship
Higher School Certificate
James Ruse Agricultural High School
99.95 / 100 for HSC
• Achieved High Distinctions in the Australian Mathematics Competition, Australian Science
Competition, Mining Association Chemistry Competition
• Recipient of Premier’s Award for all-round excellence in NSW HSC
• National Award recipient, selected as scholar in 1999 Chemistry Olympiad Training Program (one of
only twenty Australian students selected)
Summer Intern in Corporate Finance Division
Dec 2009 – Feb 2010
Silverman Merchant Bank
Worked in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications group of Investment Banking Division at
Silverman Australia during the summer vacation
Drafted correspondence for clients
Analyzed statements and provided recommendations based on facts. One of my recommendations was
adopted, resulting in much praise from senior management
Given early responsibility and developed such essential skills as business analysis, valuation, ability to
work under pressure, integrity and exceeding client expectations
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Junior Analyst (Part time)
Dec 2008- Nov 2009
Rambler Office Actuarial Services
Assisted clients in data analysis involving premium escalation calculations and fund membership
structure studies
Supported client in new product development process by market researching the Australian private
healthcare industry
Working closely with two of the most experienced professionals in this industry has provided me with
the insight to operating in a corporate environment and core values such as innovation, leadership and
UNSW Pass Scheme
Mar 2008 - Present
Tutor first year university students in Microeconomics 1 and Macroeconomics 1
Schoolmaster Coaching, James Russ High, Sydney
Feb 2007 - Present
Teach Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and General Science to classes ranging from year 6 to year 12
Through this experience I’ve gained confidence in communicating key and complex ideas, as well as in
my preparation and management skills
Sydney Fish Café, Darling Harbor
Apr 2004 - Sept 2004
Communicated with tourists using a mixture of their own language and English
As my first job, I worked with the goal of saving enough money to go to Japan, where I subsequently
studied Japanese and culture in a high school for one month
NSW Representative
Jan 2009 - Sep 2009
National Youth Roundtable
Represented NSW, selected as one of fifty members from across Australia
Received training and guidance in dealing with media inquiries, how to present and argue cases to
• Was given the chance to meet other youths from across Australia as well as leaders of our country.
Orientation Week ‘Yellow Shirt’
• Selected to represent the image of UNSW to new students, assisting them in enrolment, leading tour
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groups around campus, promotions, co-ordinating activities
• Underwent intensive training in First Aid, communication skills, cross-cultural communication,
leadership, harassment and discrimination. Program involved arriving at University at 7am and finishing
duties at 11pm throughout Orientation Week
• Selected for the program based on my leadership and personal qualities, I met and bonded with other
volunteers from backgrounds different to mine and learned a great deal from them
Selected Participant and President of China Links
July 2008 to present
Alumni Association in Australia China Links Program
• Attended China Links Program for outstanding youth, organized by seven Hong Kong-based universities
in association with the Hong Kong government
• Over one thousand people applied from all over the world, with one hundred selected based on academic
and leadership abilities. I was privileged to gain the support of my Federal and State M.P.s
Jul 2007- to Present
Oral Blitz
Spoke in front of groups of students and lecturers (sometimes in excess of 200)
Young Achievement Australia (YAA)
Member of a successful student-run company, sponsored by Greenway City Council
Recipient of YAA’s Excellence Achievement Award
• Gave me the opportunity to discover and solve different problems associated with running a small
business. Our company made decorative cushions and, as a team, we made a profit of 50 cents on each
share that we successfully distributed
Computer Skills
• Micro Soft Office Software: Advanced MS Word and Excel, intermediate MS Access, Powerpoint &
• Programming - Intermediate in C language, VBA
• Fluent Mandarin and Japanese
• Cricket and swimming
• The opportunity to travel and develop my professional and social skills are very important to me
• Available on request
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