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Ruby L. Fowler was the daughter of a prominent Boone County doctor, Tilden P. Fowler. Tilden’s father, Pleasant, was born in Orange
County, NC, and came with his family to Arkansas, settling first in
Western Grove and then Rally Hill. He served in the Arkansas 14th
Infantry as lieutenant colonel during the Civil War. Pleasant’s first
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Sitting: Clifford and Ruby Phillips. Standing (L-R): Mary Sue, Tilden,
Kenneth, Anna Beth, Gerald and James.
Marilyn Smith, Book Chairman, (870) 741-3312
Fred Hudson • Virginia Phillips • Betty Atchley • Les Bailey • Imogene Hammerschmidt • Merle Vincent • Andrea
Miller • Jim Breece • Averil Davis • J. K Fancher • Sue
Barger • Teri Penquite • J. Troy Massey • Newt Foster •
Dan Layton • Richard Dix • Steve Davis • John Berry • Pat
Brown • Mark Fowler • Don Brazzeal • Norman Rowe
cream. She married a second time to Charles Sharp. Her home is
one of the oldest landmarks in Bergman.
Leonora Cook Kirk (July 16, 1903 – Dec. 8, 1986) married
John Hindman and settled in Auburndale, Fla. They had three
Albert Cook (Sept. 19, 1907 – June 11, 1982) married Hazel
Devore and had four children. All still live near Keener.
Stella Cook Jones (March 16, 1912) now lives in El Monte, Ca.
She married Sam Jones and had six children. Stella, known as
“Pud,” died Oct. 27, 1997.
The Cooks came to Boone County, Ark., in a covered wagon in
1906 and homesteaded near Keener. They farmed, raised stock,
and later built a general store in Bergman, Ark.
Mr. and Mrs. Cook and four of their children are buried in the
York Cemetery near Bergman. The store building in Bergman was
sold and later burned.
Submitted by Daphne Haworth
PHILLIPS – Clifford Allen Phillips, born in 1903, was the youngest son of Allen and Leslie Phillips. Allen, born in Surry County,
NC, came to Arkansas in 1872 and settled on a farm southeast
of Harrison. He married Sarah Staples in 1878. Before her death,
she gave birth to five children (three died in infancy). Their surviving children were Susan Madonna and Robert Patrick. Allen then
married Mary Leslie Clifford, daughter of E.O. and Susan (Priddy)
Clifford. Clifford St. in Harrison is named for E.O. Clifford, who
was once a deputy sheriff in Boone County and had served in the
Confederate Army in Tennessee. Allen and Leslie had five children
(two died in infancy), Orman, Eula and Clifford. Clifford Married
Ruby Lee Fowler in 1923.
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COOK – John Beaton Cook
was born Aug. 5, 1873, and died
March 28, 1962, in Canada. His
parents were George Gatter
Cook, born March 18, 1845, and
Mary Kerslake, both of Devonshire, England. They married in
1862. In 1871, George left his
mill and farm on the beautiful
river Exe to settle on a claim
in Canada. Two years later his
wife and four children followed
to the farm near Cooksville,
between Montreal and Toronto.
While there they endured all
the hardships of pioneers in
this sparsely settled country.
There John Beaton Cook was
John and Emma Cook
born. The winter climate proved
too severe for Mrs. Cook’s health, so they returned to their native
home in England. There a daughter was born. Soon the mother
passed away, leaving her husband and seven small children.
Again in 1878, George Cook, with his two oldest boys (George
and Sidney), and his brother John Cook with his wife from Wales,
immigrated to Canada, leaving the other children with their aunt
and grandfather in England. In 1880, George Cook came to the
U.S. to visit a friend. He liked the people and the winters were not
as cold as in Canada. He decided to stay, and sent for his sons
and brother and family. All of them engaged in farming near Cedar
Bluff, Iowa. At Marion, Iowa, June 14, 1884, Mr. Cook married a
second time to Eliza Howe. The following spring they moved to a
farm two miles south of Tipton, Iowa.
John Beaton Cook married Emma Augusta Soffeing, born in
Wallingford, Iowa, Feb. 24, 1882, died Nov. 19, 1953. Four children
were born in Iowa.
Henry Clay Cook, (March 4, 1900 – May 8, 1977) married Addie Dees and had five children. Addie and son still own the Cook
homeplace near Keener, Ark.
Lillie Cook Hobson Sharp (July 9, 1901 – July 22, 1989) married Ira Hobson and had two children. Daphne Augusta Hobson
Haworth married Charles Richard Haworth, who served in WWII.
They had two children. Charles Richard Haworth, Jr., retired from
the Air Force with 30 years service, and now lives in Melbourne, Fla.
A daughter, Linda Haworth Lamb, died Oct 19, 1989. The Haworths
lived in Jeffersonville, Ind. 1945 – 1961, then moved to Lakeland,
Fla., 1961 – 1986. Both retired and moved to her homeplace in
Bergman, Ark. Charles Richard, Sr., died March 2, 1997.
James Harry Hobson retired from the Air Force and now lives in
Bradenton, Fla. Lillie worked in Cooks Grocery, bought and tested
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he Boone County History Book Committee is
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County, Arkansas, Vol. II. The book will consist of a
history of Boone County, family histories, communities, churches, schools, businesses, farms, memorials,
tributes, clubs, organizations and much more. The
publication will be unique as it will be written by
Boone County people, giving emphasis to the importance of families in our heritage. If you are presently
living in or have previously lived in Boone County,
you won’t want to be left out of this once-in-a-lifetime
The History and Families of Boone County,
Arkansas will contain material from the early 1800s
through A.D. 2007, with approximately 200 to 300 pages.
This hardback, library quality, smyth-sewn 8 1/2 by 11
inch book will be beautifully bound in swirl-grained
leatherette cover with a gold foil-stamped seal depicting Boone County’s magnificent courthouse and rustic
heritage on the front cover, and gold on the spine. What
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IDEAS FOR WRITING YOUR FAMILY HISTORY: Everyone has a family history, and even if you
recently moved to the county, we want yours! Give the
date your family came to Boone County; indicate from
what state or country your family originated and vocation before settling here. Tell about any interesting
stories from childhood, include marriages, children,
job, military, education, organizations participated
in, etc. Write your stories in third person (use he, she,
they). The family history must be written in 500 words
or less; there will be a charge of 15¢ per word for all
over 500. Please submit your story typed on 8 1/2 by
11 inch paper, double spaced if possible. Sign your
name to your history.
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history book.
As a non-profit society, our purpose in publishing a history of your families is to preserve historical
records for the enjoyment and education of future
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