There are 3 layers to your Wall Word Design:

About the Product
There are 3 layers to your Wall Word Design:
1. The front layer is your application film, this is a low tack adhesive that is stuck well to the front of your vinyl and
this is the last layer that is removed upon application.
2. The middle layer is your actual vinyl pre-spaced letters/ designs, this layer has a strong adhesive backing that
you will stick to your surface.
3. The back layer is the backing paper of the vinyl and this is the first layer that you will remove upon application.
How to Apply
Applying Wall Word Designs is simple, but before you start we would like to suggest that you take a moment to
prepare and read these instructions thoroughly.
Although vinyl is easy to fit, it does require a little patience for larger items. It’s a good idea to plan where you are
going to put your new purchase in advance. Care needs to be taken when fitting your Wall Word Design as it is not a
reusable item, it can easily be removed but it will more than likely be damaged.
Prepare your surface
IMPORTANT! Do not attempt to apply vinyl lettering to a freshly painted wall. Paint must have been allowed to
dry and set for a minimum of 3 weeks before wall lettering can be applied to it.
The application surface must be non-porous, smooth, dry, dust-free and grease-free. If it’s in the kitchen we
recommend wiping the surface with glass cleaner (it degreases & leaves no residue). Allow the area to dry
Freshly painted walls should be allowed to dry for 4 weeks before applying vinyl. You must also prepare the surface
by thoroughly cleaning the area of dust or grit which would show up and spoil the final look of your design. Make
sure you wipe the surface well and leave to dry before attempting to apply.
Using a level or straight-edge, make 2 small pencil marks 12” apart or
wider (as your phrase width dictates) on a level line. These marks will
determine the lay of your lettering so ensure they’re on a straight line
and level (if you don’t want to mark your wall, use 2 pieces of tape as
your marks).
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Prepare your Wall Word Design
When you remove your Wall Word Design from the postal tube, you should lay it flat until it stops wanting to curl back
up, you may want to add some weight to it such as books for an hour or so.
Step 1) Lay the product on a clean, flat surface face up so you can read
the lettering, take the squeegee provided and rub it across the product to
allow the application film (front layer) to firmly re-attach to the vinyl
(middle layer), this is necessary because sometimes these two layers come
apart during transportation .
For smaller designs (width less than 40cm/ 16”) go to step 2.
For larger designs (width more than 40cm/ 16”) go straight to step 3.
Step 2) Turn the design over so that it is face down on a clean, flat surface.
Remove the thick white backing paper
carefully so that it leaves the vinyl lettering stuck to the front application layer. Take particular care with small or thin
lettering – if you go too fast, you risk stretching and ruining the vinyl. If any lettering does stick to the backing paper,
just smooth it back down and rub over with the squeegee, then try again and if necessary use your fingers to hold the
vinyl onto the front layer while you pull the backing paper away.
Now pick up your design by its corners and align lettering with the reference marks. Push the top corners of the design
onto the wall so that it sticks leaving the rest of the design resting gently against the wall. Go straight to step 6 (2nd
Step 3) Pick up your design and align the top of the lettering strip with
the reference marks (do not align the reference marks with the bottom of
the strip). Apply multiple pieces of tape along the top of the strip to
create a “hinge” for the lettering (as pictured right).
Hint: Be careful when erasing your reference marks, too much erasing
can leave a shiny spot on the wall.
If you are applying a very large phrase, please see our Additional Tips and
Techniques section below – this will help with the application process.
Step 4) Grip the lettering from the bottom and swing the strip up 180
degrees on the masking tape “hinge” you just created. When you’re
finished the strip should be upside down, flat against the wall with the
grid-marked backing facing you.
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Step 5)
Starting from a corner separate the thick waxy backing paper
from the transfer tape and lettering by doubling the paper over on itself –
create a tight bend at the point where it releases from the transfer tape
and lettering, and slide (do not pull) it downward and away.
If you have any difficulty with this step, please see our Additional Tips and
Techniques section below – this will help with the application process.
Step 6) Once you have completely removed the backing paper, swing the
lettering 180 degrees back down so that the adhesive side of the lettering is
resting lightly against the wall.
Starting in the centre, press the lettering to the wall with your hands, slowly
sliding from the centre outward in all directions. After the first pass, take a
few moments to go over the lettering with your hands pressing all the
characters firmly to the wall. Then use the plastic applicator to rub over the
lettering for best adhesion.
Step 7) Remove the pieces of masking tape that form your “hinge”. Start
in a corner and grip the transfer tape and just as you did with the backing
paper, double the mask over on itself tightly and slide it down and away as
pictured. If the transfer tape begins to lift a letter off the wall, carefully
press the lettering and transfer tape back to the wall at that specific point.
Press firmly on the problem spot with your thumb. Begin again to peel
down and away making sure to double the mask over on itself as tightly as
possible at the point where it’s releasing from the lettering.
If you have any difficulty with this step, please see our Additional Tips and
Techniques section below – this will help with the application process.
Step 8) Closely examine the lettering to see if any edges are lifting off the
wall or if there are any air bubbles under the vinyl. Press the vinyl edges to
the wall if they’re lifted up anywhere. You can usually work air bubbles out
pushing them toward the letter’s edge with your finger. If this isn’t possible
you can lightly prick the bubble with a pin and press the air out of the
bubble via the pinhole. You won’t be able to see the pinhole once the air is
out. Now step back and enjoy your new lettering!
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How to Remove
Vinyl lettering is easy to remove with a pair of tweezers or your fingernails. Just gently lift up the corners and slowly
remove the lettering from your surface. Razor blades work well for removing vinyl off glass/ mirror/ ceramic. If you are
removing from painted walls, or if you have had the lettering on your surface for a long time, use a hair dryer on a low
setting to soften the letters before removing. Just go slowly ... for safety! You'll know how fast you can remove the
letters after the first few are done.
Please Note...
We have tried to pass on industry experience of applying vinyl in a simple and easy to use way. We cannot take any
responsibility for errors you make during the fitting of your Wall Word Design. We also cannot be held responsible for
any damage to paint work when you remove your Wall Word Design. This is a DIY home decoration product and is
supplied on the premise that you may have to touch up areas of paintwork after removal.
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