2000 Florida Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20009 USA
Eric Calais, Purdue University
Noah Diffenbaugh, Stanford Univ.
Paolo D’Odorico, Univ. of Virginia
Wolfgang Knorr, Univ. of Bristol
Benoit Lavraud, Centre d’Etude Spatiale des Rayonnements
Andrew V. Newman, Georgia Inst. of Technology
W. K. (Bill) Peterson, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder
Eric Rignot, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Meric A. Srokosz, National Oceanography Centre
Peter Strutton, Univ. of Tasmania
Geoffrey S. Tyndall, National Center for Atmospheric Res.
Michael Wysession, Washington Univ., St. Louis
Paul D. Williams, Univ. of Reading
Associate Editors
Christopher Arridge
Enrico Bertuzzo
Zanna Chase
Lixin Wang
Andrew Yau
Geophysical Research Letters publishes short, concise research letters that present scientific advances
that are likely to have immediate influence on the
research of other investigators. GRL contributors
can focus on a specific discipline or apply broadly
to the geophysical science community. Criteria and Submission Data
As GRL is a letters journal, limiting manuscript
length expedites the review and publication process. A magazine-sized GRL can reach and be of
interest to the largest AGU audience. With this goal,
the Editorial Board evaluates manuscripts submitted
to GRL according to the following criteria:
• Is it a short, concise research letter?
• Does it contain important scientific advances?
• Would it have immediate impact on the research of others?
Submit your manuscript electronically by logging
on to:, and by clicking
on the appropriate link. For peer review, you may
submit text in Microsoft Word, LaTeX, or PDF formats. Artwork should be submitted as encapsulated
postscript (.eps), tagged image file format (.tif),
.jpg, or .pdf files. See
for information about file preparation. GRL editors are specialized by topic. The subject of your
paper determines which editor handles the review
Claims and Changes of Address. Send address changes
to the AGU Member Service Center with at least 5 weeks’
advance notice. Claims for missing issues due to insufficient notice of address change or such reasons as “missing
from files” cannot be serviced.
AGU is growing and diversifying, creating a
greater range of disciplines. To maintain the
quality and rapid turnaround needed for GRL,
we are asking authors to contribute their part.
GRL enforces its standards for all electronic
files. Specifically, the wrong size fonts or spacing, unintelligible figures or captions, improper
references, incorrect digital formats, or other
poor copy will not be accepted. Such electronic
files must be corrected and may be treated as a
resubmitted manuscript with new dates at the
discretion of the editors. The editors reserve the
right to dismiss a submission without peer review
if it does not meet the above stated GRL criteria.
The required elements are as follows:
Copyright. Permission is granted for individuals to make
single copies for personal use in research, study, or teaching; and for use of figures, tables and short quotes from this
journal for republication in scientific books and journals.
AGU requests that all sources are cited appropriately (there
is no charge).
(1) Manuscript. An electronic copy of a manuscript
must be submitted for review (Find current information on submission and publication on the GRL Web
site at:
Assistant Director of Publications
Maxine Aldred
Publications Office. For assistance with accepted manuscripts, color charges, file specifications, or AGU publication policy, contact Sr. Production Coordinator Ann Butler
([email protected]), +1 202.777.7322. For help with submissions, contact [email protected]
The appearance of the code at the foot of the first page of an
article in this journal indicates the copyright owner’s consent
that copies of the article may be made for personal or internal
use of specific clients. This consent is given on the condition that
the copier pays the stated fee per copy through the Copyright
Clearance Center, Inc., for any copying beyond permission by
Section 107 or Section 108 of the U.S. Copyright Law. This
consent does not extend to other kinds of copying, such as that
for advertising or promotional purposes, creating new collective
works, or resale. Articles published prior to 1980 are subject to
the same provisions. Reproduction of multiple copies and the use
of full articles or extracts, including figures and tables, for commercial purposes requires specific written permission from AGU.
(2) Format and Size. GRL has strict length
restrictions. Use the calculator at http://www
Dynamic graphics that meet standards are in
addition to this allowance.
(3) Abstract. Each manuscript must have an abstract
that clearly describes the paper and is no more than
150 words long.
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Geophysical
(4) Index Terms. At least one and up to five numerical index terms must be provided when submitting the article. See
manuscript_tools/journals/ for current index terms.
Geophysical Research Letters (USPS 0150-10; ISSN
0094-8276, print; ISSN 1944-8007, online) is published
semimonthly by the American Geophysical Union from
2000 Florida Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20009 USA.
Periodicals postage paid at Washington, DC USA and at
additional mailing offices.
(5) Author’s Information. All authors’ addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail
addresses must be included.
Research Letters, AGU, 2000 Florida Ave., N.W.,
Washington, DC 20009 USA.
Copyright 2012
by American Geophysical Union.
16 August 2012
(6) Coauthor Assent. With multiple authors, the submitting author must certify that all coauthors know of
and concur with the submission of the manuscript.
(7) Statement on Prior Publication. GRL needs
to be aware of pending or previously published
articles that use or have used any of the same
results presented in the submitted manuscript.
Such information does not generally prejudice
review and acceptance, but the submitting author
needs to state in writing that “no results/data/
figures in the manuscript have been published/submitted in whole/part elsewhere,” or else identify
results/data/figures in this manuscript that have
been taken from published/pending papers. (AGU
policy states dual publication is unacceptable. No
manuscripts can be published without copyright
transfer from the author and, further, written
permissions from copyright holders of previously
published figures/tables are required. It is unethical for an author to publish manuscripts describing
essentially the same research in more than one
journal of primary publication. Submitting the
same manuscript to more than one journal concurrently is unacceptable.)
(8) Review Information. A list of five potential
reviewers (names, addresses, and e-mail addresses
or telephone/fax numbers) and any other information useful to the editor in acquiring a fair and
prompt review is required during the electronic
Auxiliary Material
Authors may include electronic material beyond
the limits of the manuscript copy. All auxiliary material will be reviewed with the article, and the paper must stand alone without
it. The editors shall determine if it is appropriate. For complete guidelines see http://
Production Files
The following file formats are required for production: text—Microsoft Word or LaTeX; figures—
encapsulated postscript (.eps), tagged image file
format (.tif), .jpg, or .pdf files. The editors recommend that at revision these formats be submitted
so that if the article is accepted, it may be transferred directly to production.
Publication Charges
The publication charge income received for
GRL helps support rapid publication, allows more
articles per volume, and makes possible the low
subscription rates. Therefore authors are asked
to honor publication fees. There is no charge for
color in any format. A complete list of author fees
and a calculator, which authors can use to determine the potential charges for their paper, is online
AGU members may subscribe to GRL in print or
online editions for their personal use. The annual
rate of a print subscription is $755 (U.S. members)
and $1645 (non-U.S. members). The annual rate
for access to the online edition is $141. Student
members may subscribe at reduced rates. Contact
AGU for special rates for libraries and other multiple-use institutions. Individual issues are offered for
sale based on availability; please contact Member
Services with such requests.