November 18, 2013 Topic: Letterheads & Christmas Letter Letterhead

November 18, 2013
Topic: Letterheads & Christmas Letter
Computer USERS Group
Open Word or Writer Document – Double click top of document to open the header area (or from drop down menus go
to ‘Insert’, Header)
Note: Header area is gray (not available) when not ready for editing, and while using the letterhead for typing a letter.
The header area is black (available) ready for editing the header area only, you have to double click in the header area to
make it available for editing.
Add your information: Name, Address, Phones, Email, Website. Experiment with right & left sides to see what you like.
For more creativeness, add a logo, clipart, monogram either on one side or in the middle as exampled:
To get pictures or clipart ideas from the internet: (Letterheads & Christmas pictures) (Or search and click on the image link at the top)
When you find the picture or monogram letter (type your letter in the search window), left click the picture to open it in
a bigger size. Right click the picture to open a dialogue box, you have two choices…
1 – Copy, then go to your document and paste (May lose a little quality doing this, if you only need a small picture that
won’t matter)
2 – Save Image as (Keeps quality as you see it), when box opens, you select
the location where to store (Desktop is a good place if you only want to use
it once and erase it, otherwise put it in a folder somewhere), then type a
name for the picture near the bottom, and finally choose what type to save
it as, jpg (jpeg) is a good format for pictures. Go to document, go to insert
menu and select picture. Browse to find the location you stored your
picture, double click to insert it, or single click on the picture then click insert at the bottom.
Once the picture is on your document, you will need to re-size it and possible change the wrap properties so it fits within
your words where you want it. To make changes to the picture (Change wrap, frames, crop etc.) Double click on the
picture to open the picture format menu.
Experiment with all the options available to see what you like
for your picture. You most likely will need to change the text
wrapping properties:
I used ‘Tight’ to get this example to fit next to my text.
Try different ones to see what they do, drag the picture
around with your mouse, use the undo button at the top if you don’t like it, or select a
different option.
Also check out frames, borders, effects. You can also ‘bring to front’ or ‘send to back’ if you
are overlapping pictures.
Saving your Letterhead as a template:
TEMPLATE: Form letter, a predefined letter which retains its primary intent when individually customized with variable data or text
Once you get your letterhead just right…You’ll want to save it to use over and over. Go to top left button or File Menu,
click ‘save’
Select where to save it in the top bar, desktop is a
good place for frequently used items. Next in the
‘File Name’, give it a unique name such as
letterhead. Finally in the ‘Save as Type’ Select ‘Word
Template’, click ‘Save’.
Your letterhead should be on your desktop ready for
use. Next time you use it, and want to save a letter,
when you hit save, you will have to give it a new
name, so the template will be preserved as only a
letterhead. As you’re working on the letterhead
before you hit save, you’ll notice the top says Doc1
(Treats it like a new document since you are working
on a template).
To make changes to your letterhead… You will need
to open the letterhead, double click the top to open
the header area. Make your changes. Go to Save
As, give it a new name, save as type ‘Word
Template’. Now you will have two letterheads, be
sure to delete the old one. After deleting the old
one, you can right click the new one and rename it
to the name you had before.