Clear Solutions in Sample Preparation

Clear Solutions in
Sample Preparation
What is Special about
Anton Paar?
For 90 years, the name Anton Paar has been synonymous with
outstanding machining skills linked with a sound portion of social
responsibility. These outstanding machining skills coupled with
enthusiasm and scientific curiosity have molded Anton Paar into
a technological innovator with instruments at the forefront of
Developing novel digestion instrumentation such as the VAO
digestion system in 1975, the High Pressure Asher in 1983, and the
PMD microwave digestion system in 1989, Anton Paar has set new
standards in sample preparation for more than 40 years.
Eight product lines, 20 subsidiaries and 70 sales
partners worldwide
Today Anton Paar employs 1800 people spanning the entire value
chain starting from product ideas, research and development,
production, sales, application support and after-sales services.
A dedicated R&D team continues to develop and expand Anton
Paar‘s know-how and range of instruments. The resulting products
are manufactured in-house at Anton Paar’s high-end production
facility using precisely crafted components and carefully selected
As a result of this unique concentration of talents and knowhow, Anton Paar’s product portfolio has grown continuously.
It now covers a wide range of laboratory instruments, process
technologies and automation systems ranging from
standardized QC to complex R&D solutions.
What is Special about Anton Paar’s Sample Preparation Team?
40 Years of Superior Sample Preparation Instruments
Application Know-how for Your Success
Dedicated Training Programs
Anton Paar Thinks Globally and Acts Locally
High Pressure Asher HPA-S: The Academic Reference
Multiwave PRO:
The Master of Sample Preparation Methods 14
Multiwave ECO:
The Friendly Routine Digestion System 16
Rotor and Vessel Systems18
Special Equipment for Special Applications
The Santner Foundation
What is Special about Anton Paar’s
Sample Preparation Team?
Superior trace elemental analysis begins with outstanding sample preparation.
Even when using the best analytical equipment, you still need to optimize
sample preparation conditions to obtain reliable measurement values.
With over 40 years of experience, Anton Paar is your trusted resource.
Anton Paar manufactures outstanding instruments, and also provides
specialized application support and service including:
- Local dedicated application support specialists throughout the world
- On-site and local depot service options
- Application and demonstration laboratories throughout the world
- On-site demonstrations
- Extended installation and user trainings
- Webinars
- Application literature and software upgrades from Anton Paar‘s website
Anton Paar‘s factory-trained support team has built up a library of over 450
application reports and methods available to users that make your lab life
With Anton Paar, superior instrumentation and
application support comes as standard
➤ that’s why people choose Anton Paar.
40 Years of Superior Sample Preparation Instruments
Since Anton Paar‘s first cooperation with Prof. Knapp (University of Technology, Graz) when developing the VAO, Anton
Paar has listened to analytical chemists and R&D professionals to understand how to enhance their preparation tasks
and improve their daily work. This continuous dialog has resulted in Anton Paar developing new features and innovative
instruments for sample preparation.
From the first-ever product to the present day:
Close cooperation with
Prof. Knapp (University of Technology, Graz) results
in the launch of the world’s first automated wet
decomposition device: VAO.
Launch of the first pressurized microwave
decomposition system, PMD. The PMD increased
the efficiency of sample preparation by offering
simultaneous decomposition of two samples in one
pressure-controlled process with active cooling.
Launch of the Multiwave 3000 digestion system.
This was the first real processor-controlled
microwave platform with forced-air cooling and
unpulsed microwave power. It was developed to
exceed existing microwave system specifications
for demanding applications with high-pressure
Today Multiwave PRO and Multiwave ECO are
pioneering instruments covering R&D tasks as well
as routine jobs and embodying the innovative spirit
of Anton Paar.
Launch of the first High Pressure Asher (HPA).
The HPA provides complete mineralization utilizing
the highest available temperatures and pressure
Launch of the first Multiwave microwave digestion
instrument. The introduction of rotor-based loading
enabled simultaneous decomposition of 6 samples
with reaction monitoring in all vessels. This resulted
in unmatched efficiency, safe operation and
reproducible results.
2004 - Launch of microwave-assisted synthesis
2010 instrumentation: Synthos 3000 (2004),
Monowave 300 (2009) and Masterwave BTR
(2010). Utilizing Anton Paar’s expertise in
designing microwave reactors, these synthesis
reactors opened up new dimensions in scaling up
microwave-assisted synthesis. They are valuable
tools for both academic and industrial research,
especially in the field of pharmaceutical and
medicinal chemistry, and nanomaterials research.
All in One
support &
Product idea
Anton Paar covers all phases of
the value chain completely within
the company. This is the driving force
behind new products and successful
application support.
Application Know-how for Your Success
Anton Paar‘s dedicated application support team has created more than 450 application
methods that are pre-programmed into the sample preparation instruments. Always
expanding, this library of methods is refined as new methods are generated or Anton Paar
makes technological improvements.
With application and demonstration laboratories throughout the world, Anton Paar offers you
its know-how by creating customized sample preparation methods specific to your sample
requirements. As an Anton Paar customer, you will know your new instrument works before it
enters your lab.
Help when you need it
Depending on your needs, Anton Paar’s team of academic chemists will create a method
which fits your sample, your defined target elements and your analytical measuring technique.
The parameters are optimized to suit your requirements, such as:
Sample amount | Sample throughput | Reagent amount | Reagent composition |
Process time & temperature | Equipment configuration, i.e. rotors, vessels and unique
Acid digestion
Acid leaching
UV digestion
To evaluate the perfect method for you, you will be in direct contact with one of Anton Paar’s
dedicated application specialists. To meet all your analytical goals, Anton Paar offers a wide
range of sample preparation methods.
Acid evaporation
Solvent extraction
Oxygen combustion
Dedicated Training Programs
Anton Paar offers webinars, seminars and on-site training. These are tailored to your knowledge level,
providing you with future-oriented tips and advice and the opportunity to exchange information with Anton
Paar engineers experienced in your field.
Anton Paar Thinks Globally and Acts Locally
With over 70 sales partners and 20 subsidiaries around the world, Anton
Paar is close to you and your work. An experienced local team speaks your
language and provides application support and training.
Anton Paar GmbH – Austria
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To contact your nearest Anton Paar sales partner, see the Anton Paar website
Company headquarters
Anton Paar GmbH
Countries with individual
subsidiaries or sales offices
Joint ventures
Sales operated
by sales partners
Direct sales by
Anton Paar GmbH
Local support - Quick response times - Long-term availability of spare parts
When you purchase an Anton Paar instrument, you choose lasting quality – ensured by several service programs
tailored to your specific needs. From the recommended preventive maintenance programs to repair coverage and
emergency service, Anton Paar makes sure you get the most out of your investment. Furthermore, consumables and
spare parts are available for the full life cycle of the instrument.
High Pressure Asher HPA-S:
The Academic Reference
Crude oil
Crude coke
The High Pressure Asher HPA-S is the reference instrument for conventionally
heated wet-chemical sample preparation. This closed-vessel system decomposes
samples at up to 130 bar and 320 °C. Its exceptional analytical performance has
made the High Pressure Asher popular in the world of academic research. The
number of publications based on analysis using HPA-S is proof of its performance.
Zeolite Catalysts
Bauxite Fatty foods
Ceramics Pharmaceuticals
Rare-earth elements
Platinum group metals
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Multiwave PRO:
The Master of Sample Preparation
Multiwave PRO is the most powerful microwave reaction system offering the
whole range of sample preparation methods and meeting the highest analytical
requirements. It enables you to perform acid digestion, leaching, oxygen
combustion, solvent extraction, drying, evaporation, and UV digestion with a single
Fit for Pharma
UV digestion
Acid digestion
Protein hydrolysis
Leaching (EPA and ASTM)
Mastered methods
Anton Paar supports you with an instrument-specific qualification and validation
package for Multiwave PRO. This package includes DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ, Risk
Analysis, 21 CFR Part 11 checklist, Deviation List, Traceability Matrix and user
SOP. The documentation fulfills the requirements of GMP, 21 CFR Part 11, GAMP
5, USP<1058> and covers all steps of a complete instrument qualification.
Oxygen combustion
Solvent extraction
Acid evaporation
Multiwave ECO:
The Friendly Routine Digestion System
Building on many years of experience in supplying high-end microwave
instrumentation for the R&D sector, Anton Paar has launched a budget-friendly
instrument for routine digestion tasks: Multiwave ECO.
Waste water
Agricultural samples
Multiwave ECO performs microwave sample preparation on up to 64 samples in less
than 30 minutes. Perfect for EPA methods, it mainly focuses on acid digestion and
acid leaching of the following samples:
Plant material
Animal feed
Nevertheless, reliable acid digestion and acid leaching of other samples is also possible.
Rotor and Vessel Systems
It is the clever optimized combination of Anton Paar‘s innovative sample
preparation instruments with rotors and vessels specific to your needs that
brings all your samples to a clear solution.
 Rotor 48MF50
 Rotor 64MG5
 Rotor 16MF100
Typical applications:
Water, effluents, sewage, sludge,
plant material, soil, sediment, EPA
procedures, microsamples
20 bar
200 °C
 Rotor 16HF100
Typical applications:
Biological material, contaminated
soil, metals, alloys, geological
material, glass, quartz
40 bar
240 °C
 Rotor 16HVT50
 Rotor 24HVT50
Typical applications:
Waste water, sediments, effluents,
sludge, water, plant material, animal
feed, beverages, seafood, meat
20 bar (opening pressure)
250 °C
Operation parameters |
 Rotor for Multiwave PRO only  Rotor for Multiwave ECO only  Rotor for Multiwave PRO and Multiwave ECO
 Rotor 8NXF100
Typical applications:
Mixed waste, semiconductor ceramics, ores, ashes, slags, refractory
60 bar
260 °C
 Rotor 8NXQ80
Typical applications:
Food (high fat), plastics, fibers, oil,
coal, grease, pharmaceuticals,
80 bar
300 °C
Typical applications:
Fuel, alloys, metals, zeolite, bauxite,
ceramics, crude oil, catalysts,
lubricants, crude coke, fatty foods,
pharmaceuticals, rare-earth elements, construction materials
130 bar
320 °C
Special Equipment for Special Applications
When standard sample preparation techniques are not enough, you may need something more to get the best analytical
results. Anton Paar provides unique accessories and methods which process demanding samples and are an effective
complement to conventional sample preparation techniques.
Reflux rinses
inner surface
Microwave-induced oxygen combustion (MIC)
Sample pellet
- Unique, clean and quick method
- Suitable for pharmaceutical samples (meeting USP <232/233>
limits) and combustible solids such as wood, paper, coal, food
or polymers
- Halogens or metals collected after refluxing with a
low-acid-concentration absorption solution
can be measured without dilution
- Replaces steel combustion bombs
UV digestion
For digestion of liquid samples containing organic compounds
- Unique microwave-powered UV lamps produce radicals which
digest the sample
- The resulting solution with low acid concentration can be
measured without dilution
- For ultra-trace analysis of e.g. seawater, effluents, sewage,
body fluids or beverages
- Low analytical blanks
Liquid sample
Holder for
4 vials
Microwave-assisted protein hydrolysis
Protein hydrolysis in less than 1 hour
For milligrams to gram amounts
Precise temperature control during reaction
Inert gas atmosphere applicable
Microwave-assisted extraction (MAE)
- Efficient alternative to slow and tedious solvent extraction
- Improves performance and throughput of
HPLC-based or GC-based analysis
- Compliant with US-EPA and ASTM methods
- Reduces extraction times from hours to minutes
- Suitable for extractions of PCBs, PAHs and hydrocarbons from
environmental and food samples, derivatization reactions prior
to analysis and polymer extractions
Protein sample
Filter disk
Stir bar
Evaporation & drying
- Simplifies and accelerates evaporation of
acids and concentration of aqueous sample
- Efficient drying: four times faster than with
conventional methods
- Provides samples without carbonization
or contamination
- A single instrument performs both drying
and digestion
The Santner Foundation
Anton Paar GmbH is owned by the Santner Foundation, a non-profit organization
exclusively and directly aimed at charitable work and serving the public good. Its
proceeds are targeted at financing research in the fields of natural science and
technology, as well as addiction prevention and rehabilitation.
The “Offline” rehabilitation project
The Santner Foundation project “Offline” gives people with a history of drug
abuse a chance to re-enter working life, offering them low-threshold employment
in a working environment and programs tailored to suit each individual participant.
The project is run in cooperation with the Austrian charity “Caritas”.
A company’s responsibility
Producing solutions for your applications, Anton Paar is aware of its responsibility
to guarantee you lasting success. This responsibility goes hand in hand with
another: Every company’s social responsibility for its employees and society in
general. At Anton Paar, this is a tangible reality.
Born to find out
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