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ICFE Group of Companies
International Cybercrime & Forensics Examiners
Professional Services Advisory Division
Fraud Advisory Services (FAS) include the following:
Fraud Examination Services
Fraud Prevention Consultancy
24 Hours Independent Fraud Reporting & Whistleblowing Services
Fraud Risk Assessment (FRA)
is a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach in controlling and minimising fraud risk within a corporation
or a specific business function. It assesses all processes, functions and practices of a corporation with its unique
methodologies, in identifying lapses, weak control areas (WCA) and potential fraud risk points (FRP).Thereafter, our
certified assessor will review the assessment points with the corporation or business function. During that time, the
assessor will also recommend steps, strategies and possible solutions to address the WCAs and FRPs.
24 Hours Fraud Reporting / Whistleblowing Services (FRS/WBS)
provide our clients and their employees with a round the clock independent channel to report suspected fraudulent activities. Our channel is manned by trained consultants who will assess the report and forward it to the person
appointed by the company (identity of this person will be kept confidential). At the same time, we will also include
our suggestions for the next course of action.
Anti-Money Laundering Investigation (AMLI)
assists clients in examining suspicious transactions and asertaining whether there are any money laundering
activities.Thereafter, we will also recommend rectifying actions for our clients’ consideration. Our services involve
investigating suspicious financial activities, transactions tracing, customer due diligence, employees due diligence,
investigative interviewing and if necessary, coordination with the authorities. In a nutshell, we are a one-stop AML
Anti-Money Laundering Consultancy (AMLC) provides clients support in complying to and
sustaining their anti-money laundering control environments. Some of the services provided by our highlyskilled consultants are:
Advisory and Design of Sustainable AML Framework
Advisory on AML Compliance
Review and Independent Audit of existing AML controls and policies
Implementation of new AML Control Environments and Policies
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ICFE Group of Companies
ICFE Group of Companies
International Cybercrime & Forensics Examiners
First Response Crisis Management (FRCM) is a comprehensive suite of services meant to
assist our clients in overcoming obstacles posed by digital devices in the course of investigation, audit and loss
recovery. It has two main components, namely the Building Forensics Capability and Digital Forensics Services.
The ICFE Group of Companies is a think-tank group of firms dedicated to Fraud Risk Management, Inves ga on and
Preven on. Headquartered in Singapore with regional offices in Malaysia and Hong Kong, ICFE Group of Companies was
formed with the inten on of comba ng fraudulent ac vity and maintaining good corporate governance, and consequently
providing professional training and value-adding consultancy services at affordable rates. Our principal consultants are
trained by the Associa on of Cer fied Fraud Risk Examiners (ACFE) in Texas, USA.
ICFE aims to share its exper se with working professionals or organisa ons who wish to stay abreast of the latest
developments in corporate skills and an -fraud measures. We do this by organising various public training programmes,
seminars, and customised in-house training programmes which are tailored to suit companies in their respec ve
All our trainers are highly experienced professionals in their respec ve fields and their insights will definitely
enhance the exis ng knowledge you already have.
At ICFE, we focus on five areas of professional development:
Fraud Preven on
An -Money Laundering
Ethics & Corporate Governance
Digital Forensics
Corporate Skills & Leadership Development
Every member of ICFE is dedicated to bringing about a wholesome experience to all clients via Inspira onal
training, Innova ve consulta ve work and programmes that build Intelligent minds.
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