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President’s Message
JACNY Board of Directors
Jeff Berry
Vice President
George Parker
Vars Smith
Jeff Dafoe
Linda Dafoe
Paul Chappell
John Duncan
Dick Kinsey
Aldis Lemesis
George Parker
Brian Prosser
Membership Chairman
Jeff Dafoe
For more information about the club, its activities,
and how to join the fun, please contact either:
Jeff Berry
[email protected]
Jeff Dafoe
[email protected]
Kitty Letter
Official Newsletter of the Jaguar
Association of Central New York
Kitty Letter is a bi-monthly publication of the Jaguar
Association of Central New York. It is published
every even month. Submission of articles by the
membership is encouraged. All material must be
received by the last Tuesday of the month prior to
publication. Classified advertisements are available
to the membership at no charge; all others pay $10.
Commercial advertising is available at an annual
cost of $140 for full page, $75 for half page, $40
for quarter page, and $25 for business card size.
Submit to the Editor.
Linda Dafoe
Associate Editor
Carolyn Parker
[email protected]
[email protected]
Jaguar Association of Central New York
Greetings to all of JACNY members.
Well our 2012 events have started off very well.
Our first event was a tech session held at Piehler
Jaguar in Rochester. I would like to thank George
Haynes of the GRTTC for the invitation to our
club to attend the event. I would also like to thank
Mark Ventrillo of Piehler Jaguar for the barbeque.
Those that made it to the tech session had access
to the entire shop and the wisdom of Tom (sorry
I didn’t get a last name) the Jaguar Master tech that
graciously answered all questions. I am looking
forward to the next tech session. Thanks again
to George Haynes and GRTTC for putting
that together.
Event number two was the Spring Luncheon
at THE INN on THE lake in Canandaigua.
The weather was picture perfect and we were
treated to a very nice collection of Jaguars. It was
great to see everyone again after a long albeit mild
winter, hopefully we will be blessed with great
weather for the rest of our events. Twenty
members were present for a great lunch and
a movie presented by George Parker. We also
presented Brian with an award for his service as
past president. Thank you to Brian Prosser for his
choosing The Inn for this venue, I believe that
Brian should become the events coordinator
for our club. Once again great job Brian
and thank you.
I look forward to seeing all of you at our next
event which is the Slalom event on June 10th,
I would like to welcome Gustavo Nieve de
Medeiros of New York City to our club as new
member. Welcome aboard Gustavo; I look
forward to meeting you at one of our events.
See everyone in June and keep those
Big Cats purring!!
Jeffrey Berry
Kitty Letter May/June 2012
“The Queen's English”
. Knackered......Worn out, exhausted.
Often said of broken machinery or something
irreparable. As in the phrase: " I'm totally
E vents for 2012
May 5th – Tune-Up Session with the
Greater Rochester Triumph Touring Club
May 19th - Spring Lunch
JCNA Web Shop
May 18th - 21st – JANE Adirondack Tour
All club members should look at the new
JCNA Shoppe and the JCNA publications
area. Due to the change in administration,
JCNA can offer Jaguar Journals in sets in
the shoppe as JJSET. We will fill any needs
that are possible in updating your club
library or an individual library. I encourage
all of you to take advantage of JCNA's
JAGUARUS book in the shoppe by
Dugdale/COOK. Simply put, if you have not
read this work, you do not understand the
impact of the US on Jaguar. It is also
available at 50% discount to any site you
might find!!!
June 10th - 1st JCNA Sanctioned Slalom
Thanks for supporting JCNA this year, and if
you have any request for products or ideas,
please contact JCNA.
June 17th - Euro Car Show at Lorenzo
July 21st – Barbecue and Short Road Tour
August 10th - 12th
Jane Show in Sturbridge, Mass
August 18th - 2nd JCNA Sanctioned Slalom
August 19th - UK Car Day hosted by the
Greater Rochester Triumph Touring Club
September 7th - 9th
Watkins Glen Vintage Race Weekend
September 14th - 16th
British Invasion in Stowe, Vermont
September 22nd – Wine Tour
November 3rd – Fall Dinner Meeting
The Kitty Letter is now available on-line at – just navigate to our clubs home
page, and from there you can download our
newsletter in pdf format. Adobe Reader will be
needed to view the newsletter on your computer.
The file is screen-resolution – suitable to view
electronically, not optimal for printing.
Cover Photo: Line-up of Jags at the Spring Lunch
Kitty Letter May/June 2012
Jaguar Association of Central New York
JACNY's First Slalom for 2012
Our first slalom event is scheduled for Sunday, June 10th. Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. with
inspections and driver meetings at 9:30. Runs begin at 10:00. Each registrant gets five runs. To help
with your vehicles handling in the slalom it is advisable to add 10 p.s.i. of air in each of the tires.
There can be more than one registrant per car, so encourage our spouse and friends to participate.
Additionally, our slaloms are sanctioned by Jaguar Clubs of North America, which means that you
are eligible for national recognition.
Member registration fee $20, fees for non-members is $25 (the additional $5 is to cover insurance
costs). Bring your JCNA ID cards with you; we need your National ID number for adding your scores
Location for the slalom is the same as last year - behind Shoppingtown Dewitt on Erie Boulevard East
(Route 5), just off Interstate 481 at the Dewitt exit. This is the Excellus extended parking lot. It is easy
to get to from either Interstate 90 or Interstate 81.
Volunteers are needed... anyone who would like to volunteer to help run the slalom on Sunday,
June 10th, please let Jeff Dafoe know and show up at the slalom location between 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, and it does not stop the volunteers from running their cars
in the slalom. Any questions, please contact Jeff Dafoe at [email protected]
It's great fun and you will increase your driving skill. Hopefully, you will consider joining
us for our first slalom event.
Jeff Dafoe
JACNY Picnic and Road Tour
Join us for a BBQ Picnic and Short Road Tour at our house, located at 5226 E. Foxhill Lane, Camillus
NY, on Saturday, July 21st. We figure starting around 1pm or 2pm (firm time scheduled later). Firm
details and an event reminder will be blast emailed to members before the event. We have plenty
of off-street parking (enough for probably 15 to 20 cars).
We will provide all food, wine, beer, iced-tea, coffee and soda. Any member who would like to bring
their own favorite beverage is more than welcome. Event will be held rain or shine. RSVP's will be
very appreciated so we can plan on food & drink quantities. Any questions and to RSVP please contact
by email: [email protected] or phone: 315-487-5911.
We will have a few games of chance and skill (croquet, golf chipping, bocce ball and perhaps a mystery
game of driving skill) for those interested. Our game room should also be available. The Road Tour
will be by Tulip Map over scenic and somewhat twisty roads in the western part of the Syracuse suburbs
(farm country with rolling hills) where we live and will probably take about 40 minutes.
Vars & Nancy Smith
Jaguar Association of Central New York
Kitty Letter May/June 2012
Kitty Letter May/June 2012
Jaguar Association of Central New York
Photo Caption Contest
This photo was snapped at the Tech Session that took place
at Piehler Jaguar a few weeks ago on May 5th.
Who can come up with the best caption for this amusing shot?
Win a free club tee shirt!
E-mail captions to [email protected]
and the gear heads will pick a winner.
(Tee shirt to be awarded
at the Euro Car Show on Fathers Day)
Jaguar Association of Central New York
Kitty Letter May/June 2012
Kitty Letter May/June 2012
Jaguar Association of Central New York
Piehler Tune-up Session Review
All the Gear Heads have yet another
success story to tell...
As you all know... JACNY teamed up with
the Greater Rochester Triumph Touring Club
to organize a Spring Tune Up Session
at Piehler Jaguar in Webster, NY. Club
members were invited to bring their classic
British automobiles to the dealership's shop
anddo any tune up, or prep work needed so
as to be fully prepared for the up-coming
touring and show season. The shop at
Piehler was opened for the event to provide
members with lifts, specialty tools and the
advice of a certified Jaguar technician.
Our day started at 10am with coffee and doughnuts as the cars came rolling in. Some came just to show
& watch... these show cars were displayed in front of the dealership along with dozens of new Land
Rovers and Jaguars. It wasn't long before our club president had the keys of a 2012 Jaguar XJ8L and was
taking adventurous members out "joy riding" in
probably the most powerful, most expensive
and fastest car they'd ever had the pleasure to be
chauffeured around in. (Even more thrilling when we
got down the road and Jeff offered the wheel to any
of his riders who wanted to give it a try)
Once the foolishness was out of our systems, two of
our members had work to do. Brian Prosser wanted
to get his XJ12 up on a lift to check out a rather
severe fluid leak and Paul Chappell was out to
change his brake fluid. Once lifts became available
the "big Jags" idled their way between the Triumphs
(that seemed
to be scattered
everywhere) to two available hoists. EVERYONE AGREED that
they wanted a hoist in their home shop!
Brian's leak was found but required the removal of an Exhaust
manifold and a new seal, neither of which he was prepared to do
that day, but he was happy to have the diagnosis to give him a clear
understanding of the task at hand.
The Chappell XJ6 brake fluid change went pretty much without
a hitch. The lift went up and down about a dozen times as bleeders
were bled and new fluid was added to the reservoir. The "Down
and Up" commands given to the technician operating the brake
peddle echoed through the shop at least a hundred times as George
Parker commented on how he would have brought his "vacuum
bleeder" had he only known.
Jaguar Association of Central New York
Kitty Letter May/June 2012
This job gave a good visual demonstration
of the importance of changing the brake fluid
as the old stuff coming out of the 1987 Jag
looked like muddy water, a little disturbing to
those who watched. Once finished there were
no surprises as the brakes did work! (No horror
stories here of an old classic rolling out of
control into a new XK8)
After a lunch of grilled sausage, burgers and all
the good stuff that goes with them (provided by
Piehler Jaguar) the Piehler Jaguar technician
gave a interesting lesson to all about fuel
system care and re-building techniques crucial
to keeping old triumphs running like new.
There was lots of opportunity to watch other guys busting their knuckles as they changed engine & gear
case oil, checked compression, replaced spark plugs and worked on worn suspension bushings.
Many thanks to Aldis Lemesis for his hard work organizing this event, and to Mark Ventrillo, General
Manager at Piehler Jaguar for being such a gracious host. I don't think anyone actually put a down
payment on a new Jaguar or Land Rover but you can be sure everyone in attendance had a favorite
picked out!! (just gotta get the wife to agree)
Paul Chappell
Members in Attendance
Jeff Berry............................... his prized Dodge Caravan
(the XJ6 temporarily out of service)
Paul & Ellie Chappell............ 1987 Jaguar XJ6 VDP
Aldis Lemesis........................ 1962 E-Type
George Leopard……………. 1971 E-Type FHC
George Parker........................ 1965 E-Type FHC
Brian Prosser.......................... 1978 XJ12 L
Kitty Letter May/June 2012
Jaguar Association of Central New York
JACNY Group at Spring Lunch
Jaguar Association of Central New York
Kitty Letter May/June 2012
Spring Lunch Review
Saturday, May 19th was beautifully sunny
and warm, a perfect day for the JACNY
Spring Lunch. Those in attendance were Jeff
Berry, Paul & Debbie Chappell, George &
Carolyn Parker, Jeff & Linda Dafoe, Aldis
& Janet Lemesis, Bill & Cheryl Baldwin,
Chris & Irene Lappano, John & Barbara
Duncan, Bill & Janet Goodman, Alan & Linda
MacRobbie, and myself. Vars & Nancy Smith
had to cancel, as Vars was feeling under the
weather. An email reminder for the event
took us from a handful of people signed up,
to twenty of us attending the lunch – a very
nice turnout.
Aldis Lemesis contacted Piehler General
Manager, Mark Ventrillo, and secured a brand
new XF to have on display at the restaurant
along side the many classics that arrived – no
doubt, thanks to the nice weather. I did notice
a few oil spots left behind here and there by
the Jags (see tech session review) – guess
its just natures way of seal coating the
parking lot.
On to lunch, which took place at The Inn on
the Lake in Canandaigua NY. Once inside our
President, Jeff Berry, spoke a few words
welcoming everyone to the event, and then
surprised past President, Brian Prosser with a
plaque commemorating his time as President.
Thanks to everyone for the plaque – I am now
enjoying my time as a member of the Retired
Presidents Club. Lunch was ordered off the
menu, and conversation quieted a bit as it was
served, everything from sandwiches & salads
to light entrees.
After lunch, club member George Parker
brought a DVD to share with us – they had
a TV and DVD player available to use in the
lounge. The video titled “Rendezvous” is
of a drive through the streets of Paris at dawn
in a Ferrari 275GTB at speed from the view
of being in the car. Just what we needed to
get excited about our next JACNY event,
our first slalom of the year.
Brian Prosser
Kitty Letter May/June 2012
Jaguar Association of Central New York
JANE Adirondack George Parker
You missed it!....On Sunday, May 20th, Carolyn and I had a great time attending at least a part of the
JANE Adirondack Mtn Tour. The Adirondack Museum in Blue Mtn Lake doesn’t open until the
Memorial Day weekend, but they opened on the 20th for a private guided tour for the JANE group.
JANE had extended an invitation to JACNY to join them on the tour, but we were the only ones to take
them up on their offer. The only part of the tour that we could make was the Museum and lunch on
Sunday. So we fired up the E-type and headed for the Adirondacks at about 8AM on Sunday morning.
After a rest stop in Old Forge, we arrived at the Museum at about 10:45AM. We were the first to
arrive. But we didn’t have long to wait. Soon the caravan of Jaguars (and one MGB) came roaring up
Rte 28....14 cars in all....a wide variety of Jaguars ranging from an XK120 FHC to a new XJ.
The accompanying photos show just a fraction of the cars, the tour guide explaining what we’ll see
on the tour, and finally, a group photo. Can you find us in the group photo?
After the tour, we headed north to the Owl’s Head Pub in Long Lake for an absolutely delicious lunch.
If you’re ever looking for a place for lunch in the Adirondacks near Long Lake, that’s the place to
go!.....After lunch the JANE group headed north to Lake Placid where they had planned a banquet that
evening. But we passed on the banquet, and headed home. We took the long way home down the
Booneville Gorge with a stop for ice cream in Rome.....arriving home at about 7PM.
A long day, but fun!
Jaguar Association of Central New York
Kitty Letter May/June 2012
Kitty Letter May/June 2012
Jaguar Association of Central New York
Parts for Sale: 1956 XK 140
Tires, Anyone?
2. Four 1956 wire wheels for above vehicle and
tires. Painted red. Good condition.
I have 4 Pirelli P4000 205-70/15 tires, with tubes,
that are FREE to any club member who can use
them. They have only 15,000 miles on them.
They're old, but have seen very little sunlight,
since the car has always been garaged.
George Parker........315-687-3554
3. Four 1956 hubs for above vehicle and wheels.
Good condition.
Wire wheels for Sale
1. Four 1991 Commander tires with 2.5 inch
white walls (650X16) with tubes. Very low
mileage. Excellent treads.
I have 4 OE chrome wire wheels, 15 x 5, 72 spoke,
correct original curly hub/inner & outer laces, for
tube tires. $375.00 for the set of four. Can view ad
at MGCC (MG Car Club Western Centre). Website
under cars/parts for sale. See “www.mwngcarclub/y/”
XK 140 Drophead. Any condition.
Contact George Parker at 315-687-3554
or at [email protected]
Contact: Aldis Lemesis
Nels G. Magnuson: 315-682-5920
[email protected]
Jaguar Association of Central New York
Kitty Letter May/June 2012
JACNY Regalia
25th Tee Shirts
Color: Tan or Green
Size: S/M or L/XL
Price: $20 (tax included)
Color: Black with silver and
White with green lettering
and silver Jaguar
S, M, L, XL, XXL
Price: $15
(tax included)
Polo Shirts
Color: Dark Green or White
Size: S, M, L, XL
Price: $25 (tax included)
Tee Shirts
Color: Dark Green or Natural
Size: S, M, L, XL
Price: $15 (tax included)
Price Each
Phone Number
How to order
Fill out order form completely.
Include check for the full amount made payable to JACNY.
Mail to:
Jeff Dafoe
3549 Lakeside Road
Syracuse, NY 13209
Kitty Letter May/June 2012
Jaguar Association of Central New York
Jaguar Association of Central New York Membership Application
We will print a membership roster in the August issue of the Kitty Letter. It will go to members
only. If you do NOT want your membership information listed, please check this box...........
Name__________________________________ Spouse__________________________________
City____________________________________ State_______________ Zip _________________
Telephone (Day)__________________________(Evening)________________________________
E-Mail Address __________________________ @ ______________________________________
Jaguars Owned:
Year ____________ Model_______________________Special Features ____________________
Year ____________ Model ______________________ Special Features ____________________
Year ____________ Model ______________________ Special Features_____________________
Non-Jaguar Collector Cars: ________________________________________________________
Club membership is $ 42.00 per year, $21.00 for new members after July 1 for the balance of the year. Make your
check payable to JACNY, and send it with this application to: Jeff Dafoe, JACNY, 3549 Lakeside Rd., Syracuse,
NY 13209. Membership includes JCNA (national) dues and a subscription to the bimonthly Jaguar Journal.
Linda Dafoe
3549 Lakeside Rd.
Syracuse, NY 13209