Simple Name Necklace

Simple Name Necklace
This Necklace is simply and beautiful. A single name is Handstamped on a sterling silver disc pendant comes with or without a Swarovski crystal.
Theses pendants are 5/8” and 20 or 22g sterling silver. They come with your choose of 16” or 18”
chains. Prices for theses necklace start at $22 for a necklace without a charm and up. They can be
other finished in either matte or shiny.
If you’re looking for something simple and meaningful – you found it.
5/8” Name Pendants Necklace Pricing
With charm 1Pendant- $24
without charms – 1 Pendant - $22
2 Pendants - $30
2 Pendants - $26
3 Pendants - $36
3 Pendants - $30
Between 7-8 letters or spaces fit on this size
¾” Name Pendant Necklaces
With charm 1 Pendant - $28
2 pendants - $35
3 Pendants - $40
without charms
1 Pendant - $25
2 Pendants - $30
3 Pendants - $35
Prices for additional pendants are available; just email us with your request
Names can be across the middle or arched along the bottom.
Dangles could be on each pendant or all together on their own ring
Teeny Tiny initial Pendants
One hand-stamped Sterling Silver Initial Pendants with Swarovski Birthstones
5/8” - 22g sterling silver Pendant Can be made with either upper or lower case letters
Teeny Initial Pendant start at $18 and up
Price List
With charm 1 pendant - $18
without charm
1 Pendant - $ 16
2 Pendants - $24
2 Pendants - $ 20
3 Pendants - $30
3 Pendants - $26
Prices for additional pendants available, just email us how many you need.
Baby Circle and tag Combo
The Baby Combo Necklace has
1- ¾” Sterling Silver Pendant for baby’s name and feet stamp (7-8 letters)
1- ¼” wide and 1”long tag with baby’s birthday (10-12 letters)
1 birthstone Swarovski crystal
What a memorable gift for that new mom This Necklace starts at $35
I Love you Grandma Necklace $35
This necklace is a great way to say I Love you to a grandma. This hand-stamped necklace comes with
2 Swarovski crystal dangles in the children’s birthstone color. More dangles can be added for
additional cost. This design can be modified to say any grandma’s name – nana, grammie, mema,
Hand- stamped Rectangle Tag Necklaces
These Necklaces are the perfect gift for someone who just likes things simple. Like all our stamped
jewelry, each letter is individually stamped and come with or without a pearl or birthstone crystal.
Tags vary in length depending on the number of characters to be stamped.
Price for theses Necklace start at $25 for 1 rectangle tag 1” long, this tag can hold up to 8 letter and
spaces and charm
1 tag - $25
2 tag - $32
3 tags - $40
for longer tags add $4.
Each tag can have either chills name, special words. Pictured here with four has children’s names on
three and on the long tag has the parents names. You could also have children’s names and on another
their date on birth. Possibilities are endless
Celebration of Us Wedding Necklace $45
What a wonderful gift for a new bride.
This necklace show cases each persons name on the long rectangle tags, wedding date or year on a
medium ½” circle pendant, a small circle has the new family initial and finish with a sterling silver
Heart or Swarovski crystal in the bridal color.
Makes a great shower or wedding gift, the bride will cherish always.
Variation of this necklace has Heart shaped pendant with the couples initials, accompanied with
medium circle pendant with date and Swarovski crystal for $40.
Large Family Necklace Starting from $45
Just like every family unique, this necklace is all about you.
It includes 1 small disc – family name initial
2 medium discs – for adult names
1 rectangle tag – established date (wedding date/year)
1 large washer – for children’s names
Remember this is your family; it can be changed to fit you. Other tags or pendants can be added or
changed to suit you; instead of names you could add words of meaning. Possibilities are endless.
Circle of Love $35
This 1” sterling silver pendant is Hand-stamped with all your loved ones names and Swarovski
birthstone crystals. Pendant can hold up to 22 characters and 4 charms comfortably. For a unique
look have us dome it. Washer Pendants are $40.
Don’t want names on it we can add meaningful words for you instead.
Hand- Stamped Square Pendant with heart charm $35
This is a unique pendant that is ¾” squared; it could hold up to three names or words. Each line will
fit 7-8 letters across. This comes with a sterling silver floating heart which finishes it off nicely.
Swarovski crystal could also be used.
Four layered Family Tree $55
This is beautiful. The smallest pendant is ½”, 2nd pendant ¾”, 3rd is 1” and the largest pendant is 1
¼”. Like all our necklaces, these pendants hang from your choice of a 16” or 18” sterling silver chain.
The necklace can be made up of children’s names for mom’s or grandmothers or small phrases and
encouraging words can be used to fill each layer.
Two and Three layer necklaces available starting from $35 depending on the size of Pendants you
choose. Layers can also be domed if preferred.
Family Washer Necklaces are $35 and $40
This is a 1 and ¼” sterling silver washer with Swarovski dangles or a smaller sterling pendant. This
can be hand-stamped with your families names or favourite phrase or words. Up to 30 characters will
fit and up to 4 Swarovski crystals.
Ladder rectangle tags Necklaces staring from $45
Like all our hand-stamped jewelry this necklace is made with sterling silver tags and comes with a
sterling silver chain, a Rollo style chain is featured here. You could have your name, girlfriends,
Childs, any loved ones, or just an inspirational word or phrase. Each rectangle tag is 1 ¼” long and
¼” wide, 7-9 letters can fit on each.
1 tag - $45
2 tags - $55
3 tags - $65