“Discovering our Nation’s Capital and History” Sample - Full Day Tour

“Discovering our Nation’s
Capital and History”
Sample - Full Day Tour
Washington D.C.
Embark on a magical journey with us as we help you
discover our Nation’s history. Our Nation’s Capital,
Washington D.C. is not only home to years of American
history, but it’s also got plenty of shops, restaurants and
happenings to keep just about anyone entertained. When
you’ve finished up with your landmark rounds, there are a
few places we think you’d enjoy seeing.
The historic buildings of Washington, DC preserve the
past and offer a fascinating glimpse into the changes in
architecture and daily American life since the early
settlement of the nation's capital.
able to read the writing etched on their walls reciting their
Memorials group will stop at and step off:
White House
United States Capital
Lincoln Memorial
Vietnam Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
WWII Memorial
Korean War Memorial Arlington Cemetery
Iwo Jima Memorial
9/11 Memorial
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
JFK Grave Sites and Eternal Flame
Washington D.C.’s unforgettable skyline is marked by
some of the world’s most celebrated monuments. The
fantastic structures, statues and temples that grace the
National Mall tell fascinating stories through their history
and design.
We customize all tour packages to meet each client’s
individual and specific needs. We also offer 3-5 Day
Memorials Group will drive by:
Washington Monument
National Archives
Federal Reserve
FDR Memorial
Navy Memorial
National Gallery of Art
FBI Building
IRS Building
Kennedy Center
Holocaust Museum
Lafayette Park
U.S. House and Senate Office Buildings
This full day tour allows the group to stop at certain
monuments and memorials for photo ops as well being
We will drop the group for lunch at Union Station.