Custom Signage Components Decorative Display Letters and Logos

Custom Signage
Decorative Display Letters and Logos
Precisely cut using our in-house CNC Router
Precise cutting of your custom letters, logos, numbers
Architectural Shapes
...and After
Decorative Display Letters and Logos
Metal Faced Acrylic Sign Letters, Numbers and Logos
Decorative Display Letters, Plastic Sign Letters
Metallic looking finishes: polished brass, aluminum, copper, stainless steel
Dozens of Sizes and Colors, Thousands of different fonts
Rounded, Square or Rectangular Shapes
Rounded, Square or Routered Edges
Provide the width and height dimensions with any sign shape you need!
Bellows Products, LLC. offers a unique variety of hard-to-find woodworking, sign and exhibit supplies, from Celtec PVC Signboard
to more traditional supplies like Amana Router Bits. If you don't see your item listed just call us. We're the experts at finding
your professional products and offering excellent service and value.
MightyCore - rigid foam for indoor/outdoor signs,
Acrylic Extrusions
in black or white colors, 1/4" or 1/2" thick
Acrylic Mirror
Panelyte Decorative Laminate -
available in over 250 colors
Backer Sheets
Brushed Aluminum
Playboard HDPE
Cast Plexi
Celtec Expanded PVC Signboard -
for indoor/outdoor signs, in
13 colors and 12 thicknesses
Corrugated Plastic- lightweight fluted polypropylene
for indoor/outdoor signs, in 14 colors 4mm thick,
or black and white 10 mm thick
Decor Metals
indoor/outdoor signs, in 7 color
combinations, 1/2" or 3/4" thick
Premium Surfaces - decorative laminate
Everwood - rigid foam for three-dimensional indoor/outdoor
signs, in 3/4", 1", 1-1/2" or 2" thick, natural color
Formplac - decorative laminate, thick Phenolic laminate,
and postformable material
Frosted Acrylic
Protec - highly chemical corrosion resistant
polypropylene material, with excellent resistance
to organic agents and electrolytic attack.
Puricelli Laminate - 275 colors and unique patterns
PVC Foam
Seaboard - highest density HDPE resin resists the
harmful effects of salt water, moisture, and direct
sunlight. Available in 7 colors, 1/4" or 1" thick
HDPE - Hitec sheets are highly impact resistant and
chemical-resistant when in direct contact with foodstuffs.
Hunt Foam Boards
Lamicolor - unique woodgrains, marbles, pearlescents,
and alufinish laminate with metal appearance
Magnum Magnetics - flexible magnetic sheet, strip,
and profiles
PolyCarve - thermoplastic for
Sign Blanks
Sign Foam
Ultra White - ultraviolet resistant for indoor/outdoor signs,
in high gloss white color, 3mm and 6mm thick
Wood Veneers
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