2013-2014 anatee alley ool

2013-2014 Manatee Valley Pool League
Week #6 - 10/14/13
October Killers…
Thank you to all of our golfers and volunteers
for making this tournament another success!!!
2013 /14 MVP Golf Tournament
Tim Kopfle
Kim Dyer
1st Ryan Rolland
Josh Mulligan
Robert Jimenez
Gary Johnson
Ray Jimenez
Lee Alderman
Longest Drive
Gary Johnson
Closest to Pin
#5 Shannon Glasgow
#10 Ty Senelath
-Special thank you to all our volunteersDenise, Melanie, Tracy, Darlene, Kia, Norma, Stephanie, Tammy, Gina
and Cart Girls Jesse-Lee and Nikita
CAPTAINS- Please get this turned in ASAP, it has been on the cover sheet for
3 weeks now. If you have questions call Tim Baron 713-9245.
Franchise Agreement, VNEA Player Agreement and Player Registration Forms
Team Name
#1- Big Johnson
#2- Bring it on
#11- Undertakers
#21- Bite Me
VNEA Player
Player Registration
Bill Wenth
Gilbert White /sanction fee