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Cover Sheet
St. Raphael-Holy Angels
(609) 585-7049
Bulletin # 911176 / December 3 and 4, 2005
Please note that this bulletin is revised as of
Please call Usha @ 609-585-7049 if you
should have any questions.
Thank you for your understanding.
Page 1
Second Sunday of Advent
To everything there is a season
and a time to every purpose under heaven
“...a time to be born…”
“...a time to love…”
II Aaron Outcalt and Erica Wieger
“...a time to heal…”
Monday, December 5, 2005
6:45 a.m. - Botter / Fowler Families, Margaret Fowler
8:00 a.m. - Helen Tereszczyn, Husband Paul
7:00 p.m. -Rosary Altar Society
Dymphna Agos
Tuesday, December 6, 2005
6:45 a.m. - Richard E. Hoffman, Barb and Jack Tracey
8:00 a.m. - Fares / Farley / Marino Families
7:00 p.m. - Nick and Anna Mayer - Mrs. Anna Hahn
Wednesday, December 7, 2005
6:45 a.m. -Anthony Mantuano, John Margicin
8:00 a.m. - Albert Fischer, Mark & Maria Pratico&Family
7:00 p.m. - Eugene Sersen, Sandi Sersen
Edward Tiedemann –Catherine Walker
Thursday, December 8, 2005-Immaculate Conception
6:45 a.m. - John Haller III, The Scardone Family
8:00 a.m. - Edward Rafalowski, Wife
9:30 a.m. - Albert Wilcox –Tom &Carolyn DiFilippo &
7:00 p.m. - Mabel Malloy, John Malloy
A Special Intention, Diane M. Fair
Friday, December 9, 2005
6:45 a.m. - Paul Sciarotta, Carol & Andy Jasiewicz
8:00 a.m. - Jim Ross, Mark & Maria Pratico
7:00 p.m. - People of the Parish
Saturday, December 10, 2005
8:00 a.m. - Elizabeth Zimmer,Mr. & Mrs. Paul Zimmer
- Catherine Lauderback,Margaret McGee
- Andrew C. Mayernik, Tony & Julie Schujko
5:00 p.m. - Rose Kalesek, Alice & Dave Mount
- Joan Warren,George Rose
Sunday, December 11, 2005—Third Sunday of Advent
7:30 a.m. - Antonio & Severina Brun,The Brun Family
8:30 a.m. - People of the Parish
Jack Leahy, Mary Leahy
9:30 a.m. - Joseph J. Dill, Wife & Children
10:30 a.m. - Catherine Lauderback, Resurrection Choir
11:30 a.m. - Dominic Cucinotta, Mr. & Mrs. Kambes
5:00 p.m. - James Alu Sr., Wife & Family
Please Note : In celebration of the Immaculate Conception,
our parish rectory will be closed on Thur.12/8. We will resume office hours on Fri. 12/9 from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.
Mass Schedule for the Solemnity of
The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin
Vigil Mass
Wednesday, December 7th
At 7:00 PM
Thursday, December 8th
6:45 AM, 8:00 AM & 9:30 AM & 7:00 PM
August Angioletti
Alice Aquilino
Rose Marie Astore
Candy Barth
Dolly Barbalace
Alberta Beforce
Vincent Beforce
Robert Benson
Alex Bencivengo
Clare Berger
Whitney Bivens
Michael Bridge
Faye & Shane Briel
Nancy Brokofsky
John Catana
Nicholas Cirillo
Anthony Davis
Josephine De Marie
Josephine Di Santis
Jason Dzbenski
Jackie DuPont
Anthony Fabrizio
Loretta Ferri
Helen Finn
Doreen Forberg
Tony Fratticcioli
Rev. J.C. Garrett
Jack Garrett
Kathy & Robert Gaskill
Joy Marie Grietzer
Claire Hofmann
Paul Hohman
Jack Hornyak
Anthony Intorelli
Fr. Eugene Keenan
Michele Kelly
Peter Kernast
Joseph Krawiec
Fran Kujalowicz
Michael Kupetsky
Anna Kuprian
Carrie Laird
Heather Nicole Laird
Marion Lanzoni
Cindy Lins
Julia& Lauren Makrancy
John Margicin
Samuel S. Marrone
Ferdinand Mather Sr.
Margaret McBride
Anna Modica
Faye Moore
Fred Morelli
Anna Rose Mucci
Colleen Murphy
Mary Murphy
Eleanor Mycock
Stanley Myslinski
Alfonso Napoleon
Clara Napoleon
Linda Nasuti
Fay Natcher
Robert O’Boyle
Elizabeth O’Neil
Charles Papiez
Phyllis Pelke
Ray Pental
Janet Peterson
Rita Pisano
Joseph Pizzutti
Elaine Ragano
Russell Paolini
Bunny Posner
Regina Procell
Raymond Pyontek
Rocco Ranalli
Carl Reinhardt Jr.
June Reinhardt
Mary & Louis Revesz
Paulette Schmitt
Emily Sears
Katie Serenelli
Michael Serenelli
Gabriella Fasoli Sizemore
Patricia Smith
Marilyn Snider
Chris Somma
Sandy Suarez
Matthew Sutton
Carol Szabo
Florence Tangery
Concetta Testa
Dharma Johnson Thamis
Stan Thompson
Samuel Trombino
Margaret Tylus
Hanna Tyrasinski
Ann Van Arsdale
Chuck Vickey
Irene Von Goten
Erwin Weber
John Witbeck
Helen Wolosyn
Elizabeth Wnuk
Frances Womack
Jeanette Worthington
Martin Zimmerman
John Zubricky
“...and a time to die…’’ Ronald Trauger,Paul Marfino
“...and a time for peace…”
Pray for our servicemen here and abroad.
Page 2
December 4th, 2005
Pastor’s Notes
Music Notes
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
As we prepare to celebrate the birth of the
Lord Jesus, our minds often turn to the many preparations
we have to make: buying and wrapping gifts, decorating
trees, planning parties and family gatherings, and so on.
With so much to do in such a short time, we could benefit
by listening to and contemplating the words of scripture:
“Comfort, comfort my people, says your God. Speak tenderly to Jerusalem… Every valley shall be lifted up, and
every mountain and hill be made low” (Isaiah 40:1-2,4).
The time had come for John the Baptist to proclaim the
arrival of one greater than himself- Jesus Christ, the Comfort of God (Mark 1:7-8). As he spoke of the coming of
the Messiah, John proclaimed the promises God had made
to all generations- promises that still apply to us, even in
our day-to-day lives. God has come to smooth out our
“rough places” and level off the mountains and valleys of
strife and sin that make it hard for us to travel home to
him. God wants to comfort his people. From all time, he
has wanted to gather us together and shower his love on
us. Even when we were lost in sin, his love was such that
he chose to heal and restore us.
God has appointed Jesus to be our Judge and our Redeemer. All who believe and are baptized into his name
receive forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit
(Mark 16:16; Acts 2:38). God enters their lives and begins to impart to them his wisdom, his understanding, and
his compassion. Through Jesus, God wants to bind up
our wounds, forgive our sins, and restore us.
As we move closer to the celebration of Christmas, let us
invite Jesus to come into our hearts more deeply. He who
knows how to give good things to those who ask will not
fail us. “The more truly we believe, the more strongly we
hope; the more ardently we desire, the more generously
we will receive” (St. Teresa of Avila, The Way to Perfection).
Let us pray: “Heavenly Father, we rejoice in your faithfulness. By the power of the Holy Spirit, fill our minds
with wonder and awe at the promise of your salvation
through Jesus, our Savior. May our preparation this Advent be our belief and our acceptance of the light, love,
and power you have for us. Amen.”
In Jesus and Mary,
Father Jeff Kegley
From St. Raphael’s Music Ministry...
1.All choirs rehearse at their normal time this week.
2.CD sales are going well...if you haven’t purchased “How
Sweet The Sound”...treat yourself! It makes for great listening year round.
3.The Christmas CD- “Emmanuel, A Child Is Born” is also
available in limited quantities.
From Holy Angels’ Music Ministry…
As we prepare our hearts in anticipation of our Lord,
please join us for our upcoming liturgies. Our Christmas
cantata this year “Do You Hear What I Hear’’ will begin
@ 8:30pm on 12/24 and choir, timpani, horns and flute
will enhance our “Midnight Mass” at 9:00 pm.
Call Dawne [email protected] for rehearsal times.
Elderberry Club
We look forward to seeing all of you at the German
American Club for the Christmas Luncheon on December 9th at 12:00 p.m.. Tickets will not be sold at
the door. Members and their guests must already
have a reservation to attend. Doors open @ 12:00
noon and lunch will be served @ 12:30 pm.. Due to the
luncheon, there will be no meeting on Dec.7th. The
next meeting will be on Wed. Jan. 4th. @ 1:00 pm.
Please Note : The trip to the Dutch Apple Dinner
Theatre on December 22nd has been cancelled !
St. Raphael-Holy Angels Food Pantry
HELP IS ONCE AGAIN NEEDED! Due to the tremendous generosity of our parish community, the pantry served
Thanksgiving meals to approx. 180 families last month. The
recipients of these meals were extremely thankful, as they
looked forward to celebrating the holiday with their families. On December 10th, our pantry will be open once again,
at which time we hope to distribute Christmas holiday
meals. We expect the same number of families to visit our
pantry on that day, and we hope that we will not have to
turn anyone away.
Greatly needed are canned vegetables, stuffing mix, gravy,
potatoes, canned fruit, juice, jello or pudding, pie filling and
crust mix, as well as breakfast foods such as cold and hot
cereals. These items can be deposited in the bins located at
the entrances of our churches. We are also in need of turkeys or hams to complete the meals. Perishable items can be
dropped off at the pantry [accessible by the ramp to the
right of St. Raphael Church bell tower] on Wed 12/7[ 7-8
pm] and on Sat. 12/10 [9-8 pm].
Monetary donations are also appreciated and may be deposited in the marked boxes inside St. Raphael Church.
Page 3
The Church of St. Raphael—Holy Angels
St. Raphael’s Altar Candle this week…
- In memory of Pat Della Rossa Requested by his wife and Children.
Holy Angels’ Altar Candle this week…
- In memory of Victoria Gudebski Requested by her Daughters.
Dear Brothers and Sisters!
With this Sunday Advent begins, an extremely
evocative time from the religious point of view, as it
is full of hope and spiritual expectation. Every time
the Christian community prepares to remember the
birth of the Redeemer, it feels a tremor of joy, which
is communicated, in a certain measure, to the whole
of society.
During Advent, the Christian population relives a
double movement of the spirit. On one hand, it raises
its gaze to the final goal of pilgrimage in history,
which is the glorious return of the Lord Jesus; on the
other, recalling his birth in Bethlehem with emotion,
it bends down before the crib. The hope of Christians
is directed to the future, but always remains well
rooted in a past event. In the fullness of time, the Son
of God was born of the Virgin Mary, "born of
woman, born under the law," as St. Paul writes
(Galatians 4:4).
The Gospel invites us today to remain vigilant while
awaiting the last coming of Christ. "Watch!" says
Jesus, "for you do not know when the master of the
house will come" (Mark 13:35-37). The brief parable
of the master who left on a trip and of the servants, in
charge of taking his place, manifests the importance
of being ready to receive the Lord, when he comes
unexpectedly. The Christian community awaits his
"manifestation" with longing, and the Apostle Paul,
when writing to the Corinthians, exhorts them to
have confidence in God's fidelity, and to live so that
when he returns he will find them "guiltless" (cf. 1
Corinthians 1:7-9) in the day of the Lord. For this
reason, very appropriately, at the beginning of Advent the liturgy puts on our lips the invocation of the
Psalm: "Show us thy steadfast love, O Lord, and
grant us thy salvation" (Psalm 84:8).
Spiritual Adoption Program Announcement
At two months…
Your spiritually adopted baby’s brain began functioning at
40 days after conception. By 6 or 7 weeks, all vital organs are present. By 8 weeks, the baby responds to
painful stimuli and can grasp an object. Pray that the
Lord of Life saves your spiritually adopted baby who is
most vulnerable to being aborted during this month.
Please pray daily the Prayer of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen:
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,
I love you very much.
I beg you to spare the life
of the unborn child that
I have spiritually adopted
who is in danger of abortion
able, with the help of God, to renew the world. In
this connection, I would also like to recall today the
Second Vatican Council's constitution "Gaudium et
Spes" on the Church in the contemporary world: It is
a text profoundly permeated with Christian hope.
I am referring in particular to Number 39, entitled:
"New Earth and New Heaven." In it, one can read:
"We are taught that God is preparing a new dwelling
place and a new earth where justice will abide (cf. 2
Corinthians 5:2; 2 Peter 3:13). Nevertheless, "the
expectation of a new earth must not weaken, but
rather stimulate our concern for cultivating this one."
We will rediscover the good fruits of our efforts, in
fact, when Christ hands to his father his eternal and
universal kingdom. May Mary most holy, virgin of
Advent, enable us to live this time of grace watching
and committed while awaiting the Lord.
We could say that Advent is the time in which Christians must awaken in their hearts the hope of being
Page 4
Do not be afraid; you will be safe. But PRAISE GOD forever. Tobit 12:15-17
The Time is Now ...
Religious Education
Join the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in its
Catholic Campaign to end use of the Death Penalty. New Jersey is close to replacing capital punishment with life without parole, but many legislators want to hear from their constituents before
they vote.Please write your State Senator, two
Assembly Members and the Governor now. Ask
them to support Bill No. A-3569/S1212 to replace
the death penalty with life without parole.
CCD— Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
Grade 3—4:00 to 5:00PM
Grades 6 & 7—7:00 to 8:15PM
CCD—Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
Grades 1 & 2—4:00 to 5:00PM
Grades 4 & 5—7:00 to 8:15PM
CCD—December 11th, 2005
Kindergarten—9:30AM to 10:30AM
Gov. Richard J. Codey is at: State House, Box
001, Trenton, NJ 08625.
Family Centered Program (FCP)
Sunday, December 18th, 2005 9:30AM—12:00PM
.Coming Events
Tues.Dec.6-Advent penance service-Gr.7[during class time]
Wed.Dec.7-Advent penance service-Gr.5
Wed.Dec.14-1st&2nd Gr.-Christmas program,4-5pm
Dec.18th thru 22nd-Christmas Giving Tree-gift sorting
For your legislators' names and addresses,
call 609-278-6719, 973-635-6396 or 856-8543182 or go to
districts/municipalities.asp Click on your town
to get your district, then on your district number
for your representatives, then write. Please pray
for an end to the death penalty in our state.
"We cannot teach that killing is wrong by killing. We cannot defend life by taking life."
Assistant Teacher for grade 3-Tuesdays, 4:00 to 5:00PM
Cardinal Theodore Mc Carrick
Call the Religious Education Office at 585-3848 from
9:00AM to 12:00PM, and 1:00 to 3:00PM, Monday through
Children’s Liturgy Committee
Game night @
Our Liturgy of Nov.27th was a great success! The children did a fantastic job in every aspect of the Mass.
We are all very proud of them. Next will be our
Christmas Liturgy on Sat.Dec.24th @ 4:00 pm to be
held at St. Raphael Church. Rehearsal will be on
Sun.Dec.16th @ 6:15 pm also at St. Raphael Church.
More information will be upcoming.
St. Raphael—Holy angels
3500 S. Broad St. Hamilton, NJ 08610
Sunday December 11th @ 6:15 PM
after the 5:00 PM Mass
Join us in the Convent for :
> Video Games
Mark your calendars…
> Foosball
...for the Annual New Year’s Eve Dance! Don’t miss
this opportunity to mingle and create fond memories
with your fellow parishioners!
We are looking for volunteers who are interested in helping
to plan this fun event. If you’ve always felt that your party
planning skills out-shine Martha’s, here’s your chance to
show us what you’ve got! Call Rose Crucili at 585-6170 to
sign up. Please see future bulletins for more information.
> Board Games
> Card Games
> Pizza & Refreshments
For more info call Tom @ 609-585-7049 or send email to
[email protected]
Page 5
A cheerful heart is good medicine. Proverbs 17:22
Each year during Advent the Religious Education Program of St. Raphael—Holy Angels parish
sponsors the traditional service project called “The Giving Tree”. It’s purpose is to provide gifts to
needy individuals in our local community. These gifts are distributed to organizations that serve
those individuals, and we also reach out to individual families within our own parish and local
community who experience difficulty in providing for their families during the holiday season.
The Giving Trees are located in the main lobby of each church, (both St. Raphael and Holy Angels). On the tree hang the various paper ornaments that designate an individual. Each ornament
lists gift suggestions as well as instructions regarding wrapping.
We ask the parishioners of St. Raphael—Holy Angels to join with us in this project by taking an
ornament from the tree, purchasing one (or more) appropriate gift, attaching the ornament to the
package, and returning the gift by the deadline date, December 18th. Gifts for the Martin House ministry[ lilac
hearts], are due by December 11th. Please note that as these items will be Christmas gifts, we request that all
items donated for this project be NEW. Used items cannot be accepted.
May God bless you for your generosity!
BALL: ST. RAPHAEL-HOLY ANGELS PARISH & LOCAL COMMUNITY: There exists within our own parish
and local community a need for assistance during the holiday season for individuals and families experiencing hardship due to unemployment, underemployment, illness, etc. Each yellow ornament represents an individual who has
been referred to us. The ornaments include information regarding this particular person, including the gender, age,
gift suggestions and sizes. These gifts may either be wrapped or placed in gift bags, but it is very important that the
ornament be firmly attached to the package. As each ornament represents a particular individual, we ask that you
only take ornaments for those for whom you wish to purchase a gift.
The green ornaments do not represent a particular individual, but rather will be used to fill in for those who may not
have a gift returned, and for late referrals. These gifts should not be wrapped.
HEART: MARTIN HOUSE: A ministry that serves the needs of the inner city. Martin House challenges poverty
and racism with a number of programs to improve conditions in its inner city neighborhood, such as housing, adult
classes, a clothing store, and youth programs. Our Parish has been asked to supply gifts for 6 families from the Martin
House ministry. Gifts may be placed in gift bags or wrapped, but the ornament must be firmly attached to the package.
** Santa’s Helpers will be needed to sort the gifts donated for our Giving Tree Program. If you have a few hours
to spare, and would like to assist with this wonderful project, please call 585-3848. Help will be needed on Monday through Thursday, December 19-22nd, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
Rosary Altar Society
The regular monthly meeting of the Rosary Altar Society
will be held on Monday, December 5th after the 7:00 p.m.
Mass with recitation of the Rosary at 6:40 p.m.
Sign-up sheets are posted in the Altar Server’s Sacristy
at St. Raphael and the Sacristy at Holy Angels for you to
volunteer to serve at the Christmas Masses. Please
stop by and sign-up while there are still openings. I am
also asking any available Hospital EMs to sign-up for
the Christmas Day 9:00 am Mass at Holy Angels and
the New Year’s Day 9:30 am Mass at St. Raphael.
Please call Ed Burke at 585-5101 with any questions.
Thank you!
After the Mass there will be a short meeting. All are invited the Christmas Program and a dessert buffet. Please
bring a dessert to share. You can drop it off at the Parish
Center before Mass.
Page 6
The Church of St. Raphael-Holy Angels Purgatorial Society
Mass @ 7:30 am on Sunday December 4th is celebrated for the intentions
of the faithful departed enrolled in this month’s Purgatorial Society.
Joseph Teneglia
Req. by Wiliam & Grace Briscoe
Robert Vaccaro
Req. by Antonette & Steve Saranin
Req. by Russell & Bernadette Vaccaro
Req. by Christopher Zeier
Sylvia Krupa
Req. by Dolores Allen
Anna Gelak
Req. Mike & Maryann Babice
Req. by Peg & Bill Lindeman
Mary Ann Willette
John Donoher
Req. by Bill & Denise Stein &Family
Req. by John & Gloria Hayes
Req. by MaryBeth & Jim Webster&Family Req. by Jerry & Nancy Hayes
Joyce R. Budden
Req. by John & Sally Minar
Mrs. O’Donnell
Req. by Candy Sabo
Edward Tokazewski
Req. by Robert & Jean Cifelli
Walter Mastalesz
Req. by Regina Matlesz
Anthony Capasso
Req. by Michele Marue & Family
Anthony Parziak
Req. by The Nicolini Family
Bobby Mickschutz
Req. by Mom, Dad, Jill, Joe & Matthew
Jackie C. Dupont
Req. by Tom & Joyce Garsky
Jack Kramer
Req. by sister Joyce & brother-in-law Tom
Wanda Kramer
Req. by daughter Joyce & son-in-law Tom
Helen Arch
Req. by Dolores Allen
Joseph Mc Cabe
Req. by Mr.& Mrs. Edward Woodrow
Rino Belardo
Req. by Mr.& Mrs. Attilio Avino
Req. by Mr.& Mrs. Giovanni Oliveti
Req. By Ken & Lucy Klish
Req. By Frank & Lisa Oliveti
Robert Russin
Req. by Ronald & Dolores Nolan
Req. by Michael Lubik
Req. by Deborah Pinto
Req. by The Stam Family
Mindy Sopko
Req. by The Reggi Family
George Di Pasquale
Req. by Teresa Gavan
Thomas J. Warfel
Req. by Alex & Mary Ann Candelori
Brian Dougherty
Req. by Sean, Mary & Tadhg Pender
Margaret June Needham
Req. Kevin & Mary Kim Keane
James M. Gurbisz
Req. by Jim & Stephanie Panacek
Robert Allen Morrison
Req. by Virginia Mennel
Rose Marie Astore
Req. by The Stam Family
Req. by Tom & Victoria Di Filippo
Req. by Betsy & Howard Bolton
Req. By The Wyrough Family
Req. by Russ & Claudia Devlin
Req. by Barbara & Al Buzgo
Eugene A. Von Gonten
Req. by Cecilia Dougherty
Req. by Suzi,Bob,Heather&Bobby Radice
Req. by Bill&Ellen Chepiga & Family
Req. by Bill Chepiga
Req. by Susan &Bob Agos & Family
Req. by Dolores Allen
David A. Hunt
Req. by Jonathan & Anna Maria Zeier
Req. by Melissa,Christopher,Jennifer &
Jonna Zeier
Thomas Mc Carty Sr.
Req. by A.P.I. Carpenters– N.J.M.
Mary [Jennie] Seitz
Req. by Merinda & Wayne Giles
Req. by Helen Augustyn
Ronald Trauger Sr.
Req. by John Margicin
Req. by Thelma Petty
Paul Marfino Sr.
Req. by Mr.& Mrs. Edward Mazzeo
Req. by Mr.& Mrs. John Mazzeo
John T. Dymowski
Req. by Mrs. James Bresnan
Estelle L. Czenis
Req. by Anna & Gus Burson
Donna Lynn Reed Sanchez
Req. by MaryAnn &Dave,Sylvana &Dave
Robert Patrick Dillon
Req. by Pete & Mary Lou Jensen
Noreen M. Owen
Req. by Mr.& Mrs James Keane
Joseph L. Sacchini Sr.
Req. by Alex & Mary Ann Candelori
Earl Baker
Req. by Lisa Sheppard
Joseph A. Hornyak
Req. by Tom & Victoria Di Filippo
Marian J. Tafs
Req. by Marie & Henry Babecki
Page 7
Theresa Manning
Req. by The Colter Family
During this past year, there has been untold misery and destruction in our world, from local floods, to hurricane in the south, to tornadoes in the Midwest, to mudslides and fires in California, just to name a few. Other
countries have experienced earthquakes and tsunamis. Thousands of people approach the coming holidays as
homeless individuals and families. Many have also lost loved ones and are grief-stricken in addition to being
If you would like to help, Catholic Charities has an uncomplicated, yet very meaningful suggestion : GIFT
For more information, contact Michele Madiou, Program Director, at 208-0651 or 1-800-652-2080.
The PTA invites you to participate in the Lucky Number Calendar fundraiser!
There is still time to order ! Just fill out the form below and return it as indicated .
St. Raphael’s School
Lucky Number Calendar
Order Information Form
Please Note: Use one form for each calendar. Forms may be dropped off at the school office, placed in the collection basket
at Mass or mailed to St. Raphael School, Att’n: PTA Lucky Number Calendar, 151 Gropp Ave. Hamilton, NJ 08610.
Street Address:
Phone Number:
Lucky Number Calendar # Assigned (to be completed by PTA representative)
Owner information (person who will receive cash prize), if different from above.
Street Address:
Phone Number:
Please make checks payable to St. Raphael—Holy Angels School PTA
St. Raphael’s School
Lucky Number Calendar Receipt
(To be completed by a PTA representative)
/ 2005
Calendar Number:
Cash: $
Check #:
Check $:
PTA Representative Signature:
Page 8
A tree is recognized by its fruit. Matthew 12:33
Sacrificial Offering- week ending, Nov. 26-27
1st collection
2nd collection
Children’s Envelopes
Events Around Town…
Christmas Sing-Along with Frank
Looking for an easy and relaxing way to bring some simple
Christmas cheer into the season? A parishioner, Frank Bresnen,
is having two December sing-alongs [Friday, Dec.2 and Dec. 16]
at Java Hut, Independence Mall on S. Broad St. from 7 to 9 pm.
All are warmly welcomed including kids of all ages. Take some
time out of your busy schedule to experience the special blessings of this, friends [old and new], and the joy of
our Lord’s birth. Donations collected at the sing-alongs will be
given to the St. Raphael-Holy Angels Food Pantry. Hope to see
you there.
$ 16105.45
$ 2,871.05
$ 19,085.75
Thank you for your generosity!
PTA Lucky Number Calendar Raffle
Winning Numbers
Sunday, November 27—498
Monday, November 28—974
Tuesday, November 29—768
Wednesday, November 30—663
Thursday, December 01—831
Friday, December 02—942
Saturday, November December 03—919
Adult CCD [Coffee, Conversation and Donuts]
Do you remember CCD or religion classes? The Adult Faith
Formation team is hosting an adult CCD gathering on Dec.4th
@ St. Raphael Church, All-Purpose Room from 12:45 to 2:15
pm. If from to time you’ve asked yourself can I understand more about my Catholic faith? How do I apply my faith to
the challenges of today’s fast-paced world? Please consider
joining us in conversation about what we could be doing within
our parish community to help each other find the answer to
these and other questions. Your very valuable input will help us
in determining the types of faith enrichment opportunities to
focus on for the New Year. Please contact Lou Monticchio @
609-585-3081 with any questions.
P.S. - The donuts are pretty good too !!
Social Concerns
Upcoming Events
Hamilton Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support– Social Con-
cerns is co-sponsoring a party for all caregivers and
“caregetters” at Alterra Claire Bridge on Monday, Dec.5th from
12-2pm. Caregivers of those with memory problems are also
invited. Volunteers are needed to help that afternoon.
Marian Peace Conference, December 5-6
7:30PM—Donations of $6 for one night or $10 for two.
Come and hear what best-selling author Wayne Weible has
discovered during the 16 years that he has devoted himself to
understanding the mystery of the apparitions of the Blessed
Virgin Mary at Medjugorje. St. Paul’s Church, 214 Nassau St,
Princeton, NJ—Call (609) 924-1743 ext 122.
Mercer County Geriatric Center-We will have our Christmas
Party and Bingo for the residents on Tues.Dec.13th from 6:158pm. Lots of volunteers [including our wonderful students]
are needed to help with Bingo and refreshments and to distribute calendars, cards and gifts.
2006 Calendars -Have you started receiving more calendars
than you need? Are you getting new CHRISTMAS CARDS from
organizations through the mail? Please place your unneeded
calendars/cards in the baskets found in the entrance areas to the
church. These will be distributed to area nursing homes and the
Trenton Area Soup Kitchen.
Call Kathy Wooley at 585-4307 for more information on the
above three [3] events..
Pennies From Heaven-The sisters of St.Francis of Philadelphia
and the Franciscan Companions of the Trenton area wish to
thank everyone who contributed to the 2005 penny drive.
Thanks to your generosity, a check in the amount of $2,126.20
was presented to the Franciscan Ministries Foundation Capital
Campaign. This gift was made in the name of the St. RaphaelHoly Angels Parish Community in celebration of the Sisters’
150th Anniversary Jubilee, in grateful thanksgiving for the Sisters’
many years of service to our community. Our original threeyear pledge was for $2500. This year’s gift brings our three-year
total to $6,260. As you can see, God truly blesses every act of
A Classic Irish Christmas, December 7
Starring Andy Cooney and his Band, Noel Ginnity “Ireland’s
Funniest Man”, and Emer Hartnett—Irish Soprano @ the Church
of St. Gregory the Great, 4620 Nottingham Way, Ham. Sq., NJ –
Tickets:$20.00 pp.Reservations call (609) 585-6470.
Inter-faith Memorial Service–
The 18th annual candlelight service for those who have lost
loved ones through suicide will be held on December 11th 2005
@ 3:00 pm at Unity Church by the Shore, 3508 Asabury Avenue, Neptune, NJ. For additional info call Joanne Murphy @
732-363-1710 or Peggy Farrell @ 732-462-5267.
Volunteers Needed!
Volunteers are needed to deliver hot nutritious meals to the
people in the Greater Trenton/Ewing area who are homebound
due to illness. Please join this highly rewarding ministry.
- Mobile Meals of Trenton/Ewing, 546 Bellevue Avenue Join us! Call (609) 695-3483*
NEW * Angels Have Wheels
All Medicare recipients should now be aware that if they suffer
from conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and
respiratory disorders, and have difficulty walking or propelling a
standard wheelchair, they maybe eligible to receive an electric
wheelchair paid for by Medicare.
Need more information? Call Gregory @ 1-800-810-2877.
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St. Raphael’s
St. Raphael’s
SR Convent
St. Raphael’s
Parish Gym
St. Raphael’s
SR Parish Center.
During Class Time
5:30PM – 6:45PM
6:30PM – 7:30PM
7:00PM – 8:15PM
7:30PM – 9:30PM
7:45PM – 9:30PM
8:00PM –
Religious Ed.—page 5
St. Raphael’s
St. Raphael’s
St. Raphael’s
4:00PM – 5:00PM
5:30PM — 6:45PM
7:00PM – 8:15PM
St. Raphael’s
St. Raphael’s
St. Raphael’s
St. Raphael’s
St. Raphael’s
SR Parish Center.
SR Parish Center.
7:00PM –
8:00PM –
Monday, December 5, 2005
Tuesday, December 6, 2005
CCD Grade 7(Advent Penance Service)
Heaven’s Echo and High School Music Ministry
Children’s RCIA
CCD Grade 6 & 7 (Advent Penance Service)
Adult Recreational Volleyball
Contemporary Ensemble
Wednesday, December 7, 2005
CCD Grades 1 & 2
Cool Kidz for God
CCD Grades 5 (Advent Penance Service)
Thursday, December 8, 2005
Afternoon Bells
Evening Bells
Charismatic Prayer Meeting
Adult Choir
Friday, December 9, 2005
Healing Mass
Lucky Number Drawing
Saturday, December 10, 2005
Reach Out Saturday
Breakfast with Santa
Breakfast with Santa
Sunday, December 11, 2005
Sign Interpreted Mass
CCD Kindergarten
Adult RCIA
Religious Ed.—page 5
Religious Ed.—page 5
See Ad—page 8
All Purpose Room
SR Parish Center. 9:00AM –
SR Parish Center. 11:00AM –
Holy Angels
St. Raphael’s
HA Convent
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See Ad—page 5
See Ad—page 5
8:30AM Mass
9:30AM – 10:30AM
10:30AM –
Religious Ed.—page 5
If you should have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please complete the form below and put it in the collection
basket, mail it to the rectory, or give us a call at (609) 585-7049.
I would like to become a member of the parish.
I would like to learn more about becoming Catholic.
I would like to learn more about completing my sacraments.
Please make the changes to my record indicated below:
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