Date of Birth:
Family Status:
26 September 1963
Thessaloniki – Greece
Married with 2 Children
Greece (European Community), USA (naturalized)
Ath. Organtzi 2, Panorama Thessalonica, Greece TK 55236
Home: +30.2310. 205.311 Cell Phone: +30.6944.146.889
[email protected] or [email protected]
Candidate of Ph.D. in Computer Science - Kingston University (London UK)
Subject of Thesis: “A Multi-Methodological Ontology Driven Framework for Systems Analysis of Health Informatics (HI)”
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Master of Science - June 1988. City University of New York.
Major: Computer Science, GPA: 3.83, (Deans List)
Bachelor of Science - June 1987. City University of New York
Major: Mathematics, GPA: Mathematics 3.108.
Bachelor of Science - June1986 City University of New York
Major: Computer Science, GPA: Computer Science 3.532 (Deans List)
IT Skills:
Experienced Systems Analyst, Project Manager, Senior Developer, IT Instructor, Ontologies
Official Oracle Instructor -- SQL Vienna 2011 -- PL/SQL Edinburgh 2012 -- Oracle Academy Certified
Computer Skills:
Operating Systems: MS Windows, Vax/Vms, Unix (Linux), OS/2,
System Analysis: Oracle Designer, SmartDraw, Crystal Reports, MS Office, Photoshop, Corel, Pvcs, Protege,
Oracle (up to 11g), MS-SQL, My-SQL, MS-Access
Other Various:
Various Web Tools, Networks, TOAD (or Sql Navigator), MS Exchange, MS Project Manager,
Firewall, Proxy, FTP, DNS, Web Servers (Apache, IIS), Web Design.
Programming Languages:
Visual Studio .NET, Oracle (Forms), Oracle (PL\SQL), Oracle (PSP), VBasic, FoxPro, PHP, PERL, EDL, COBOL,
VDBase, DELPHI (Pascal), Interbase (SQL), Prolog, JavaScript, C++, JAVA, Android Programming.
Work Experience:
Compucon – Senior Consultant – Product/Project Manager
Thermi Thes/niki – +30.6944.146.889 – September 2012 – Present -- websites:
*Automatic Vehicle Location Systems – Fleet Management Systems – Navigation and Surveillance Systems
Leading a team of engineers’ into developing mobile applications for active GPS tracking of various sources (ex: taxis,
limos, trucks, people, boats, animals, etc). Platforms used Android, Apple IOS, Windows.
American College of Thessaloniki – Computer Science Department – Adjunct Lecturer
Pylaia Thessaloniki – +30.2310 398.380
-September 2002 - Today
* Designed and taught new courses for students majoring in Computer Science,
Curriculum included Programming with Distributed Systems, Object Oriented Courses, Data Base Systems, System
Analysis, Introduction to Computing, Business Data, MIS, Data Structures, Web Design, .NET (VB, ASP, C#).
*Developed lesson plans and exams to measure students performance and abilities.
IQ Systems SA – CEO & CTO
Incubator of Technological Park of Thermi Thessalonica – +30.2310 489.131
-February 2000 - 2003
* IQ Systems is consisting of 12 people, that develops software solutions specialized on the Internet/Intranet platform.
* Team has developed Internet applications for financial transactions and Order Routing of stock orders using TCP/IP
protocol over the Internet using Oracle Developer, Designer 2000, Designed ERD, DSD, and created Database.
* Developed a fully functional Back office applications for financial institutions, with Oracle Developer and Delphi 5.0.
* Created Technical Support team that is currently signed contracts with 6 major Greek financial institutions & Forthnet.
* Clients include Alpha Bank, Filkeram Johnson, Compucon, Investment ΑΕΠΕΥ, eLearning AE, Egnatia Odos, TEE of
Makedonia, Passias Meats AE, EKETA of Greece, Forthnet and many others.
* The company from 2 people, grew to a size of 12 and to a gross sales of more than 500000 USD in just 2 years.
National Center for Research and Technology Growth of Greece. – IS Department – IS Director & CTO
Technological Park of Thermi Thessalonica – +30.2310 498.200. -- January 1998 - February 2000, website:
*Project Leader and Manager of Installing new SAP ERP for the institution, went live on Jan 1, 2002
* Design and implementation of European project “Technology Transfer to and from Internet/Intranet” - May 1998 (Oracle)
*HR - Created Business plan, made the Analysis and documented Flow Chart of IT solution, (Visio)
* Design and implementation of European project “Hephaistos or Hephaestus is a project contributing to
the development of the National Information System” - April 1999 (Oracle 8.3, Designer 2000, Developer 2000)
*Data Entry - Created Business plan, made the Analysis and documented Flow Chart of IT solution, (Visio)
Photronics Inc. – MIS operations. – Project Manager, Senior Analyst (Laser cutting of Photo masks)
15 Sector Road - Brookfield CT – USA – +1.203 775.9000 (ext. 199)
March 1996 – April 1998
- Software Design & Maintenance of Manufacturing of Laser Photomasks website:
* Manager of team responsible for converting current Production system from Dbase 5.0
(File-Server), to state of the art ORACLE RDBMS with PL/SQL Client-Server system.
* Developed and installed software for production control for our international sites (VBasic5.0)
(England, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany), responsible for ASIA sector
* Database Design and front end development. Developed and wrote numerous program solutions
for different applications. Wrote and maintained programs for automated Customer interface.(Oracle)
* Automated: E-mail, (PERL & PL\SQL) with reports for products ordered on daily basis. (VBasic5.0)
* Automated: FTP, (PERL) reports of Status or Shipping for products ordered on hourly basis. (Vbasic5.0)
* Changed all program source code to work with international addressing and dating.(Vdbase5.0)
* Responsible for Archiving all Data Bases and converting Data structures for new versions
of production control software. (Vdbase5.0)
PLCC Ltd. Consulting & Implementation – Project Manager, Consultant
- New York +1.718 747.7522 -- Software Design and Analysis.
Sept. 1992 - August 1996
* Northeastern Group (9 months) - (VBasic4.0). Database Design and Development of front end software.
* Nestor Inc. - (10 months) - DELPHI 2.0, Database engine and front end interface.
* MEDIA Group CT - (1 year) - Database Design, QBE Deployment, and GUI front end, Accounting modules.
City University of New York – Computer Science Department – Instructor - Graduate Assistant
(Queens College) New York, USA – +1.718 997.3500
-- August 1989 - December 1995 -- website:
*Research on Voice Recognition Software Systems to record and understand Impaired speech using
NeXT OS. Published articles in IEEE and presented research results to conference. (2 years)
*Taught for Computer Science Dept, Artificial Intelligence, Programming Languages and Data Structures to students of
Computer Science major. (Languages used to teach programming: PASCAL, BASIC, COBOL, JAVA)
SUMMIT Software Systems, – Senior Programmer
Astoria N.Y. 11103
-- August 1985 - June 1989
*Designed programs on EDL to develop financial transactions software for major Banks.
Nov 4, 1990 Queens College City University of New York (towards my PhD)
Completed research on Voice Recognition Software Systems on Impaired Speech using NeXT OS.
Published article in IEEE with title: “A Syllable Based Approach Towards The Intelligibility Study Of Impaired Speech”
May 8, 2000 FORTH - Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute
Developing a Database for Energy and Environment: “The Hephaestos Project”
Fluent English, Greek and some Spanish
ACT American College of Thessaloniki
City University of New York (Queens College) Chairman Computer Science.
PLCC Ltd. President of corporation.
Vasilios Keramaris
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