RECRUITMENT GUIDE FRATERNITY & SORORITY Office for Fraternity & Sorority Development

Joining a fraternity or sorority at USC opens the doors to limitless opportunities
and lifelong friendships. The USC greek community enhances your personal growth and individuality
while linking you to a sisterhood or brotherhood that shares your goals and values. As the largest greek community
on the west coast, USC fraternities and sororities will offer you an unforgettable college experience!
USC greeks are driven to succeed in the classroom. In fact, the overall greek GPA is consistently higher than the all-university
GPA. To ensure academic growth, each chapter has its own faculty academic advisor, peer mentoring program, and workshops
on time management, study habits, and career planning.
The greek community is the ideal place for students to develop their leadership skills. Perhaps that’s why 85% of the student
leaders on some 730 campuses nationwide are involved in fraternities and sororities. At USC, each chapter offers a wide
range of in-house leadership positions as well as leadership retreats, guest lecturers, and scholarships.
Dear USC Student,
Dear USC student,
I invite you to explore one of our nation’s most enduring
and proud collegiate traditions: fraternity and sorority
USC’s greek-letter student organizations are among the
finest in the nation, with members who are recognized
for their excellent scholarship and service. These young
women and men are campus leaders, and they contribute
tremendously to our community through fundraising
events and volunteer work.
USC’s fraternities and sororities foster the Trojan
Family’s core values. Membership in a greek organization
can enhance your educational experience at USC and
complement the learning you do in our classrooms. It
places you among the university’s most dedicated and
ambitious students. Membership also leads to lifelong
friendships and professional contacts, ones that will remain
strong decades down the road.
I hope you enjoy this fall’s rush, and I wish you every
success at USC. Go Trojans!
Yours truly,
C. L. Max nikias
University of Southern California
Community Service
Over the past year, USC greeks have raised almost $200,000 for various charities and given almost 29,000 hours
of service to 90 different projects. At USC, fraternities and sororities host annual fundraising events for non-profit
organizations and coordinate volunteer work in the local community, like our Greek Service Day beach cleanup held
in Long Beach, CA. Songfest is another USC tradition, since 1957, in which different student groups pair together and
perform musical skits to raise money for USC’s Troy Camp. Participation in Songfest is a greek highlight during the
spring semester, when fraternities and sororities pair together to participate in this popular event.
One of the greatest advantages of greek life is the sisterhood or brotherhood that links you with the other members
of your chapter. These lifelong friendships create numerous opportunities for networking and social interaction.
Greeks value diversity and hold events to increase cultural pride and awareness. Membership in our chapters
represents many dimensions of diversity.
Greeks at USC enjoy their own intramural sports leagues: Ironman and Helen of Troy. Sports vary by
season, and include football, volleyball, soccer, and dodgeball…to name a few!
Invites, exchanges, mixers, dinners, and tailgates provide USC sorority and fraternity members with an
outlet for fun and relaxation. Homecoming and Greek Week are highly anticipated week-long, activityfilled celebrations that promote unity and interfraternalism in our greek community. Balancing work
with an active social life is a skill greeks take with them beyond college and into the working world.
Tradition: Since 1887
When you join a fraternity or sorority at USC, you are joining a community that is as established
as the university itself. Being greek provides many Trojans with a foot in the door for internships,
interviews, and their first jobs out of college.
USC Greeks
in 2011-2012
128 USC varsity athletes
598 Leaders in campus
1,608 Participated in at least
one campus organization in
addition to chapter
615 Worked more than 10
hours a week at outside
Today’s Greek Relevance
• Largest and most visible values-based
organizations on campus
• Most successful leadership development programs
for college students
• Largest network of volunteers in the U.S. with 10
million hours of volunteer service annually
• Largest not-for-profit student landlords
• Own and manage $3 billion in student housing
• House 250,000 students in 8,000 facilities
• Greeks in 112th US Congress: 42 Senators (42%), 101 Congressmen (23%)
• 50% of the Top 10 Fortune 500 CEOs are fraternity men; 15% of
Fortune 100 CEOs are Greek
• 44% of all US Presidents have been members of a social
• 31% of all US Supreme Court Justices have been fraternity
• ...Greeks make up only 3% of the U.S. population!
1,050 Plan to attend graduate
1,714 Held/hold internships
297 Trustee &
Presidential Scholars
353 Double majors
223 Participated in
Undergraduate Research
936 Studied Abroad
Community Service
141 Participated in Alternative
Spring Break
366 Volunteered weekly
941 Volunteered monthly
Kirstie Alley, Actor
Maya Angelou, Author/Poet
Lucille Ball, Actor
Erykah Badu, Singer
Joy Behar, “The View”
Angie Brookes, First Female
President of the UN
Barbara Bush, Former First Lady
Sophia Bush, Actor
Kristin Chenoweth, Actor
Ann Coulter, Conservative
Political Author
Katie Couric, Broadcast Journalist
Cindy Crawford, Model
Sheryl Crow, Singer
Faye Dunaway, Actor
Julia Louis-Drefyus, Actor
Goldie Hawn, Actor
Ella Fitzgerald, Singer
Aretha Franklin, Singer
Betsey Johnson, Designer
Michelle Kwan, Olympic Medalist
Jennifer Garner, Actor
Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Associate Justice
of the Supreme Court
Amy Grant, Singer
Ashley Judd, Actor
Alicia Keys, Singer
Heather Locklear, Actor
Lucy Lui, Actor
Cindy McCain, Chairwoman/
Toni Morrison, Author/Poet
Sandra Day O’Connor, Former
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
Gwyneth Paltrow, Actor
Jada Pinkett Smith, Actor
Rosa Parks, Mother of the
Civil Rights Movement
Michelle Pfeiffer, Actor
Condoleeza Rice, Former Secretary
of State
Eleanor Roosevelt, Former First Lady
Molly Sims, Model/Actress
Kate Spade, Co-Founder of
Kate Spade New York
Kerri Strug, Olympic Gold Medalist
Carrie Underwood, Singer
Reese Witherspoon, Actor
Bob Barker, Game Show Host
Bill Belichick, Coach,
New England Patriots
George H.W. Bush, Former President
George W. Bush, Former President
Drew Carey, Actor/Comedian
George Washington Carver, Scientist
Cedric the Entertainer, Actor/Comedian
Kenny Chesney, Singer
Bill Clinton, Former US President
Kevin Costner, Actor/Director
Mike Ditka, Coach of the Chicago Bears
John Elway, Former NFL Quarterback
Will Ferrell, Comedian/Actor
Gerald Ford, Former US President
Rutherford B. Hayes, Former President
Bob Hope, Comedian/Actor
Michael Jordan, Former NBA Player
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,
Civil Rights Activist
Ashton Kutcher, Actor
Paul Newman, Actor
David Letterman, Talk Show Host
Cheech Marin, Comedian/Actor
Eddie Murphy, Comedian/Actor
J.C. Penney, Founder of JC Penney
Brad Pitt, Actor
Ronald Reagan, Former U.S. President
Jerry Rice, Former NFL Wide Receiver
Jackie Robinson, First black MLB Player
Theodore Roosevelt, Former U.S. President
Babe Ruth, MLB Hall of Fame Player
Adam Sandler, Comedian/Actor
Frank Sinatra, Singer/Actor/Entertainer
John Singleton, Director/Producer
Steven Spielberg, Film Maker
Harry S. Truman, Former US President
Keenan Ivory Wayans, Comedian/Producer
John Wayne, Actor
Panhellenic Council
Asian Greek Council
Fraternity Council
Pan-Hellenic Council
Multicultural Greek
Letter to Parents
Saturday 08/25/12:
At USC, sororities invite new members to
join their chapters through a mutual selection
process. During fall Formal Recruitment,
potential new members have the opportunity
to meet members from PHC sororities.
Through this process, each sorority seeks
out new members who have outstanding
leadership skills, high academic standards,
and a commitment to community service.
Sorority recruitment is open to all new
and transfer USC students, as well as
continuing students that are in good standing
with the university. Each chapter considers
a prospective member’s GPA during the
membership process.
Throughout the next few pages, we will
outline all you need to know to have a
fantastic recruitment experience at USC.
Please feel free to contact the Panhellenic
office with any questions! We look forward
to hearing from you!
3:00pm-5:00pm, Bovard Auditorium
(Next to Tommy Trojan)
At this mandatory event, you will
meet your recruitment counselor and
recruitment group, as well as learn
more about the recruitment process.
You will also have the opportunity
to ask any lingering questions that
you may have.
Sunday 08/26/12:
Conversation Day I
9:00am-8:55pm, 28th Street
Sunday and Monday you will visit
every sorority and have a chance
to talk with a few women from
each chapter. During this round you
and your recruitment group will be
guided from chapter to chapter by
your recruitment counselors.
Monday 08/27/12:
Conversation Day II
6:00pm-10: 25pm, 28th Street
This day you will visit any sororities
that you did not visit on Sunday. You
will also begin the computer-based
mutual selection process.
Tuesday 08/28/12:
House Tour Day I
6:00pm-10:00pm, 28th Street
On Tuesday and Wednesday, you
will attend house tours at up to six
chapters. Specific times will depend
on your individual schedules.
Thursday 08/30/12:
Slide Show Day
6:00pm-11:20pm, 28th Street
On Slide Show Day, you will have
the opportunity to see a video and/
or slide show at up to four chapters
that highlights each chapter’s
unique sisterhood. Specific times
will depend on your individual
Friday 08/31/12:
5:00pm-8:30pm, 28th Street
Preference is a more formal day
in which you will share appetizers
and a ceremony with up to two
sororities. After this day’s events,
you will fill out a bid card.
Friday 08/31/12:
Bid Card Signing
7:30pm-10:30pm, Location TBA
During this time you will sign the
required final bid report and make
your final selection in order to be
matched/pledged to a sorority. You
must arrive before 10:30pm!
Sunday 09/02/12:
Bid Night
8:00pm-11:00pm, 28th Street
Here you will find out which sorority
you have been invited to join,
learn your recruitment counselor’s
affiliation, and then be taken to
your Bid Night celebration!
Wednesday 08/29/12:
House Tour Day II
6:00pm-10:00pm, 28th Street
This day you will attend any house
tours at sororities that you did not
visit on Tuesday
Alpha Chi Omega
Alpha Delta Pi
813 West 28th Street, LA, CA 90007
Nickname: “A-Chi-O” & “Alpha Chi”
Philanthropy: Battered Women’s Foundation
814 West 28th Street, LA, CA 90007
Nickname: “A-D-Pi”
Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House
Alpha Phi
Delta Delta Delta
643 West 28th Street, LA, CA 90007
Nickname: “A Phi”
Philanthropy: Foundation for Cardiac Aid
Delta Gamma
639 West 28th Street, LA, CA 90007
Nickname: “D-G”
Philanthropy: Service for Sight
834 West 28th Street, LA, CA 90007
Nickname: “Tri-Delta”
Philanthropy: Children’s Cancer Research
Gamma Phi Beta
737 West 28th Street, LA, CA 90007
Nickname: “Gamma Phi”
Philanthropy: Troy Camp
Kappa Alpha Theta
Pi Beta Phi
667 West 28th Street, LA, CA 90007
Nickname: “Pi Phi”
Philanthropy: First Book and Scott Carter Foundation
Kappa Kappa Gamma
653 West 28th Street, LA, CA 90007
Nickname: “Theta”
Philanthropy: Court Appointed Special Advocates
929 West 28th Street, LA, CA 90007
Nickname: “Kappa”
Philanthropy: Reading is Fundamental
Alpha Delta Chi
Alpha Delta Chi—a sisterhood in Christ—will begin recruiting
members September 17th through the 21st at our house on 29th
St. Each night we host an event centered around a different
aspect of our chapter for girls to get to know our members
better. We are a unique sorority based on Christian values, in
which young women come together to grow in our faith, excel
academically and build community. If you have any questions,
contact the Panhellenic VP Recruitment, Roxie Friberg at
[email protected]
Sigma Delta Tau is a national sorority that re-colonized at USC in 2008. They
will be participating in the first two days of Formal Recruitment in order to meet
all girls interested in joining the Greek community. SigDelt will hold Continuous
Open Recruitment where potential new members will have the opportunity to
meet sisters in casual settings during fun on and off-campus events. Sigma Delta
Tau gives members the opportunity to be part of developing the traditions of a
tight-knit, diverse, and growing sisterhood. For more information on SigDelt
Recruitment, contact the Panhellenic VP Recruitment, Roxie Friberg at
[email protected]
Applications are available on the web at
Before August 1st, the registration fee is $80.
After August 1st, the fee is $95.
The last day to register for recruitment is:
FRIDAY, August 24, by 11:59 PM
The Panhellenic Council (PHC) is the governing body
of the eleven National Panhellenic Conference member
chapters at the University of Southern California.
PHC coordinates activities and events that promote
the common interests of all sororities at USC, such as
formal recruitment, intramural sports, new member
programming, and community service events.
The Panhellenic Executive Board welcomes you to
greek life at USC!
The 2012 Panhellenic
Executive Board
Megan Lambert
Kelsey Manker
From the girls who know...
Keep an open mind—do not stereotype a
chapter or greeks in general! To find the best fit
for you, you’ll need to dismiss stereotypes, meet
people, and form your own opinion. You might
hear people talking, but never trust their judgment
over your own!
Ask questions—we encourage you to ask
questions about chapter values and programs
when you’re visiting houses. Definitely
check out our Facebook application at and uscpanhellenic.
com to find links to our chapters’ websites, in
addition to the previous “Chapter House” page.
Taking that first look will help you be more aware
and give you a better understanding of our
community and its members.
Do not go to the Row (outside of formal
recruitment) until after the Bid Night period
has concluded! You have the rest of your
college career to enjoy the Row, and you do
not want to jeopardize your opportunity to
participate in formal recruitment. Remember, if
anyone reports seeing you on the Row before
the conclusion of formal recruitment activities,
you risk being removed from the recruitment
process...and we’ll be there keeping an eye
out–don’t risk it!
If you choose to wear heels, consider
wearing flat shoes or flip flops while
walking to and from the Row. It is very
common and encouraged that you wear
comfortable footwear to and from the Row and
change into your party shoes when you get to
28th Street.You will be walking a lot during
recruitment and we don’t want you to have
Be yourself. Pick a chapter that matches
your personality—don’t try to match theirs;
you’ll be thankful you did in the long run.
Remember, we’ve been there too and we can’t
wait to welcome you all to the USC greek
community in August!
The Panhellenic Council
Executive VP
Assistant recruitment
Roxie Friberg
Maddie Lay
Meghan Ammon
Ashley Phillips
Katie Kahn
Caitlin Dowling
Lauren Fields
Megan LaGrow
Angeli Agrawal
Alex Kiley
Jackie Rosen
VP Recruitment
VP Judicial
VP Finance
VP Communications
VP Philanthropy
VP Scholarship
VP External relations,
assistant Recruitment
VP New Member Education
VP Membership
VP Athletics
Assistant Recruitment
Beth Saul
Phone Number:
(213) 740.7740
Email Address:
[email protected]
Mailing Address:
3601 Trousdale Parkway
STU 200-K
Los Angeles, CA 90089-4892
How much time does being in a sorority take?
During your new member period, you can expect to commit
about 5 hours a week to your chapter for Monday Night
Dinners, weekly chapter meetings, and new member
education sessions. Some chapters also have mandatory
study hours for new members. Social events and sisterhood
activities are rarely mandatory and can be enjoyed when
they fit into your schedule.
How much does sorority membership cost?
Although each house varies in their costs, most chapter dues
pay for all social and philanthropic events, meals during the
week and maintenance of the house. Every PHC sorority
offers payment plans to help make membership affordable.
For the majority of the 11 PHC sororities at USC, new
member dues range from $1500--$2500 per semester.
Dues for active members that do not live in the chapter
house range from $1000--$2000 per semester, and dues
for members that live in the chapter house range $3500
–$5000 per semester. By signing up for recruitment
and accepting a Bid Card, you are agreeing to
accept the financial responsibilities of sorority
Do I need letters of recommendation to join a
USC sorority? Recommendation letters are neither a
Can I go to 28th Street before Recruitment?
Nope! Although fraternities will be hosting rush events
during the first week of school, potential new members
are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN from attending these events.
Potential New Members may not attend any event that
involves sorority or fraternity members until the day after
rush is completely over, which is Monday September 3rd.
Panhellenic Executive Board members and recruitment
counselors will be monitoring 28th Street and residence
halls to ensure that this rule is followed. Anyone found in
violation of this rule will not be permitted to participate in
Will I have any breaks during recruitment
events for snacks, bathroom breaks, etc? Short
breaks will be scheduled during all rounds of recruitment
to allow potential new members the chance to use the
restroom, have a snack, or talk to their recruitment counselor.
However, these breaks are not long enough to leave 28th
Street. All women should eat prior to the events on Sunday
and Monday. During the other days, you will know your
schedule in advance and should bring snacks.
Do I have to attend all events that I am
scheduled for? Unless you have a class conflict
necessity nor an assurance of membership in any sorority.
Alumna members wishing to write a letter of recommendation
can find the necessary forms on her sorority’s national
website or in the summer edition of her sorority magazine.
The letters should be mailed to the addresses listed on the
sorority houses page. All letters of recommendation should
be received by chapters no later than August 10th.
that you have already notified the Panhellenic
Office about, you are required to attend every
event that you are scheduled for. Failure to attend
all scheduled events will result in your immediate
withdrawal from recruitment.
What should I bring with me to recruitment?
information on the Asian Greek Council, the Professional
Fraternity Council, the Multicultural Greek Council or the
National Pan-Hellenic Council, please consult their pages
in this book or contact the Office for Fraternity and Sorority
Leadership Development: Student Union Building 200 •
(213) 740-2080
Only bring the absolute essentials to recruitment. All personal
items will be left outside the chapter houses in bins with
your recruitment counselor. You may wish to bring an extra
pair of comfortable shoes to walk to and from 28th Street.
Please leave your cell phones at your residence,
as their use is strongly discouraged while on
the Row. Although recruitment counselors will
be outside with your things, neither they, nor
Panhellenic, nor the University are responsible
for any lost items.
Who are recruitment counselors?
counselors are members of sororities at USC who have
forgone their chapter affiliation during recruitment to assist
you. Panhellenic board members and recruitment counselors
will not reveal their chapter affiliations and will have no
contact with their chapters during recruitment so that you
can always have an unbiased person to talk to.
Where can I find info about other USC greek
councils? USC has six distinct greek councils. For more
Class Conflicts
After reviewing the recruitment
schedule, please check to see if you have class
conflicts with any of the events. If you do, please
send an email with a copy of your class schedule
to [email protected] This will help your
recruitment counselor plan your events. You can
view your schedule by visiting
1.The individual involved in Sorority fall Formal
Recruitment 2012 at USC is personally responsible for
herself and her actions at all times.
2. No potential member may send or receive calls, visits,
notes, electronic mail/messages, or gifts to or from any
sorority member during fall Formal Recruitment.
3. There shall be NO communication between potential
members and sorority members through men. Men
are excluded from all Recruitment events and potential
members may not attend ANY fraternity parties,
on or off campus, during the Pre-Recruitment and
Recruitment period of August 15th through September
2nd. Potential members will not be allowed at the
Row Center (corner of Figueroa and 28th Street) after
Recruitment has concluded for the day.
To obtain invitations for sessions, potential
members MUST appear IN PERSON at Panhellenic
5. A potential member must accept the maximum number
of invitations possible for each day of Recruitment.
She must go to all sessions that she has accepted,
and is expected to behave appropriately. Session
skipping is grounds for immediate dismissal
from Recruitment. These rules will be part of a
contractual agreement to be signed by potential new
members included on the recruitment application. In
case of an accident or sudden illness, the Panhellenic
Headquarters must be notified. The Panhellenic Vice
President Recruitment will notify the chapters.
6. Rudeness from potential members will NOT
be tolerated and will result in immediate
expulsion from Recruitment.
7. Each potential member will have her own Recruitment
Counselors (“RC’s”) as she goes through Recruitment.
The RC’s have planned special meetings and other
activities designed to make Recruitment a fun
experience for all. Attendance at these scheduled
events is for the potential member’s benefit and is
highly recommended.
8. A woman who is or has ever been an affiliated member
of an existing National Panhellenic Conference (NPC)
member fraternity shall not be eligible for membership
in another NPC fraternity.
9. Potential members must attend Bid Night or her place
in the chapter may be filled with an eligible potential
member. Potential members with previously excused
absences from Panhellenic will have their place held.
10.The Panhellenic rules shall be binding on alumnae,
members of sorority mothers’ clubs, as well as active
members, new members, and potential new members.
The USC Collegiate Panhellenic Council reserves
the right to immediately dismiss any woman from
Recruitment if the rules are disregarded.
11.Potential members will be solely responsible
for all of their belongings at all times.
12.Potential members, with excused absences,
are responsible for contacting Panhellenic to
obtain their schedules and all other relevant
13.Potential members found under the influence
of alcohol or illegal substances during the
recruitment period, recruitment counselor
appointments, bid extension or revelation will
be immediately dismissed from recruitment.
members must appear
within 2 hours of the conclusion of
the last Preference party to sign
her MRABA/final bid report. Not
appearing within this time will
result in immediate dismissal from
15.Potential new members must attend the information
session which explains the MRABA-membership
recruitment acceptance binding agreement form on
Thursday, August 30, 2012 following slideshow party
Days I & II
Unity Days are the most casual days.
Casual shorts, skirts, dresses or pants are
House Tour
Days I & II
slide show day
A casual dress, nice skirt or pants are
appropriate for spirit day.
preference day
A nice dress, such as one you might wear
to an afternoon wedding, is appropriate
for this day.
A casual dress or nice skirt is
appropriate for pride day.
Jeans, capris, denim skirt, or shorts are
appropriate for this day. You will be given a
t-shirt at your new sorority!
*Wearing denim before bid night is discouraged.
To My Fellow Trojans,
IFC fraternity recruitment
Welcome to the Trojan Family! The next four years of your life
will be filled with many wonderful experiences. To make the
most of your college experience, I strongly encourage you to
explore USC’s greek community. Regardless of your major,
background, or interests, there is a place for you within the USC
greek community.
Specifically, our fraternities provide opportunities for you
to excel socially and academically. The average all-greek men’s
GPA is consistently higher than the all-university men’s GPA; we
take great pride in this achievement as it is unique to only a few
campuses across the nation. Additionally, our excellent academic
support network provides tutoring, academic advisors, and study
SATURday 08/25/12:
Fraternity BBQ
2:00–5:00PM, Founders Park
Come out to Founders Park on Saturday, August 25th from
2:00 to 5:00 for a casual BBQ. Enjoy the food, walk around
and meet brothers from every chapter, scout out what chapters
you feel comfortable with, and just have a good time. Be sure
to take as much information on each chapter’s rush schedules,
as all are different throughout the week.
One of the reasons I came to USC was the camaraderie
promised in the Trojan Family. As a community that provides
opportunities for networking with alumni, giving back to
the community through philanthropic events, competitive
intramural sports, and great social functions, I truly feel that
greek life at USC is the ultimate Trojan Family and has
made my time at USC much more fulfilling. It is my belief
that no other college activity better prepares you for your
post-college years while enriching your entire college
Entering my fourth year at USC, I cannot imagine
my college experience without the friends and brothers
I have met by “Going Greek.” Our community is one of the
most diverse and successful communities in the country.
No matter what you may be looking to gain during your
college experience, there is a fraternity that will fit your
needs. During the first few weeks of school, as you adapt
to a new environment, I hope you take the opportunity
to meet your peers. Fraternity rush holds no obligations
and you will be offered events ranging from comedy
shows to baseball games. I look forward to seeing you
at rush events and I hope that you will have the same
remarkable undergraduate experience throughout your
time at the University of Southern California.
Andrew Pince
Interfraternity Council,
Vice President Rush
[email protected]
(949) 433-4135
SUNday 08/26/12:
House Tours
28th Street
All 24 fraternities will be represented on or near 28th Street
this night so head on out for dinner and house tours.
MONday 08/27/12WEDNESday 08/29/12:
Off-Campus Events
Examples range from comedy shows at the Laugh Factory,
shooting pool at Jake’s Pool Hall in Pasadena, all the way to
target practice at an LAX Firing Range.
THURSDAY 08/30/12:
Blue Chip Dinner
Formal, Invite-Only Dinners are held at premier restaurants
throughout the city.
FRIday 08/31/12:
Bid Night
After deciding which chapter they would most like to be a part
of, potential members are invited to return to that house for
an evening gathering to potentially receive a bid. If you are
offered a bid, you have the option of accepting, declining,
or holding. If you do not receive a bid, don’t worry–there is
a grace period where late bids are handed out. Visit other
chapters that you are interested in, and you may be offered a
bid anytime in the next 24 hours.
President: Jason Taban • [email protected]
Nickname: A-E-Pi
Nickname: A-G-O
Phi Delta Theta*
President: Eric Inamine • [email protected]
President: Mike Muney • [email protected]
Beta theta Pi*
phi sigma kappa
Nickname: Beta
Nickname: Lambda
Kevin Nelson • [email protected]
Psi * President: Charles Pfirrmann •
[email protected]
Nickname: A-T-O
president: Will Poulsen • [email protected]
Nickname: Phi
Nickname: Phi
President: Daniel Moline • [email protected]
Nickname: Phi
President: Matthew Redhead • [email protected]
Phi Gamma Delta
President: Joel Hensel • [email protected]
President: Carlos Portela • [email protected]
President: Pat Lauer • [email protected]
Jay Todd Max • [email protected]
PI Kappa phi
Nickname: Delta
Nickname: “K-A” President:
Brian Dicus • [email protected]
Nickname: Delts,
Nickname: Kappa
President: Chris McCall • [email protected]
Nickname: Pike
Nickname: PI
President: Alex Convery • [email protected]
Nickname: S-A-E
President: Cade Sears • [email protected]
*SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE: Denotes that this chapter offers a private scholarship. Please contact the rush chairman for more information.
You can register for fraternity rush
on the Interfraternity Council website
Nickname: Sigma
President: Joe Cella • [email protected]
Nickname: Teke President: Max
[email protected]
Nickname: Theta
President: Rob Puncel • [email protected]
President: Chase Ross • [email protected]
Nickname: Sig
President: Ed Sun • [email protected]
Nickname: Theta
President: Jameson Lee • [email protected]
Nickname: ZBT
President: ,J.B. Kalin • [email protected]
If you have any other questions over the summer,
you may contact: Interfraternity VP Rush,
Andrew Pince • [email protected]
tips for potential
New Members
Don’t Go to the Row until Rush Starts—although houses
will be hosting events at chapter houses during Move-In days,
freshmen are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you are found in violation
of this rule you may lose THE ABILITY TO JOIN A FRATERNITY.
Rush more than one chapter—with 24 different
chapters forming our exceptionally diverse community, we
believe that there is a place for every student at USC to be
able to go greek. Use opportunities, such as the All Greek
Open House on Sunday, August 26 to visit as many chapters
as possible.
Don’t drink—no
fraternity is permitted to offer any
rushee alcohol, and all rushees should refrain from alcohol
Ask Questions—feel
values and programs.
free to ask questions about house
Be yourself—pick a chapter that matches your personality—
don’t try to match theirs.
Rush, even if you are unsure if greek life is for
you—many greeks did not believe they would go greek until
they rushed. Even if you don’t find a fit you will get to meet
new people and have a good time doing it.
You always have the option to hold—if
you don’t
know whether or not you want to go greek or can’t decide
between two chapters you can take a week longer to weigh
out your options. USC also offers the unique opportunity
of having rush twice a year so there is always the spring
Don’t stereotype a chapter or greeks in general—a
successful rushee always dismisses stereotypes by meeting
people and forming his own opinions.
W. 28TH St.
President: Alex Beatty • [email protected]
Nickname: Sigma
Nickname: Sammy
Sigma alpha Mu
*SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE: Denotes that this chapter offers a private scholarship. Please contact the rush chairman for more information.
Beta Theta Pi:
Sigma Chi:
A wise Beta Gentlemen once said, “Only the best is
good enough for us.” We still hold ourself to this high
standard and we are looking for more young men
that demonstrate devotion to academic achievement,
commitment to community and strong leadership
potential. If you’ve lived your life constantly challenging
yourself to excel in whatever you do, please apply
and contact our President to learn more about Beta.
Contact: Will Poulsen • [email protected]
Sigma Chi offers its brothers five scholarships of
two thousand dollars each. The chapter’s philosophy is to strengthen the ties of its brothers of different temperaments, talents, and convictions and to
not deny inclusion based on financial situations.
Sigma Chi stays true to its values as evident by the
strong brotherhood of its members and individual
willingness to give back to the Fraternity at large.
Contact: Chase Ross • [email protected]
Men of Principle Scholarship
Delta Chi:
Delta Chi Fraternity is offering three scholarships
totaling $1000 (one for $500 and two for $250)
designated for incoming freshman males at the
University of Southern California. The criteria used
to determine the recipients of these scholarships will
be academic performance, community involvement
and leadership potential. As these can be rather
subjective criteria, Delta Chi Brothers will interview
semi-finalists on Southern California’s campus at a
later date, to determine who will be considered for
the scholarships. You need not pursue nor receive
an invitation for membership in the Fraternity to be
Deadline: July 31, 2012
Contact: Jacob Chappell • [email protected]
Kappa Sigma:
Leadership Scholarship:
Founded in 1869, Kappa Sigma Fraternity is now
one of the three largest fraternities in the U.S. and
with the help of the Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund,
outstanding freshman can be awarded scholarships
based on their superior academic record. Scholarships can also be awarded for demonstrating strong
fraternal leadership and service to the community.
Scholarships vary in amount, but often cover living
expenses within the fraternity, while sometimes
providing a textbook stipend of up to $1000. It’s
no surprise that nationally Kappa Sigma is one of
the most chosen fraternities amongst college men,
especially given the excellent academic, leadership,
athletic and social opportunities found within this
Contact: Chris Benassi • [email protected]
John Wayne Scholarship:
Sigma Phi Epsilon:
Balanced Man Scholarship
TThe USC SigEp chapter awards scholarships every
Fall. The Balanced Man Scholarship is available to
male students entering the University of Southern
California. You must demonstrate academic
excellence, leadership ability, and a commitment to
health and well-being to be eligible for this award.
Male applicants are not obligated to become a
member of Sigma Phi Epsilon with submission of this
Please find the application on our chapter’s website
located in the section labeled scholarship. The
deadline for the application will be August 1, 2012.
Interviews will take place with selected finalists
during orientation sessions, over the phone, or the
applicant’s home town. The awards will be presented
at a formal banquet in the Davidson Conference
Center Embassy Room on August 24, 2012.
The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the coordinating and governing
board of the fraternities. Our goal is to lead USC’s greek community,
one of the nation’s strongest, in the right direction. The purpose of
the IFC is to assist the fraternity system in the development of its
members through intellectual, social leadership, and humanitarian
pursuits. Simply put, we work to continue the proud tradition of
being greek at USC.
The 2012 interfraternity council
Executive Board
EVP Admin
EVP Judicial
VP Recruitment
VP New Members
VP Finance
VP Public Relations
VP Communications
VP Philanthropy
VP Scholarship
VP Athletics
VP Directors
VP Special Events VP Alumni/
Michael Madden
Zach Timm
Michael McKenna
Andrew Pince
Ofek Lavian
Ali Sheikhpour
Omri Horowitz
James Shechet
Kyle Conlee
Andy Morrow
Wiley Strahan
Alessio De Falcis
Matt Glickman
John Martello
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Parent Relations
Hintlian • [email protected]
Deadline: August 1, 2012
Banquet: August 24, 2012
Contact: Michael
Theta Xi:
All True Men Scholarship
At USC since 1900, Theta Xi has deep and lasting
bonds in Los Angeles. Nationally, we strive to promote
personal growth intellectually, physically, and
spiritually. Locally, we encourage the advancement
of these values by offering the finest programming
on 28th Street, such as skydiving, camping, surfing,
snowboarding, and other action sports activities. Up
to 30 scholarships for the amount of $1,500 per
year will be awarded to freshmen and sophomores
who have experience in and show promise in the
areas of academics, athletics, leadership, and
Contact: Jonathan Gilde
(626) 475-7128 • [email protected]
The USC Asian
Greek Council (AGC)
is comprised of 5 accomplished and diverse
organizations, all of whom are also members
of Southern California’s Asian Greek Council.
There are two fraternities: Beta Omega Phi
(Betas) and Gamma Epsilon Omega (Gammas).
There are also three sororities: Alpha Delta
Kappa (ADKs), Delta Phi Kappa (Deltas), and
Sigma Phi Omega (Sigmas). As a council,
we work together to build opportunities to
develop social and professional networks,
whether through academic, philanthropic, or
social events. Through the years, we have
built memories that have enriched all of our
college experiences. The relationships and
friendships built will continue to grow, not only
through our professional careers but for the
rest of our lives. Our annual events include the
AGC Luncheon, AGC Talent Show, and AGC
Picnic. Look out for new and exciting social
events this upcoming year as well. We are
also involved with various philanthropic events
such as the AIDS Walk, beach cleanups, and
many others. As members of AGC, we strive
to create leaders both inside and outside of
the classroom. We pride ourselves on high
academic standards and involvement, not only
in the greek community, but all throughout the
greater Los Angeles area.
We encourage you to check out all of our AGC
organizations and decide where you think you
would fit best. Look for us on campus for
Rush throughout the first 2 weeks of
the semester.
If you have any questions or concerns,
please do not hesitate to contact me.
Alpha Delta Kappa was founded at
Beta Omega Phi Founded in 1965, Beta
Omega Phi has come a long way from its original
roots. Currently with 2 other brother chapters, the
University of Southern California chapter of Beta
Omega Phi has become prominent on campus. With
the only non-IFC fraternity house on USC’s famed
Greek Row, the fraternity celebrates its 24th year
of recognition on campus and continues to promote
the traditional values of trust, unity, and friendship.
In the past school year, the fraternity welcomed in
12 new members, who have been recognized as
distinguished gentlemen of honor, distinction, and
integrity, as well as celebrated the graduation of 13
members, who are on to bigger and better things.
The year also saw the formation of the first Alumni
Advisory Board, comprised of successful alumni who
wish to further give back to the fraternity by advising
on policies and growth.
Rush dates: Tues 08/28, Fri 08/31,
Please join us for our 2012 fall rush during the first
and second weeks of school, and meet our brothers
who come from places including Austria, Botswana,
Hong Kong, and more.
the University of Southern California in 1977, and
is the only open Asian-interest organization at USC.
A service and social based sorority, Alpha Delta
Kappa also takes pride in its continued diversity, with
members from over 15 California institutions. ADKs
not only value sisterhood, friendship, scholastic
achievement, and philanthropy, but also provide
a wide range of networking opportunities from its
devoted associates and alumni. Active involvement
in Southern California’s Asian Greek Council further
strengthens ADKs relations with organizations
throughout the state. The sorority brings about
personal growth, while participation in various
philanthropic and social events allow its members to
express their creativity, individuality, and leadership.
This once in a lifetime opportunity will undoubtedly
enhance your college experience!
Wed 09/05
President: Erin Grathwohl
[email protected] • (808) 224-6433
Pledge Mom: Joyce Yeung
[email protected] • (626) 823-1185
Rush dates: Tues 08/28, THURS 08/30,
WED 09/05, SAT 09/08
President: Arthur
Pledge Dad: Will
Li • [email protected]
Lee • [email protected]
Gamma Epsilon Omega Established in
1963 by 9 founding brothers, Gamma Epsilon Omega
was the first Asian-interest fraternity established at USC and
in the entire Southern California region, and is the second
oldest currently active Asian fraternity in the country.
Having produced over 500 alumni since its inception,
Gammas continue to facilitate the development of wellrounded individuals while enhancing college careers
through a wide variety of social, philanthropic, academic,
cultural, athletic and leadership events. Gammas also
founded the Southern California Asian Greek Council in
1982, and in 1996 were the first minority organization
to obtain a house on USC’s famous Greek Row. While
our active class size and house location have varied with
the times, one thing has remained unchanged throughout
multiple eras: Gammas have always strived to innovate
and stand out.
Gammas take pride in being able to uphold the traditional
values of fraternities - brotherhood, respect, loyalty - while
notoriously straying away from the stereotypical “cookiecutter” image of a fraternity and embracing individuality.
Gammas are a diverse group of individuals with
multifaceted backgrounds, interests, talents, and goals balancing productive social lives with academic excellence,
individual pastimes, philanthropy, and involvement in a
variety of other organizations on the USC campus. For the
2012-2013 school year, Gammas have acquired a new
house north of campus, which will host numerous events
and social gatherings throughout the year.
Rush dates: WED 08/29, FRI 08/31,
TUES 09/04, FRI 09/07
President: Brian Hu
[email protected] - (626)589-9394
Pledge Dad: Paul Terasaki
[email protected] - (310)499-8223
AGC President: Arthur Li
[email protected]
Delta Phi Kappa
was founded as an Asian-interest
sorority at USC in 1960. Throughout
their 50 years of sisterhood,
Deltas have committed to the
scholastic achievement, professional
development, and character growth
of its members with the support of
its expansive and successful alumni
network. The sorority thrives on the
rich diversity and individuality of
each sister, whose hometowns range
from Australia to Thailand. With
great dedication to the university and
community, Deltas also engage in a
multitude of philanthropic endeavors
including the LA AIDS Walk, USC
AATP, and Relay For Life. In upholding
tradition, the women of Delta Phi
Kappa take pride in their roles as
Trojans, leaders, and sisters.
Please join us for our 2012 rush during
the first and second weeks of school as
you enjoy free food and get to meet the
sisters of Delta Phi Kappa! We hope to
see you there!
Rush dates: WED 08/29,
SAT 09/01, THURS 09/06
President: Irene Lee
[email protected]
(310) 634-8852
Pledge mom: Julie Yu
[email protected]
(818) 624-3162
Sigma Phi Omega
was founded in 1949, and is the
oldest Asian-interest sorority at USC
and the third oldest in the US. With
nine chapters that span the nation, the
sisters of Sigma Phi Omega celebrate
diversity, uphold tradition, promote both
professional and personal growth, and
provide endless support to their sisters
during and after college. Sigmas have
a distinguished history of over 60 years
of sisterhood, philanthropy, leadership,
and academic achievement. Sigma
Phi Omega supports its members in all
endeavors, whether it be leadership
positions in other organizations or
professional success through an
extensive alumni network. Sigmas
hold many social and philanthropic
events throughout the year that will
give members the chance to interact
with people from all over California.
The sorority consists of young women
with varying interests, who come from
different ethnicities and backgrounds.
Together, they form a sorority that is
considered to be one of the premier
organizations in Southern California.
Rush dates: Mon 08/27,
Thur 08/30, Tues 09/04
Kathy Tran
[email protected] • (510) 417-5022
New Member Director: Victoria Lee
[email protected] • (909) 525-6165
The Professional Fraternity Council (PFC) is the coordinating and
governing board of the professional fraternities. These chapters
stand to foster scholarship, friendship, and professional
development among their members. Founded in 2008, the
Professional Fraternity Council provides a unique opportunity
for USC students who are interested in both professional and
social aspects of the greek community.
Please contact Associate Director/PFC Adviser, Ray
Carlos at [email protected] for more information.
We will be at the Involvement Fair during
Welcome Week and we look
forward to meeting you!
Fight on!
Delta Sigma Pi
Business Fraternity: An inclusive co-ed professional business
Founding: May 17, 1922
Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the
study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social
activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement
by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between
the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a
higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and
commercial welfare of the community.
Recruitment Information:
Chris Organ • [email protected]
Alpha Kappa Psi
Business Fraternity: A non-inclusive co-ed fraternity, students are able to
join both a professional fraternity and a social fraternity.
FoundING: October 5, 1904
Alpha Kappa Psi’s mission is to develop well-trained, ethical, skilled,
resourceful, and experienced business leaders out of all ten thousand
current student members. Our overall goal is a special one: the
preparation of men and women for future success in all their professional
and personal endeavors. While colleges and universities teach valuable
lessons in the classroom, additionally, our co-ed professional business
fraternity empowers our members to develop advanced communication
skills, a true understanding of the value of teamwork, thorough
knowledge in the fields of commerce, accounting, and finance, and
firsthand experience with unique challenges only Alpha Kappa Psi can
Recruitment Information:
Stella Lin • [email protected]
Phi Alpha Delta
Pre-Law Fraternity: A non-inclusive co-ed fraternity, students are able
to join both a professional fraternity and a social fraternity.
Founding: 1907
The purpose of Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity shall be to form a strong
bond uniting students and teachers of the law with members of the
Bench and Bar in a fraternal fellowship designed to advance the
ideals of liberty and equal justice under law; to stimulate excellence
in scholarship; to inspire the virtues of compassion and courage;
to foster integrity and professional competence; to promote the
welfare of its members; and to encourage their moral, intellectual,
and cultural advancement; so that each member may enjoy a
lifetime of honorable professional and public service.
Recruitment Information:
Julia Riley •[email protected]
Delta Kappa Alpha
Sigma Phi Delta
Recruitment Information:
Recruitment Information:
Cinema Fraternity: A non-inclusive co-ed fraternity, students are able to
join a social fraternity.
Founding: March 16, 1936
The purpose of Delta Kappa Alpha Cinema Fraternity is to foster
collaborative and creative storytelling, ethical and productive business
practices, philanthropic action, and lifelong fraternal bonds between
students of Cinematic Arts. The first and largest Cinema Fraternity in
the world creates a lasting community of ambitious men and women of
personal character and passion for Cinema. Many members of Delta
Kappa Alpha reside in the DKA Cinemanor, where the fraternity houses
its screenings and professional, social, recreational, and scholastic
events. The Fraternity has a large and admirable alumni community
that grows every year. Honorary members include Alfred Hitchcock,
Howard Hawks, John Huston, Gene Kelly, Paul Newman, Barbara
Stanwyck, James Stewart, Jack Warner, Billy Wilder, Fritz Lang, Harold
Lloyd, Mae West, Arthur Miller, and many more.
Hunter Bermudez • [email protected]
Engineering Fraternity: An inclusive men’s fraternity.
Founding: April 11, 1924
The Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity has, since its founding on April 11,
1924, at the University of Southern California, been a professionalSocial Fraternity of Engineers. We are Professional in that, unlike a
general fraternity, we admit to membership only students enrolled
or working in a curriculum, or program, leading toward a degree
in engineering; that we encourage and expect our chapters to
conduct and to participate in a continuing professional program
through symposia, seminars, field trips, and similar programs;
and that we encourage our members to give the fullest support to
the faculty of the Colleges and Schools of Engineering throughout
North America. We are social in that, similar to a general fraternity,
our members maintain and live in chapter houses; have a social
program; participate in athletic programs; and foster a close
relationship with our graduated, or alumni members.
Michael Olwin • [email protected]
The National Pan-Hellenic Council was established in 1930
at Howard University as the national coordinating body for the nine historically
African American Fraternities and Sororities which had evolved on American college
and university campuses. The USC chapter of the NPHC was chartered in 1995.
Because the NPHC is comprised of service based organizations, the members of
our organizations excel not only in the classroom but also in the community by
addressing issues like poverty, education, political awareness, public health and
many others. As leaders of the USC community, our members hold executive board
positions in other many organizations on and off campus and strive to enrich the
lives of others at USC.
While NPHC organizations recognize the social aspect of Greek college life,
the primary purpose and focus of member organizations remains community
awareness and action through educational, economic, and cultural service
activities. The NPHC and its respective members have pledged to devote
their resources to service in their respective communities, realizing that
the membership experience of NPHC organizations goes beyond
organizational membership during an individual’s college career.
A lifetime commitment to the goals and ideals of each
respective organization is stressed.
Facebook: NPHC USC
Twitter: @NPHC_USC
[email protected]
SATURday, August 25
2:00–5:00pm, Founders Park
Come out to Founders Park on Saturday, August 25th
from 2:00 to 5:00 for a casual BBQ. Enjoy the food,
walk around and meet people from every chapter,
scout out what chapters you feel comfortable with,
and just have a good time. Be sure to take as much
information on each chapter’s rush schedules, as all
are different throughout the week.
Informational Meet &
Presentations will be given by all Divine Nine
organization. There will be a Q&A session,
networking, and refreshments.
Tuesday, September 18
Neo-Soul Lounge
7:00-9:00pm • Ground Zero
Join us for a night of alternative entertainment and a
perfect atmosphere with fellow USC students.
Saturday, September 22
NPHC Tailgate
[email protected]
[email protected]
Join the NPHC as we root for the Trojans at the
second home game of the season.
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Thursday, September 27
Annual Fall Yard Show
7:30-9:30pm • McCarthy Quad
Join us as we continue the unique tradition of
stepping on "the yard." Generally, all Divine Nine
organizations are represented in their finest colors
and letters showing the campus who runs the yard!
You don't want to miss it! This is also the deadline to
submit your Interest Form indicating your interest in
becoming member.
Friday, September 28
back to school party
[email protected]
[email protected]
Campus Center Ballroom
Free for all USC Students with valid ID. $10 before
10pm for non-USC students.
To participate in recruitment, please register at
[email protected]
The Multicultural Greek
Council (MGC) is composed
of fraternities and sororities.
These organizations are a
mixture of national and local
organizations. Founded
in 1996, MGC is focused
on serving the surrounding
community through cultural
enrichment and civic
These chapters are dedicated to brotherhood
and sisterhood, community service, and campus
If you would like additional information about the
Multicultural Greek Council organizations, please
contact Luis Preciado, MGC President.
Recruitment week is scheduled for
August 25–August 29
Welcome Back BBQ
Fraternity Night
Sorority Night
Meet the Greeks
MGC President: Luis Preciado • [email protected]
Alpha Epsilon Omega
Founding: August 9, 2005
Alpha Gamma Alpha
Founding: October
25, 2002
Gamma ZETA Alpha
Founding: December 3, 1987
Zeta Sigma Phi
Founding: September
16, 1994
Zeta Phi Rho
Founding: August 10, 1995
Lambda Theta Alpha
Founding: 1975
Lambda Theta NU
Founding: March
11, 1986
dear parents,
On behalf of the Interfraternity and Intersorority Parents
Councils and the Offices for Fraternity and Sorority
Leadership Development and Parent Programs, I
enthusiastically invite you to learn about the USC greek
community and encourage you to explore the wonderful
and unique options greek membership offers for your sons
and daughters.
USC sororities and fraternities greatly enhance the
university academic experience. Besides the social
benefits, the greek community promotes leadership,
scholarship, and community service opportunities. Many
members of the greek community are involved in student
government, athletics, and other campus organizations.
The all-greek GPA has been consistently higher
than the all-university average over more than
a decade, which is primarily due to the strong
emphasis sororities and fraternities place on
scholastic achievement. In addition, members of
the greek community are among the most enthusiastic
volunteers in the local area.
sigma delta alpha
By joining the USC greek community, your student will
acquire vital life skills which are important in cultivating the
broadest college experience. They will be making lifelong
friendships and joining a worldwide network of alumni.
In addition, there are multiple opportunities
for you to become involved, meet your son or
daughter’s close friends, and connect to the
greek community and greater Trojan Family.
USC’s greek parent support program is the only
one of its kind across the United States and
Sigma Lambda Beta
We welcome you and your student to USC and encourage
you to get involved in our award-winning, vibrant greek
Lambda Theta Phi
Founding: December 1, 1975
Lambda Upsilon Lambda
Founding: February 19, 1982
Founding: May 5, 1992
Founding: April 4, 1986
Sigma Lambda Gamma
April 9, 1990
Omega Phi Beta Sorority
Founding: March 15, 1989
Fight on!
Beth Saul
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Director, Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development
and Parent Programs
USC’s Position
on Hazing
As stated in SCampus, “USC prohibits any
students from engaging in hazing, defined as
any activity that causes or is likely to cause
bodily danger, physical harm, or personal
degradation or disgrace resulting in physical
or mental harm to any fellow student.”
The greek community at USC also condemns
hazing, as it in no way achieves the goals
of sorority or fraternity membership such
as service, scholarship, leadership, or
Tips for Parents
• Be happy and supportive with your student’s choice
of chapter
• Attend parents’ events at your student’s chapter. These
are a great way to bond with your son/daughter and
build friendships of your own with other USC parents!
• Attend the Intersorority or Interfraternity Parents
Council meetings. For more information, contact
the Office for Fraternity and Sorority Leadership
Development at [email protected] or (213) 740 2080.
• Ask questions! You have a right to know about
membership costs and housing.
All students registering for sorority and
fraternity recruitment will need to have
completed AlcoholEdu for college
students by Move-In Day,
August 22, 2012, and must show a
print of their screenshot of completion at the
beginning of their recruitment.
Office for Fraternity & Sorority Development
Student Union 200
3601 Trousdale Parkway
Los Angeles, CA 90089-4892