Document 258845

Modification Cover Sheet
Date: 2.9.2010
Law Group: Habashy
.Client Name:
Lender: Chase
Type of modification: MHA Trial Modification
Original Payment Amount: $2698.59
Modified Payment Amount: $1562.40
OCT. 6.1009 5:41PM....
CHASt:. '",
'"'" I'I.m<>er.
Slalemenl DaIQ:
P3)'flM CuI'
PnJP&lt1 Address: _
11,1,.11, OI,II.. lIu..I.,I..,1I,I.. f... III"II.. II..I.',"U, II
Escrow Bll!Ionce
Pa)'mfml fa3ms;
Prtw::ipeI & In...."
Escrow Pilyment
Optional Prodools
P." 0li9 Payment
Unpald lalll ChllfIl68
Mi3t:d1aneoua F9llS
ToW p.ymen.t
As."iij,e5p.'jnSble homeowner 8nd a Chase custom
Now you can ",finance your flrst mor1sa98 up to 1,,", oJ your home's v.".,,"
you can take advanta~ ot the new flKiertti mortgage prOgfam and Gllye. Cal..
ctediI: and property approval Gerta:h other restric:tJooo Md limitations ew1y.
0 get .fllrted. All loans are subject to
Check out Chue Home Value Eattnaf:or. Use h 10:
• Estimate thevali,re of home inl'rolJemant:s you may be ptamihg
• S1lJ1lf.' for alens 01 recent home Sll.les'" your neighborhood
fa.V'ii'iii"o.h.oiiim.'.'IIIIII.IIIIII• •
Oled< it out at.
Activity Since 'four last Statement
l~Ar~~.~·f1CN ~~~
l2.412. 1,'
Important Messages About Your Account
Plene dealgnat9 how you want to apply any 8dditiona'llmdB. When
wkh \hili.ooupon, undesig"lated funds lirat pay oulslan<
late charges and lees. then principal, provided your Joan is current lJndesignal~ lunda sent without this coupon may be placed In
suspense rather than QPPlifJd to your Joan as pmc~ until O1ase detemlin~ how you y,M1 to awly those flrlds. Once paid, a.tiIloq
. . . -, .
__ :w--: ......",:-
:c:.... ~-_:--
..--=-~ ......_....... ,.._~",.,..... ..
If you ~e or expoot to receive an in&Ulllnce set!:leICllent c:h&ck (o{ dema~your home, please access 'oYWW.mylossdnlft.oom I
information on the ~Ef?5!' When prompteet' onter the PIN Numbe~ 10 access the Wfib sita You may also call the Los!
O(aft Department a t . _ _
from.l:t a.m. 1~ 8 p.m., Eailern Ttn'le, 'With MY adQitiooal ql.lQ8tiontJ.
paymenJ option. Make SlIe yrx.- morlgage paymool is made 00 ttn., and avok1lats lees It
Y.oor fRQffgage paymfK1f wiI1 be pt'OC8SSi9d as early as the SMl8 c1iy. Tel use /hig seJYice. caJ1 ChaSBFaslPaj
the ht.Jrnb9r HstBd In tha ~r lett. hand otJm6(' of this siaIllment When you USfI orr automtJ1.ed system, yoo1J oa~ 269lt on th8 fee to
this 5fJ(Vic9, 'tlItdpayjust $15.00.
Ch!ISI1 FastPay is-a qui;kend c::mV8{jsnl.
Q'18 6imp/s phone cal
When SIllIlding your payment. pl6ase be str'Q the! Olase addr8S3. on the attQctled payment stub, appears il the whdow of the enoIosl
en'ielope or make your payments onRne wih ease, convenience end SEI:lI.riy.
Simply visit
• • • • • • • 10 pay bi/ls,
check the sCatus of your acoo~. review your ban bolanoes and contfl£t IJ$ via
S9C1.I"9 e-m.atL
Please refer to the back Of thi& ~atem.ent for importanl information about your aooolltl-.
. . . . . . _ •• _••
•_ _0""""-------
~ _ . .
.... _ . . _ _ _
FEB. I. 2010 5:12PM
Inve5torL.oan ,
(step One of Two-step Documentation Process)
Triall'orlod 1 = ' 1 _ 0 1 . 2010
BOITOwer ("1")1:
. Lender or Servtcer
der"): CHASE
Date OffilSt ne~eed dtl1JSt. Of security deed ("Mortgage") and, Note \Notej: September 09" 2004
Loan Number._ _
Property Add.... rProperty')
If I am in compliance with this Trial Period Plan (the "Planj and my representaUOIl$ in SectiOn 1 omUn.ue to be
true in all malerial respects, thef'l Ule Lender will provide me with B Home Affordebfe ModiflGation Agreement
("Modification Agreement;. as set forth " SeoUo.n 3, that would amend ancl supplement (1) 1he Motlgl;lf,le-otl 'U1e
Property,'and (?) tJie Note secured bY the Mor1gage. TlJe Mortgage and Note together. as they may previously
have beEm amended, are referred to as thEa -Loon Documents.· Capitala.ed tel'mS used in tnis Plan ood not
defined have the meaning given to them In the Loan Documents.
If I have not: alwacfy done so, I am providing conftnn3tion of the reasons I cannot DffQra my mol1gaj:je PaYrni:mt
and docanents to permit verifica110n of all of Oro{ income (except that 1 understand that I am not requited to
diS;C1ose QtTY chid ~uppolt or a~ony unless I wish to have such income considered) to detefrnina whether I
qualitY for Ute offer desaibed in this PI8I1 (the "Qffelj, 1understand thai 9fter I 61gn and return' one copy of this
Plan to the Lender, tile Lender Will review my tncdfication package and J;lend me wrftIen noUoe If 1dO IlOl: qualify
My RepresentaDons" I CElrtIfy~ represent,to LliOder and ~ree:
I am unable 10 aft'ortl my mortgage paymerlts for the reasons indicated in my Hardship Affidavit
and as a result. (r) I am either in default or beJjeve I will be In default under the Loan Documents
in the neor fUllJl"8,
and (ii)
r ao
huve suflicient Income or aoocss to suff1dent riquid assets to
make Ihe moothly mortgage pa~ents nOW or in the nesr future;
II!WI In tne Property as my principal re$;lence, and the property ha5 not beet1 condemned;
There has been no.change hi the cmnershlp of the Property sirtee l.&i,gned Ihe Loan Documeil1s;
I am providing or already have provided documooll:1tion for all income that I receive (and I
undor*nd tnat I am not reqUired to disclose any chUeJ support or almony that I n;c.we, IXlless I
wish to have such income coosideR!d to qualtfy fortf1e OtreJ);
Under penalty or peljury, all dOcuments
information I have provided to Leflder pursuant to
thIS Plan, in~udlng the documents and lnfonnation regarding my eligibility fOr the program, are
true and correct; end
If Let1der requiceS; me to obtain credh counseling, J will do so.
If I was disoharged in a CIls.pfer 7 benkruptcy proceeding sUbsequent to the exacullon Clf the
Loan Documents, Lender agrees that 1will not have personalliabIJlty on the debt pUr.iuant to ttliS
I If Ihere l!! mire lItlIn lJ[Ilit BDITIJoYlN" orMb!fOtitgor ~ th'$ document. each ill td~ to as ·r•• For PUlllO:H::S of tN:s docull'tQ1'It words
signiffinll thiJ~lJlar (Sl£ta as Or) shQ/I h~dfl thoplural (cueto as "wv,? und w::evers3 wIICJ& itpprn!DatflHOME AFF<lf«)ABUi! MoulFIl;AT10H TRIAL PIiRIOD I'l.AN _ Sing" Famltf -~.. MHoIFr.cklIe-MlC UrlRItlM lNJ'fRUMENT
Form 3i59 "313-. (m.lltO!l) {CHf moditlcd) QllIgtlI, of"! Pf1'.J")
fEB. 1.2010 5: 12PM
. lAa.aNu.mbe_
2. The Trial Period Plan. On or before each of the following due.da1eS. I will pay the t...eOOer th8 ahlOlIl'1t
sat forth beJow ("Trial Period Paymentj, which inCludes payment for E:saow Items. includirl{l mal estate
taxies, insurance premiums and otIlerfees, ifarPf. of U.S. 51,56.2.AO.
TrtaI Period
Due Date
On orBofore
The Trial PerlOCl PaymBnl is an estimate Of the peymctl1 that will be reQuired under the modified loan
terms. which may be nnallzed in aceontRnce with Sedion 3 below. TIle ac:t.ual payments under the
rnocined loan btrms. however, may be diff9rent.
-I understand that my first payment and this slgMd Trial Period Plan must be received by the
Lender no laler Ulan MARCH 01, 2010 or I may not be acc.pted into the. Home Affol'dable
Modificatioo Program.
I agree that during' the petioc:l (tha "'~a1 Period") OOfl1l;fJencing on the Trial Pedod erective Dale and
ending on the e3l1ler at (i) the flfSl day of 1hEl month 'following the month In Which the last Trial Period
Payment b due (the -Modification Effediva Dale") Of'" (Ii) termination
thi5: Plan, I undcl"Sand and
s(;.knowIecIge that:
TlME IS OF TI-E ESSENCE undettf'l[9 Pk!In. This means I must make al payments on or b8foretne
_ _ 'heyare_:
B. Except as seI: forth In SeciiOl1 2.C. below, tile LendcrwiJ suspend any scheduled foreolosure sale,
provided I continue to meet the obigations under thiS Plan, but any pending foredOSure action wil
not be dismissed and may be Immfl(fJ8teIY rasumed from the point ef. whidl it 'MIS suspended If thi$
Plan tJafmkJ2tas" and DO heW hotlCe of default, notiCe Of intent to accelerate. notice of acceJefatron, or
simlar notiCe WW be necessary to continue the foi"ecfosure adJon. AI rigtJt5 to sudl noUCes are
nereby waived by toe to the extent permiUed by applioable ~
Jf my property Is I()(;a{ed in GeorSlla, Hawaii, MlWJur1, or Virginia and a fored05Ur8 sale is currently
scheduled, tno foreclosure sale waJ not be suspendel:l flnd the lander may foreclose If I have not.
made each and f!N8ry Trial Period payment that is due through. the end of the morih 'preoedlng the
morrttl in which the roredosure sale Is schBdtjed to oeeut. If a foreCiOSlJre mle occurs pursuant to
ttlls Section 2.C., this F»lan shall be deemed terminated;
D. The Lender will hold'lhe payments receIVed during tno Trtal Period in a non-interest bearing scc:ount
until tney total an amount tnat is enough to pay my oldeSl delinquent monlhly psyment On my loan In
full. I undorstand the Lender wfll not pay me 1ntEH'til on the amounts held in tM account. Irthere is
any remaining money aftersuet1 payment is QJ)plied, such remaining funds will 00 held t1f the lE!l1dor
and not posted to my ltctlOl..lnt until 1hey totsl 811 smo.unt ~t is en0U9h t6 pay the next· oldest
delinquent morihly payrn9ht in fu'll;
E. When the lsnder accepts and posts 8 payment dul1ng the Trial pOJiod it willpe without prejudice to,
and wMI not be deemed a waiver of, the sccelemtfon of the IoBn Of foreclosure sman and related
acttvities and shall n<rt consUtute a CI.n of my default under 1he Loan Documents unJess SlIm
payments are sutr:1Ci'!'flt to completet, cure my entre defaUli 'Under ~ Loan OOClI1ltnts;
F. If priorto the Modi1klation Effective Date, (0 the Lender dJes not pnMde me a My ElX8CUted copy of
this Plan and the ModifICation Agreement; 00 I have no! m.acse the lnai Period payments reQuired
under Section 2 of this Plan; (il) the Lender detennlnes that any or my re~tlons In Section 1
¥.lDI'O not true shd C'.Orrract as of the dale I signed this Plan or are no longer true slld cocrecl: at any
time dul1ng the TJfaI Period; or ('IV) I do not prtJV1do Ril Intormstion and docuttx:mtEtion requirtJd by
Lender, the Loan Doasmel'itS win not be moclfi9d and tf)ls Plan wilt tennlnate. In ttis event, tne
Lender will have all of fh, rights and remedies proVided OJ t'1e Loan Documents, and arr; payment I
make under this Plan shall be apptled to amounts I aNe under the Loan Documents and wli not be