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Window Graphics
Architectural Graphics
Custom Wallpaper
Corporate Office Graphics
Large Format Graphics
Digital Die-Cutting
Trade Show Displays
Custom Wraps
Box Prototypes
Project Management
Graphic Design
Video Production
and More!
Dr. Graphx is Chicago’s finest graphic arts, design, and production studio.
Located downtown, we have been serving the area for over 20 years.
What distinguishes Dr. Graphx is our commitment and expertise. We
work diligently to assure your project is handled with professionalism, as
well as the highest quality printing and materials.
We constantly update and apply new image technologies, equipment,
and materials, as they become available. The result is a higher quality
product that enhances your image and message both within your
organization as well as to customers and clients.
You will be assigned an account manager who will diagnose your needs
and prescribe a course of action to put your project on track to meet your
budget, time frame, and quality requirements. Files can be easily
uploaded via our Dropbox (https://dropbox.yousendit.com/jimenger)
or supplied via disk. Please consult me for file format requirements
for your job.
Our goal is to provide you with the best possible product,
at the very best price.
We thank you for considering Dr. Graphx. If you have any questions or
comments about our company that you would like to address to me
personally, I’m available to help.
In fact, call me, Jim Enger, at
312-291-5993; or send me an email at
[email protected]
Wall Graphics
Custom Wall Murals
Custom Wallpaper
Cut Vinyl Lettering
Cut Vinyl Designs
Dimensional Lettering
Dry Erase Surfaces
Magnet Boards
Jim Enger | 312-291-5993
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Create an Atmosphere
Our award winning designers can create
stunning wall graphics that engage your target
audience and add life to your organization. If
you already have a concept you love, you can
provide us the artwork and we will take care
of the rest, or we can work with you to design
something completely unique.
Digital Die-Cutting
Using the i-Cut digital die-cutter, we can create amazing effects. We
produce dimensional lettering on several substrates, and can die-cut
most all other graphic materials.
Framed Art
Canvas Prints and Frames
Removable Graphics
Digital Die-Cutting
Installation & Site Surveys
Creative Materials
We do wall graphics for retail spaces, personal homes, corporate
offices, restaurants and more. We get a lot of unique requests and
deliver the most efficient results with all the support. Reusable
graphics, interactive displays, digital integration and unique lighting
elements are just a few examples of extra flourish we can add to your
Window Graphics
Cut Vinyl Lettering
Hours of Operation
Block-out Vinyl
Mesh One-Way Vinyl
Translucent Vinyl
Etched Glass Vinyl
Dusted Crystal Vinyl
Temporary Window Signs
Die-Cut Logos
1st Surface Application
2nd Surface Application
Design and Mock-ups
Installation & Site Surveys
Jim Enger | 312-291-5993
[email protected]
First Impressions
An attractive and thoughtful window display will not only make your
goods and services stand out, but your organization as well. Window
displays can create buzz, inspire and improve sales by simply framing
your product in the right light. We work closely with our clients’ design
teams to create incredibly stunning and interesting window displays
that draw the eye and achieve results. We also have a team of award
winning designers who work with our clients to create mind blowing
displays that will leave customers in awe.
Cut Vinyl
We offer cut vinyl in stock colors (see sales rep for swatches) and
printed custom colors and designs. Cut vinyl is a versatile tool that can
be a very cost effective option.
Install and Mock-ups
A photo can sometimes communicate better
then words. With a proper site survey from
a Dr. Graphx crew member, we can provide
accurate photo mock-ups so the printing and
installation process go without a hitch.
Have printed graphics and don’t know how to
install them? We can help with that too.
Box Prototypes/Comps
POP Displays
Custom Printed Logos
Dimensional Letters
Foam Board
Gator Board
Acrylic or Plexiglass
and More!
Jim Enger | 312-291-5993
[email protected]
The i-cut
The i-cut opens up a world of options for custom signs and boxes.
Digital die-cutting is an inexpensive way to get precise custom cuts
with a small setup fee rather then creating an expensive physical
die. The table top cutter has an optical reader to cut, score, and/or
route your signs. You can supply us with a vector die file, or we can
create one for you. We can cut or route many matierals up to 1” thick,
including the ones listed on the left. To check for other options, please
contact your rep at their information above.
Box Prototypes
The way to really test your packaging design is to create a physical
copy. We have options for printing and constructing box comps small
or large in presnetation ready quality, or for a first draft. Our print direct
to substrate option gives us the ability to print 4/color direct to
your box material. We also have a range of materials for high
resolution printing with a variety of laminate finishing options to give
your project a great finished look. The i-cut allows for one-off or small
run jobs. If you need something done in large quanitites, we can help
you there too, just ask.
Not sure how to get started? If you don’t already have a box die, we
can create a custom box die tailored to fit your product and finished
substrate, from scratch.
Property Management
Banners and Billboards
Temporary Window Signs
Block-out Vinyl
Mesh One-Way Vinyl
Translucent Vinyl
Etched Glass Vinyl
Dusted Crystal Vinyl
Temporary Window Signs
Jim Enger | 312-291-5993
[email protected]
Selling Power
Using our large format printers, we are able to create large scale
signs that are both functional and leave a long lasting presence for
our clients businesses. Chicago is always growing and expanding,
creating scaffolds that may block out business or allow opportunity
for advertising space. Using our long lasting UV inks, you can create
banners and signs that last as long as city construction. We also
provide window black outs to keep interior renovations or empty units
out of the public eye to maintain a professional looking work space.
Inside and Outside
We create custom signs to fit the architectural style of the inside and
outside of your building. We can also create signs for your ADA needs
like tactile and braille messaging.
Die-Cut Logos
1st Surface Application
2nd Surface Application
Design and Mock-ups
Installation & Site Surveys
Temp to Perm
We can help you with a quick fix or a long lasting finished piece. We’ve
been around for 20 years so we know the business. Tenants change
and signage can get damaged over time. You can count on us to be
there for you long term.
Vinyl Banners
Fabric Banners
Mesh Banners
Boulevard/Street Banners
Double Sided Banners
Event Banners
Backdrop Banners
Banner Stands
Pole Pockets
Industrial Sewing
Custom Brackets
Sonic Welding
Hanging Systems
Jim Enger | 312-291-5993
[email protected]
Indoor and Outdoor Usage
Dr. Graphx can produce a wide variety of banners for indoor and
outdoor applications. Digital and screen printed banners up to 12’ x 4,’
and as large as 150’ x 16’ on fabric, nylon, flag material, calendar, and
cast vinyl.
Trade Shows to Mountain Tops
There are so many cool materials for printing banners and we know its
hard to know which is the right one! You tell us your project and we’ll
help you find the best solution wether you have a indoor or outdoor
trade show, you’re looking for a permanent sign for your store front, or
you just need something to announce your bosses 50th birthday!
Banners for Events
Banners are the number one sought after product for events. They are
strong and grand pieces that hold bold messaging and branding for
your purpose. We have a variety of solutions for step and repeat photo
backdrops, pop-up banner stands, and hanging hardware for really big
Jim Enger | 312-291-5993
[email protected]
Retail Signage
Hours Vinyl/Signage
Menu Boards
Wall Graphics
Window Displays
Window Graphics Vinyl
Merchandising Graphics
Product Mock-ups
POP Displays
Directional Signage
Entrance Signs
Store Front Signs
Dimensional Cut Letters
ADA Signage
New Business Signage
The outward image of your business is often the first impression and
we want to make you look good. We have experience working with
and around construction crews to keep you on schedule for your grand
opening. We also have a creative staff that takes pride in design to
help you with your exiting branding, or to help you create your branding
from scratch.
Restaurant Signage
Chicago is such a hot spot for culinary wonders and we are big foodies here at the office. We take pride in providing graphics and signage
for your new or existing restaurant ventures. Menu boards, custom
logo signs, outdoor window displays, interior wall graphics and even
creative custom signage. We can even provide promotional items like
posters and table tents, or just about any other signage you need to
help communicate.
Year-round Retail Signage
Don’t be shy. Need just a one-off piece? We’re here for you all year.
Our account managers take great care of every client, big or small. We
pride ourselves on exceptional customer service so for every job you’ll
have someone specifically assigned to help you all the way through
your order. Call or email your rep at the contact info at the top of this
page for a free quote or office visit.
Jim Enger | 312-291-5993
[email protected]
Cut Vinyl
– eMarketer
These are our stock vinyl colors. If you need a swatch, please just let us know. We can also custom print colors
and patterns for cut vinyl application.
Cut vinyl is commonly applied to plexi, glass and painted drywall. It can
be installed by clients with experience, although if you’re unfamiliar
with it we recommend having one of our experienced installers do it for
Like digital die-cutting, we require a vector file for cut vinyl. If you can’t
provide us with the correct file, one our on-staff designers can produce
one for you.
Dusted Crystal (Etched Glass)
Dusted crystal vinyl is used for an etched glass look. It can be applied
in full sheets to cover large areas and can be die-cut to custom shapes
and patterns just like our other stock vinyl materials.
Dusted crystal vinyl can open up a lot of creative avenues using
negative space cutouts, printing direct to the material, and layering it
on different sides of the glass for unique effects.
We do not recommend the application of dusted crystal by clients.
Common Uses
Hours of Operation
Gallery Titles
Car Decals
Window Messaging
Wall Illustrations
Banner Stands
Table Throws and Runners
Booth Solutions
Retractable Displays
Travel Kits
Digital Displays
Custom Displays
Outdoor Displays
Die-Cut Standees
Modular Fabric Systems
Floor Graphics
Shipping Options
Jim Enger | 312-291-5993
[email protected]
Brand Name Dealer
To provide you with the best quality displays to present your organization
or brand, we are licensed dealers of top quality Trade Show display
manufactures from across the world including brands like Expand®,
Penguin™ and Duo Displays.
Design and Planning
Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first time exhibitor, we have
designers and project managers that will make sure your event display
looks great, is on budget, and you’re packed up and ready to go on time.
Unique Solutions
We are a full service priting company with top of the line equipment and
an innovative team to create unique and custom graphics for your trade
show debuet. Digital Die-Cutting and custom manufacturing are just
some of the items that help us achive stand out products.
Jim Enger | 312-291-5993
[email protected]
Stairwell Signs
Braille Signage
Wayfinding Signs
Dimensional Letters
Restroom Signs
Exit Signs
Pictogram Artwork
Engraved Signage
ADA Signage and Braille
We make it easy to get your business up to to code with a vast offering
of ADA signage. We specializes in interior and architectural signs that
allow us to provide clients with a wide array of creative and unique sign
solutions. Buildings signage is changing all the time. Tenants move,
rooms are relocated or additions may be added. We make it easy to
reorder high quality matching signs that will fit your budget. Make sure
that anyone coming to visit can find everything they need.
Vista System
If you don’t need something that is completely custom, might we suggest going with a brand like Vista System?
We are a licensed Vista dealer and work closely with them to provide
only the best quality displays for your organization. Vista Systems,
a world leader in modular Wayfinding sign solutions, offers a new
concept to the sign industry - coined MCFT (Modular Curved Frame
Technology). The concept has been developed by experienced sign
professionals with the goal of merging the benefits of custom designed
signs with those of modular sign systems.
Video Production
Jim Enger | 312-291-5993
[email protected]
The use of video is
growing with
64% of marketers
using it in 2011,
compared to
80% by 2012
– eMarketer
YouTube Ads
AdWord Campaigns
Green Screen Interviews
Script Writing
Story boarding
Advertising and Marketing
Equipment Rental
On site Camera Operators
On site Sound
Motion Graphics
Small Scale Lighting
Project Management
Video Web Advertising
Video Web Advertising online doesn’t have to be a budget breaking
expense. More and more users are spending time on social media and
watching entertainment online. It’s time to focus your efforts where they
will really count.
Dr. Graphx Digital focuses on offering packages that are affordable,
and creating videos that are engaging and fun to watch. We’ll help you
get started in channeling your videos to the right audience online with a
video that will keep their attention.
Introduce Your Business with Video
Many successful businesses put a video with an introduction to their
business on the home page of their website. This instantly boosts your
search results and it’s important to engage your audience right from
the start. Don’t lose a sale by letting your visitors get distracted or lost.
Show them what’s different about your company.
Event Coverage
Have a great event coming up? Want to capture your efforts without
having to do a whole other project just to summarize with a few photos
and blocks of text? Do it with video. Video is more engaging, can
capture more of the essence of your efforts and more of a keepsake.
Let Dr. Graphx print your displays and then have us attend the event to
capture it on video. We’ll create a compelling reel that suits the project.