Letters from Home FF Director’s Note

Letters From Home Issue 14
Ja nua ry 2 011
A-86 East of Kailash
New Delhi 110065, INDIA
Letters from Home
Director’s Note
irstly, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year! Though the
warmth of the Care Home helped keep away the cold temperatures, we at
Naz are happy to see the sun shine through the winter fog a little bit more
each day. The last months of 2010 were celebrated with gusto, and we are
now looking forward to whatever adventures 2011 may bring!
Thanks to our supporters and well-wishers, our children enjoyed trips
around Delhi as well as parties at home. They visited India Gate and the
Qutab Minar, played at Children’s Park, went on rides at Adventure Islands,
and even tried their hands at pottery in the Global Arts Village! Volunteers
continued to visit the Care Home and our children cherished the company
of both new and old friends.
October held a special milestone for us, as Ketika was our first child to be
adopted! You can read more about her remarkable story inside. For those of
you who are interested in an update on Meena, I am happy to report that
she has started attending yoga classes three times a week! She has shown
remarkable progress in her therapy sessions, and is now able to concentrate
better on her studies.
Though it has been ten years since we welcomed our first child in 2001, it
still feels like only yesterday. And though our Care Home has grown so
much in the last decade, I am still constantly awed by our children, who
have had to overcome hardships and losses that many of us adults could not
face. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to provide for them the
childhood they deserve. And it is because of our donors who have continued
to open their hearts and support us that we have been able to open our
doors and provide a safe and loving home to our children for ten years.
I sincerely thank you all for a decade of friendship and encouragement and
hope that together we can continue the Naz Care Home for decades to
Warm Regards,
Anjali Gopalan
Executive Director
Inside This Issue
Then and Now
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A Care Home Christmas
he Care Home was filled with holiday cheer
this winter. Our children were busy enjoying as
much of Christmas as possible! Santa came to
the Care Home and all the kids excitedly opened
their presents. A few of them even dressed up
in costumes for the occasion! Anisha spread
some Christmas spirit in an angel costume and
Chetan dressed as a devilish creature to have a
bit of mischievous fun as well.
The children feasted on Christmas cake and even spent an afternoon baking Christmas cookies! The
aroma of vanilla filled the air as the kids created some interestingly shaped treats. During their
Christmas party, the children were surprised by a flurry of snowflakes and the room quickly turned into
a dance floor. In the end, everyone was reminded of the universal saying – It’s good to be home for the
Letters From Home Issue 14
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Spotlight on...
urely all of you remember Manu! His story touched many
hearts through a previous newsletter. When Naz counsellors
first found Manpreet, he was in shockingly poor condition. He
had been abandoned and isolated for over three months and was
severely malnourished. He was quickly brought into the Naz Care
Home in the May of 2009, providing more than just a happy
ending for the 16 year old boy. For Manu, it was the beginning of
a brand new chapter!
That June, Manu had his first day of school at the Deepalaya
Special School! By August, his doctors, teachers, and counsellors
all reported that he was making wonderful progress. This could
never have happened without the love and support from our well
Manu is now a warm and loving brother to all his siblings. He is
eager to participate in every activity in the Care Home, but has
discovered his true passions are dancing and singing. He takes a
strong interest in his studies and activities in school, and is very
fast in his class work.
Though Manpreet still remembers his life before Naz, he
appears to focus more on his new future. He cherishes his new
family and friends, and seems eager to take hold of whatever
opportunities he is given. He continues to be an inspiration to us
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Kittu’s Adoppttion!
etika was just three days old when she was
left in front of an orphanage in Paharganj in
July of 2008. Efforts to find her parents were
unsuccessful, and when testing showed her to be
HIV positive, possibilities for adoption were no
longer considered. Ketika was brought to Naz
where she immediately became the apple of
everyone’s eye. Kittu, the baby of the Care Home,
was pampered by all her siblings.
We watched Kittu learn how to walk, how to talk,
and how to get her way by flashing a wide-eyed
pout! Our little diva had not yet turned two, but
her inquisitive nature and confidence were already
apparent. She would often be found exploring
However much we loved having Kittu with us, when
we realized after talks with Adoptionscentrum
every crevice of the care home with her tiny hands that there was hope for her to be adopted we
began to work diligently to find her a home. We
tucked into her pockets.
held our breath and crossed our fingers for
months, and finally in August we were sure that our
Ketika was going to move to Sweden!
Kittu met her new mother in October. From the
moment she was scooped up into the arms of her
mamma, Kittu knew where she belonged. Though we
were all sad to see her leave, we love hearing of
her newest adventures at her new home!
Her favourite activity is playing in the snow and
she is quickly picking up Swedish. She is adjusting
wonderfully and we wish Kittu and her mother a
lifetime of happiness!
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Letters From Home Issue 14
Then… and Now!
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Letters From Home Issue 14
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Supporters’ Corner
Friends of Naz in Germany
itti Herrmann and a few
of her friends have found
a way to officially support the
Naz Care Home all the way
from Germany! Though their
weather might be a bit cooler,
the warmth of their hearts is
felt here at Naz. We were
extremely excited to hear of
the foundation of the Friends
of Naz-Germany organization,
and want to extend a heartfelt thanks to our well-wishers!
Parks, Picnics, Parties and More!
Sponsorship Options
The Naz Care Home is supported primarily through donations. We encourage you to
become part of our donor community and support our children with your financial or
in-kind donations:
Sponsor a child for one year: 48,000 INR / 1,200 USD (Payments can also be made in
monthly installments of 4,000 INR / 100 USD)
Sponsor an outing of your choice for all the children: 5,000 INR / 125 USD
Sponsor medications, hospital visits, and tests for a child for one year 12,000 INR /
300 USD (Payments can also be made in monthly installments of 1,000 INR / 25 USD
Sponsor a meal in the Care Home 2,500 INR / 50 USD
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Naz Foundation (India) Trust
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Cheques should be made payable to: The Naz Foundation (India) Trust. Donations can also be made online at
www.giveindia.org. Please find Naz India listed under the Health category.
For other donation options (wire transfers, cash, etc.) and general inquiries, contact Anuradha Mukherjee, our
Programs Manager: [email protected] All donations are exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act
of 1961.
Naz website: www.nazindia.org; Phone: +91 11-26910499/40793156-62