Lori M. Lechowicz
Kyocera TASKalfa 400ci KX
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May 27, 2012
Please deliver to PARISH CENTER ONLY
(which is behind the church) in the OFFICE.
Do NOT deliver to the church. Thank you.
Welcome to St. Patrick Church
Saturday Vigil: 5:00p.m.
Sunday: 8:00am & 10:30am
Weekdays: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri: 8:00 a.m.
Holy Day Masses: 8:00 a.m., 7:00 p.m.
Called together by God to experience Jesus and his word,
in the sacraments of the Church and in each other, we are committed to love God
and to embrace all God’s people as witnesses of God’s mercy.
Page Two
May 27, 2012
St. Patrick Church
47 West High St.
P.O. Box 177
East Hampton, CT 06424-0177
Office: 860-267-6644
Fax: 860-267-7807
Rectory: 860-267-6646
Email: [email protected]
Web address:
Welcome to our Parish Family
Newcomers to the parish are invited to introduce
themselves to Father Nagle after Mass and to
register at the Parish Office.
Please advise the Pastor, Pastoral Associate, or Administrative
Assistant to arrange pastoral visits or Holy Communion for
those who are sick, hospitalized or homebound.
Saturdays from 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Also arrangements can
be made by calling the Rectory.
Arrangements can be made by calling the Parish Office.
Pastoral Team
Rev. Walter M. Nagle, Pastor
Sister Dominic Joseph Valla, A.S.C. J.
Pastoral Associate
Lori M. Lechowicz, Administrative Assistant
Dani Annino, Director of Faith Formation
John P. Higgins, Director of Music & Organist
Office Hours
8:30am - 3:00pm, Monday - Thursday
8:30am - 12:00pm, Friday
Couples must contact the Pastor at least one year in advance to
reserve a date and make arrangements.
In a large parish, keeping the information on parishioners up to
date is a difficult task. You can be of immense help in this
regard. If you move or change your telephone number, please
contact the parish office (267-6644). Not only will this help
avoid confusion, but it will also save the cost of paying
additional charges for returned mail. Thank you.
Stewardship of Treasure
May 20, 2012
Week 47 of the Fiscal Year
1,392 Registered families
Ordinary Income:
For those who have chosen to cancel their envelope
order since the “On-line giving” program has begun, the
following are the extra collections for the upcoming
Actual Collection:
May 27—Seminary Offering
June 3—Spiritual Programs
July 1—Spiritual Programs
August 5—Spiritual Programs
August 15—Assumption
($ 886.00)
Seminary Offering: $200.00
Combined Offering for World Charities: $2,807.00
Ascension of The Lord Offering: $809.00
Bulletin Deadline
Please submit articles no later than
noon on Monday
Handicap Accessible
“There are different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same
Spirit; there are different forms of service but the same
Lord; there are different workings but the same God who
produces all of them in everyone.” 1 Corinthians 12:4-6
By giving each of us different gifts, God made sure that the
Church would have the combination of talent and treasure
that was needed to do God’s work. However, what happens
if one of us does not bring our contribution to God’s altar?
Page Three
Pentecost Sunday
Pentecost Sunday
Saturday, May 26
5:00pm Everett Lawson req. by the family and Elsio Silva
req. by the Marshall Family
Sunday, May 27
8:00 am Gene Berube req. by Guylaine Guerette
10:30am Suzanne Stanton req. by John & Jane Robida and
George Stula req. by Sheila Wall
Monday, May 28
8:00am Elsie & J. Marshall Brown req by their son
Tuesday, May 29
8:00am Special Intention for Isabel & Ronnie DeMartino
req. by Angelina Madalena
Wednesday, May 30
8:00am Edward Dash req by Jack Dash
Thursday, May 31
No Mass on this day
Friday, June 1
Family of Angelina Madalena req. by Angelina
The Most Holy Trinity
Saturday, June 2
5:00pm Adolph Sirois req. by the Sirois family and
Lorenzo Garneau req. by the family
Sunday, June 3
8:00 am Judy Wall req. by Jann & Gordon Dalton
10:30am Robert McElroy req. by Daisy Conway and
Family and Trent Measimer req. by the
DeGasperi Family
There will be Eucharistic Adoration (with exposition)
Friday, June 1st in the Knights of Columbus Hall. It
will begin immediately following the 8:00 morning Mass
until 7:00pm with Benediction. If you would like to
commit to a block of time, please see the sign-up sheet.
Please keep the pastoral planning
process in your prayers. We are
clustered with St. Bridget of
Kildare in Moodus and will be
submitting a report to Bishop Cote
at the end of this month. The
purpose of pastoral planning is to facilitate the process of
having two or more parishes work in a collaborative manner
to share the burden of a shortage of priests. In our case we
are working solely with St. Bridget. At the present moment
there is a priest serving St. Bridget and a priest serving St.
Patrick. The day may come when there is only one priest to
serve both parishes. The pastoral planning committee from
St. Patrick includes myself, Dani Annino, the Faith
Formation Director, Sue Annelli, Jann Dalton, and Al Vela.
We have made great progress so far. Perhaps you may have
attended a Mass at St. Bridget for the solemnity of the
Ascension. What will be difficult is when the Sunday Mass
schedules have to change. Presently, St. Bridget has Masses
at 5pm on Saturday, 7am, 9am, 10:30am, and 12pm on
Sunday (Latin). St. Patrick has Masses at 5pm on Saturday,
8am and 10:30am on Sunday. This past Sunday was the last
Life Teen Mass at St. Patrick. With the difficulties in
covering Masses at two separate parishes it will not be
possible to continue the Sunday 5pm Mass. Youth group will
continue. In fact the shared resources may help it to thrive
with more available high school aged students. Thank you to
all who worked so hard to bring Christ to our youth.
The Holy Spirit is in charge and may have some
wonderful plans for St. Patrick and St. Bridget. In Jewett
City there is a pastor and an associate priest to cover three
parishes. Each individual parish would not have been able to
afford a music director, but when the three parishes
combined their resources they were able to afford one. I am
told the liturgical celebrations for the Triduum were the best
that anyone can remember.
Change is hard. It is hard for me. I don’t like change. I
remember a church sign that once said: “When you find
yourself becoming resistant to change consider the beauty of
This Pentecost weekend we entrust ourselves to the Holy
Spirit. My prayer is that a new Pentecost of love will descend
on East Hampton and Moodus. Let the words of the
Sequence give comfort to your hearts: “Come, Holy Spirit,
come!....You of comforters the best; You, the soul’s most
welcome guest; Sweet refreshment here below; In our labor,
rest most sweet; Grateful coolness in the heat; Solace in the
midst of woe. O most blessed Light Divine, Shine within
these hearts of yours, And our inmost being fill……On the
faithful, who adore and confess you evermore in your
sevenfold gift descend; Give them virtue’s sure reward; Give
them your salvation, Lord; Give them joys that never end.
Psalm 2:4 says that “The one enthroned in heaven
laughs.” I hope and pray we can all enjoy a good hearty
laugh this Memorial Day weekend. Laughter brings healing
and it lightens the load. God Bless!
Page Four
May 27, 2012
Parish Events
St. Patrick Library is located in the workroom of
the Parish Center. All are welcome!
Sunday, May 27
Monday, May 28
Tuesday, May 29
7:00am E. Hampton Board of Education/Parish Hall
7:00pm Parish Planning/WKRM
Wednesday, May 30
9:30am Why Catholic/WKRM
6:30pm Choir practice/Church
7:00pm Why Catholic/Parish Hall
Thursday, May 31
5:00pm Women’s Acts/Church Hall
7:30pm Cornerstone Prayer Group/KofC All are welcome
Friday, June 1
8:30am Eucharistic Adoration/KofC
2:00pm Wedding/Church
Saturday, June 2
9:00am Life in the Spirit/Parish Hall
10:30am Memorial Mass/Johanna Friscia/Church
If you have yet to register, please call the
Faith Formation Office as soon as possible to
schedule an appointment.
Fees will be
collected at the time of registration. You can be billed or
payments may be made on line through our website:
AVAILABLE to Anyone in Need
St. Patrick Church has the following items available (free)
for anyone in need: An adjustable hospital bed with double
rails, a folding walker, a walker (with seat attachment), an
adjustable shower seat, and an adjustable commode with
handles (all like new).
For more information call the
Parish Office at 860-267-6644.
K I N G for a leader
(as well as, members) to join our Pro-Life Ministry at St.
Meetings will begin, once again, in
September. Is God calling you? If so, please call the
office at 860-267-6644.
The core team would like to extend a very warm
and sincere thank you to all of the parishioners
at Saint Patrick church for their support of the
Life Teen ministry over the past 3 years. To all
of those who cooked and donated food, time and
money, thank you and God bless you.
The majority in our country is
now pro-life. Still, CT does not require parental
notification for abortions by minors.
“The only differences between King Herod of old and
the Herods of today are in the weapons used and the
number of victims. Herod used swords to kill the Holy
Innocents. Today’s Herods use abortion. (Msgr. Ignacio Barreiro-Carambula)
Need post abortion help? Project Rachel is there for
The Saint Patrick Guild will be holding their annual
tag sale on Friday, June 8 from 5-8 pm and Saturday,
June 9 from 9 am to 1 pm in the Saint Patrick Church
parish center in East Hampton . Please note the date
change for this year. The Guild promises an exciting
array of items, as always.
If you are spring cleaning and wish to donate items
for the tag sale, the guild will begin collecting donations
at the parish center on Sunday, June 3 from 3-7 pm.
They will also collect Monday, June 4 to Wednesday,
June 6, from 9 am to 12 noon and 4 to 7pm and
on Thursday, June 7 from 9 am to 12 noon only. Acceptable donations include housewares, linens, toys,
small furniture, kitchen equipment, etc. Please, no computer equipment, books (except children's books) or
Page Five
Pentecost Sunday
Introduction-Liturgy of the Word:
As we come to Pentecost Sunday, the culmination of the
Easter season’s fifty-day feast, we continue to rejoice in the
presence of the Risen Lord in our midst. So also do we
continue to pray the Lord to pour out continually upon his
Church, in every people and nation, the gifts of the Holy
Spirit, who will guide us to all truth and strengthen us to
bear witness to Jesus’ gifts of peace and reconciliation.
Monday: 1 Pt 1:3-9, Mk 10:17-27, Ps 111:5
Tuesday: 1 Pt 1:10-16, Mk 10:28-31, Ps 98:2a
Wednesday: 1 Pt 1:18-25 & Mk 10:32-45, Ps 147:12a
Thursday: Zep 3:14-18, Lk 1:39-56, Isaiah 12:6
1 Pt 4:7-13, Mk 11:11-26, Ps 96:13b
Saturday: Jude 17:20b-25, Mk 11:27-33, Ps 63:2b
Sunday: Dt 4:32-34, 39-40, Mt 28:16-20, Ps 33:4-9, 18-20, 22
Apostolate of Prayer for
May 28: Joseph Kidd 2005, Evelyn Bransfield 2001, Z.
Henry Cylkowski 1991
May 29: Leonard Yanchinsky 2004, Richard Schmelke 1997,
Miranda Cogswell 1994, Helen Krotky 1989, Peter Gianakos
1985, Marie Graham 1980, Felix Beauregard 1972, Rochard
Chamberlain 1971, Mary Roy 1970
May 30: Lorenzo Garneau 2009, John Foran 1998, Leo
Alberti 1991, Albert Chapone 1987, Fr. Alfred Driscoll 1975
May 31: Shirley Violette 2003, Stanley Pupecki 1999;
Johanna McAuliffe 1990, Ernest Kowalsky 1986, Margaret
Donnelly 1975
5/27: Rev. Albert Giaquinto & Msgr. Richard LaRocque
5/28: Rev. Leo Almendra & Rev. Walter Nagle
5/29: Rev. Bartholomew Karwacki & Rev. Thomas Smith
5/30: Rev. George Busto & Rev. Michael Smith
5/31: All Priests
Rev. V. Anthony Alaharasan & Rev. Joseph Nichols
Rev. Kevin Reilly & Rev. Arthur Archer
June 1: William J. Naughton, Sr. 2011, Bartholomew
Amendola Sr. 2001, Victor Brothers 1999, John Sheehan 1981,
Mary Baldyga 1975, William White 1970
June 2: Vilma Valli 1983, Annette McPherson 1978
June 3: Noram Belmont 2011, Frank Farago 2003, William
Kelly 1987, Joseph Fontaine 1986, Helen Koss 1978, Jack
McLarney 1978
Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord. May their souls
and the souls of all the faithful departed through the
mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.
Announcing Fall of 2012-13
Catholic Scripture Study Program
St Patrick will be offering the new fall study on Joshua,
Judges and Ruth. The 28 week study will cost $50 as in
previous years. The set of 3 studies are in one 3-ring binder
and include the answers to the study questions. Each of the
books is also offered individually at the following prices.
Judges (12 wks) $21.95 Joshua (12 wks) $21.95 and Ruth
(4 wks) $ 9.95
A beautiful sacrament full of blessings, romance, love,
commitment, comedy, giving, new life, joys, sorrows, adventure, challenges, responsibilities, growth, memories
and more.
May 29, 1945
“My Darling Sweet Wife:
The first thing I am going to tell you is that I love you very
much. Every time I call you I forget what to say and I forget
to tell you I love you very much. I was really glad to hear
your voice. Honey you are the sweetest person in the world.
I am so glad that I have you for a wife. I am so very much in
love with you. I am really a lucky fellow.”
- from a World War II love letter to “Eula”
Page Six
May 27, 2012
These days with many people owning the new phones
(iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows phones)
health information is literally at your finger tips any time
you need it. There are apps for health, wellness, diet and
fitness as well as many others. “APP” is an abbreviation
for application software. Many of these apps can be obtained for as little as $1 and the majority are under $5.
Many health and fitness magazines also offer apps for
their publications. Some of the diet related apps include
calorie trackers, Body Mass Index (BMI) calculators and
weight-loss plans. If you want to check on a particular
symptom you can download the free WebMD app from
iTunes or This is a reputable
source for medical information but as always no app can
ever replace your doctor’s advice so speak with him/her
as well.
Several months ago on Word Communication Sunday
Pope Benedict XVI encouraged priests to use the new social networking tools. One such tool is called a blog. Fr
Nagle has started a blog for the past two months. In it he
addresses issues such as the HHS mandate and religious
liberty, theology of the body, the Kentucky Derby, and
Marian devotion. To read his blogposts please visit The title of the blog is
Christus Rex-Latin for Christ the King.
A joint scholarship committee of the Knights of Columbus and Guild met last Saturday to evaluate 10 applications. Kim Lanou, Guild President, and John E Hines,
Grand Knight, will award a $1,000.00 each in the name of
their organization at a Mass to be announced.
The committee wishes to thank the 10 outstanding seniors for applying and wishes them every success in their
college/university studies.
Committee members were Jessie Sjoblad, Debbie
Hawkins, Daisy Conway, Bill Russ, Walt Jedziniak, and
Al Vela.
For your information, notes from the Parish Planning
meetings have been made available. Go to St. Patrick’s
website at and on the first page you will
see “click here”.
The next Women’s ACTS retreat will be May 31-June 3
at the Immaculata Retreat Center in Willimantic. For information call Marie 860-537-6386 or 860-537-0079!
Couple’s Evening Retreat: This program will be given
by two couples who have walked together as parents and
grandparents and will focus on finding the Spirit in both
the “oatmeal stirring” of the first half of marriage and the
“twilight” of the second half. May 23, 6:00-9:00pm at
Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center, West Hartford.
For info: 860-521-0440
Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat Weekends: If you are silently grieving after an abortion; healing, forgiveness and
peace can have a beginning with a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat. Retreats are for women and men who have been
struggling emotionally and spiritually. All inquiries are
confidential. June 8-10 in Putnam, CT call 401-421-7833.
Retreat June 22-24 in Litchfield, CT call 203-631-9030.
This ONE day Life in the Spirit Seminar will help to
deepen your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and
the Holy Spirit. Join us on Saturday, June 2 from 9:00am
to 4:00 pm at the St. Patrick Parish Center. This seminar
is presented by Cornerstone Prayer Group. Bring a bag
lunch—beverages will be provided. Pre-registration is
desired by calling George & Regina Looby at 860-2678203.
For the first time in our nation’s history, the federal
government will force religious institutions to facilitate drugs and procedures contrary to our moral convictions, and it will purport to define which religious
institutions are “religious enough” to merit exemption.
Please contact the offices of your Congressional Representatives and United States Senators to express
your opposition to the federal healthcare mandate.
For addresses and phones numbers, please visit: or
Page Seven
Pentecost Sunday
Have you seen the St. Patrick Prayer Board for active
military personnel who are fighting on the front lines for
our freedom? It’s located in the vestibule of the Church,
to the left as you enter from the front steps. We post the
pictures and rank of relatives of our parish family
members and ask that you remember them in daily
prayer. Since there are many new deployments, please
let us know if there are any family members you would
like posted...and may God keep them safe.
Bereavement Support Groups
Every first and third Monday: 5:00-6:30pm,
Conference Room A or B, Middlesex Hospital,
Middletown. Every second and fourth Thursday: 6:308:00pm, Shoreline Medical Center, 260 Westbrook Rd.,
Essex. Every second and fourth Wednesday: 10:0011:30am, One MacDonough Place, Community Room.
(The Hospital’s assisted living facility on the corner of
Main St. Extension and MacDonough Place.) For more
information, please call Chaplain Dennis McCann,
Middlesex Hospital Chaplain, 860-358-6725.
Norwich District Annual Convention Has been
changed from May to September 15, 2012. It will be
held at St. John Church in Montville. Details will follow
when available.
Catholic Cruise to Exotic Eastern Caribbean: Sail
away on a 8-day Cruise with Father Michael Martin
Jones Oct 13-21, 2012. ($1542/2) For info contact Doug
or Eileen at 860-339-1785 or [email protected]
Speaker Dawn Eden: author of “My Peace I Give You:
Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints”
will be speaking at St. Patrick Church on June 25th at
7:00pm. “It’s a message for people like myself who suffered
childhood trauma, particularly those who, like myself, suffered sexual abuse in childhood,” said Dawn to LifeSiteNews.
Interested in learning about Adoption?
Catholic Charities provides services for all members of
the adoption triad: infant adoption placements, domestic
and international home studies and adoption searches.
Contact us at 860-889-8346 ext. 282 or contact
[email protected] for more information.
Do you need help with purchasing a home or
falling behind on mortgage payments?
Free services provided at Catholic Charities to help. For
details call 860-889-8346 ext. 271.
St. Patrick Church Ministries
Adoption Information: Mike & Tina Mohr — 881-7080
Altar Server: Susan Lanzi—267-9984
Altar Society: Maureen Sweeney 267- 2520
ACTS Retreat/Men& Women:
Warren & Beverly Edwards—267-9926
Al & Isabel Vela—267-1508
John & Carol Lambert—267-9157
Baptism Contact:
Sister Dominic Joseph —267-6644
Baptism Class:
Mary Kaye Varni—267-9050
Catholic Scripture Study
Kathy Anderson 365-5003
Child Advocate:
Peggy Puzzo 267-9932
Cobalt Lodge: Daisy Conway—267-0833
Coordinator of Caregiving:
Sister Dominic Joseph—267-6644
Eucharistic Adoration: Sheila Wall—267-9486
Guild: Kim Lanou—267-9235
Knights of Columbus: John Hines—267-4270
Marriage Encounter: Dan & Pam Harazim—267-1184
Nurses’ Ministry: Maggie Coolican—267-0540
Pastoral Council Chair: Peter Bergan—267-4341
Prayer Group: George & Regina Looby—267-8203
Prayer Line: Jann Dalton — 267-5720
Pat Powers — 267-8529
R.C.I.A.: Sister Dominic Joseph—267-6644
Vocation Contact:
Wedding Coordinator: Michelle Donahue—342-0435
Westside Manor: Deb Desrocher—267-0705