Dropout Prevention Plan Cover Sheet

Dropout Prevention Plan Cover Sheet
School District: West Bolivar School District
Superintendent: Henry Phillips, Jr.
Principal: Nathan Towers
School Name: West Bolivar Elementary
Principal: Nehru Brown
School Name: West Bolivar Middle School
Principal: Joe Griffin
School Name: West Bolivar High School
Principal: Raymond Russell
School Name: Joe Barnes Career & Technical
Local Dropout Prevention Team Members
School District:
Mailing Address:
West Bolivar School District
Post Office Box 189; 909 Hwy 8
Rosedale, MS 38769
Phone: (662) 759-3525
Fax: (662) 759-6795
Email address for Superintendent/Team Leader: [email protected]
Please check one area for each
Henry Phillips, Jr.
Daphne Young
Team Leader
Carey Estes
Team Sponsor
Pamela Tucker
Team Parent
Michael Honorable
Team Associate
Sherry Shepard
Dropout Prevention Team Member
Joe Griffin
Dropout Prevention Team Member
Twauna Harris
Dropout Prevention Team Member
Debra Smith
Dropout Prevention Team Member
Shanquivian Hall
Dropout Prevention Team Member
Larry Walker, Sr.
Dropout Prevention Team Member
Jacqueline McNeal
Dropout Prevention Team Member
Carolyn Jenkins
Dropout Prevention Team Member
Raymond Russell
Dropout Prevention Team Member
Alexia Dixon
Dropout Prevention Team Member
Queen Coleman
Dropout Prevention Team Member
Statement of Assurance
On behalf of the West Bolivar School District, I hereby submit a local Dropout Prevention Plan to provide goals,
activities, and services necessary to meet the three overarching goals of the state dropout prevention plan: 1)
increasing the state graduation rate to 85% by 2018-2019; 2) reduce the state dropout rate by 50% by 2012-2013;
and 3) reducing the truancy rate by 50% by 2012-2913.
I hereby certify that the information contained in this plan is in compliance with the appropriate federal and state
laws and regulations.
I hereby certify that our school district will cooperate in carrying out any evaluation conducted by or for the
Mississippi Department of Education.
I hereby certify that our school district will submit reports as requested by the Mississippi Department of
I hereby certify that our school district has consulted with parents, community partners, business partners, teachers,
school staff, building administrators, and others in the development of this local dropout prevention plan.
I hereby certify that our school district has taken into account relevant, scientifically based research, strategies and
best practices indicating services most effective in preventing dropouts if we focused on students in the earliest
I hereby certify that our school district will prepare and submit an annual progress report on increasing the
graduation rate, reducing the dropout rate and reducing the truancy rate.
I hereby certify that our school district will endorse and implement the Fifteen (15) Effective Strategies to promote
a reduction in the dropout rate.
I hereby certify that our school district has based the dropout prevention plan on scientifically based research, best
practices and all laws in determining strategies to reduce the dropout rate for students with disabilities under IDEA.
I hereby certify that our school district will evaluate our district dropout prevention plan on an annual basis to
determine appropriate changes needed for future school years.
I hereby certify that our District School Board has reviewed and approved this plan for submission to the
Mississippi Department of Education.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dropout Prevention Team Leader:
Name: Daphne Young
Title: Federal Programs Director
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 189; 909 Hwy 8, Rosedale, MS 38769
Phone: (662) 759-6316
Fax: (662) 759-6316
District Superintendent: Henry Phillips, Jr.
School Board Chair: Levon Jackson, Sr.
Dropout Prevention Plan
(15 Dropout Prevention Strategies)
Implementation Process
Systemic Renewal
Traffic Officer, Alarm System, MSIS, Needs Assessments, Child Find, SACS, Early Prevention
Screening (EPSDT), ELL Services, Teacher Support Teams (TST)
School-Community Collaboration
Parent-Teacher Organization. Registration, Community Breakfast, Title I Orientation, Parental
Advisory Committee
Safe Learning Environments
Part Title I Funding, Wellness Policy, School Nurse, Guidance Counselors, Traffic Officer, Security
Cameras, Alarm System
Family Engagement
Parent Coordinator/Liaison, Family Reading Nights, Class Nights, Schoolnotes.com, Active Parent
Early Childhood
Head Start Transition
Early Literacy Development
Speech Language Services, Accelerated Reader, Bolivar County Literacy Council
Title Services, After School Tutoring, In-School Remediation/Tutoring
Service Learning
Alternative Schooling
Alternative Education, In-School Suspension (ISS)
After School Opportunities
Title I
Professional Development
Title II, Professional Learning Communities, School Improvement Initiatives
Active Learning
Duke University Talent Search Program, Learning Strategies
Educational Technology
Compass Learning, Study Island, Credit Recovery, USA TestPrep
Individualized Instruction
Special Education/ Gifted Services, Learning Strategies, ICAP, Dual Enrollment, Advanced
Career and Technical Education (CTE)
Tech Prep, ICAP, Vocational Education, Special Populations, Career Center