Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body meeting Thursday, 28 November 2013

Appendix 3.1
Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group
Governing Body meeting
Thursday, 28 November 2013
Commissioning Intentions 2014/15 – update
Sarah Price, Chief Officer
[email protected]
Alison de Metz, Senior Commissioning Support Manager
The purpose of this paper is to update Governing Body members on the development of
the 2014/15 commissioning intentions, the work to incorporate feedback from the recent
stakeholder event and previous public engagement and network meetings and align the
commissioning intentions with national and London ‘Call for Action’ and further planning
This paper provides a summary of both the commissioning intentions and the stakeholder
event feedback. CCG commissioning and functional leads are working with support from
the relevant CSU teams to flesh out the details of the proposed commissioning intentions
and identify the costs, potential efficiencies and benefits. The draft commissioning
intentions were agreed by the Governing Body on 25th September 2013 following initial
discussion at the 25th July Governing Body meeting. The development of the
commissioning intentions is also regularly reported to the CCG Clinical Cabinet, QIPP
Delivery Group and the Commissioning Strategy Plan (CSP) Development Group.
Recent letters from NHS England have set out further information and some of the
expectations about the planning process for 2014/15 and beyond. There are a number of
key objectives of the planning process, including:
 The need to improve outcomes while delivering NHS Constitution rights and pledges
 5 year strategic and 2 year operating plans. 5 year strategic plan will have 2 years
with more granular detail.
 Expectation of joint planning across health economy
 Preparation of draft plans between November and December, refine plans when the
final guidance is issued in December. The first submission is expected to be midFebruary 2014.
 Essential that all health commissioners and providers, and social care work together
to develop local plans
 Plans need to reflect the local health and wellbeing strategy and provider plans need
to reflect CCG commissioning intentions
 Wider than CCG planning is required to develop long term strategic plan.
Another letter from the Local Government Association and NHS England set out
information about preparing and planning for the Integrated Transformation Fund (ITF).
The next step will be to develop the Haringey CCG 5-year plan and a consolidated plan
across North Central London. In terms of the commissioning intentions, finalising and
securing CCG agreement of the commissioning intentions and the 2014/15 QIPP
programme and consolidating them into provider contracts for 2014/15 – 2016/17 will feed
into this process.
The Governing Body is asked to:
 NOTE the commissioning intentions update
Objective(s) / Plans supported by this paper: Supports meeting the commissioning
objectives of the CCG
Audit Trail: The Commissioning Intentions have been shared at the stakeholder event on
17 October 2013. The full stakeholder event feedback report is on the Haringey CCG
Patient & Public Involvement (PPI): This paper builds on feedback from recent public
engagement events including two public meetings in June and meetings of the CCG’s
engagement network.
Equality Analysis: The commissioning intentions for 2014/15 aim to reduce health
inequalities. The development of the commissioning intentions will build on and encourage
on-going community engagement which was raised as a priority in recent public events.
Risks: Development of the 2014/15 commissioning intentions though a transparent and
open approach will enhance commissioning in 2014/15 and support the achievement of the
CCGs vision, values and priorities.
Resource Implications: Resource implications will become clear as the commissioning
intentions are developed.