COVER SHEET West Virginia Young Writers Contest DIRECTIONS:

West Virginia Young Writers Contest
Do not write the student’s name or any other identification on the entry. Entries must be
double-spaced in 8 ½ x 11 format. Do not include graphics in the entries. Entries of poetry will
be disqualified; prose only. Each entry must have a title.
Submit each entry as follows: (1) Cover Sheet, (2) Permission Release and Website Form, (3)
Student entry. Staple together.
Entries for state judging must be submitted electronically by the Young Writers County
Coordinator through the Marshall University Blackboard system by 2/21/14. A system for
electronic submission of the cover sheet and other forms is being considered. Instructions will be
available no later than 2/1/14.
Please enter student and teacher name the way they wish it to appear in the WV Young
Writers Day Program. Please type or print legibly. An MS Word version of this document can
be downloaded from the website below.
Title of entry:
Contest level (Circle one): 1-2
Student Name: ______________________________________
Gender: M___ F___
Student grade level ______ School: _____________________________________________
Teacher Name: ______________________________________________________________
Teacher e-mail: ______________________________________________________________
County: _____________________________ County Coordinator: ____________________
Forms and information:
Contact: Paul Epstein at [email protected] 304-343-5074