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Ballet 5:8 Trainee Audition Form
Cover Sheet
Name: _________________________________________________
Street Address: __________________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________________ State: ________________ Zip: __________________
Phone: __________________________ Email: ________________________________________________
Height: ____________ Date of Birth: _________________Total years dance training since age 7: _________
Total years pointe: ______________ Most recent dance school (name, city, state) and director: ___________
High School : ______________________________ City, State: ____________________________________
Year of Graduation: _____________ Current church: ____________________________________________
Total years attending: _______________________
How do you expect to pay tuition if accepted as a trainee?
Application Checklist
Completed Application form (pages to follow)
Dance resume (1 page only)
Dance instructor’s letter of recommendation
Class DVD or YouTube link
Headshot and first arabesque photo, en pointe
Check to “Ballet Five Eight NFP” for $25 application fee
Mail completed application no later than March 1 to:
Ballet 5:8
20517 S. LaGrange Rd.
Frankfort, IL 60423
1 Ballet 5:8 Trainee Audition Form
Why do you want to become a trainee with Ballet 5:8?
Describe your long-term career goals.
What you do you hope to accomplish through your participation in the Ballet 5:8 Trainee Program?
What part of Ballet 5:8’s mission most resonates with you?
In what ways have you identified yourself as spiritually gifted? What are some of the ways you are
currently using these spiritual gifts at home/church/work?
List five ways you’d like to grow during your study as part of the Trainee Program.
2 Ballet 5:8 Trainee Audition Form
Please briefly share your personal testimony, i.e., the story of how you became a
Christian, or a summary of the reasons why you currently choose to believe in and
be a follower of Jesus Christ. Attach a separate page if needed.
3 Ballet 5:8 Trainee Audition Form
Please list three references below, including their name, phone number, title or occupation, and your
relationship to the person. References should not include immediate family members.
Instructions for class DVD
Applicants please include the following exercises, one side only:
1. Plie
2. Tendu
3. Rond de jamb
4. Grand battement
In the center, one side only:
1. Adagio, including:
a. Grand plié
b. Developés to each direction
c. Penché
d. Promendade
e. Grand pirouette in any position
2. Waltz, including:
a. Pirouettes en dehors and en dedans
b. Pirouette in any open extension
3. Petite allegro, including battu
4. Grand allegro
En Pointe:
1. Classical variation en pointe
DVD/video may be submitted via physical DVD or YouTube link
Thank you for applying to the Trainee Program position at Ballet 5:8!
Please be sure that you’ve provided adequate contact information on the first page. Trainee candidates who
progress into the second round of the application process will be contacted via phone or email regarding the
in-person audition schedule for second-round candidates. Trainee candidates who do not progress to the
second round of the application process will be notified via email.
Please note that second round application candidates will be required to attend an in-person audition
at the Ballet 5:8 studios in March/April.
Finally, please be in prayer as you submit this application and wait for a response. We believe that prayer on
the part of all parties involved is a crucial element in the process of selecting new members for the Ballet 5:8
ministry team.
Sincerely and God Bless,
Ballet 5:8 Staff