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Project courtesy of
Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores®
Designed by Connie Glennon-Hall
• Paper mache letters
• Acrylic paints: red, yellow, bright blue, light blue, green, white
• Paintbrushes: 1" flat, small flat, detail
• Disposable plate
• Water cup
• Paper towels
• Trash bag to protect work surface
• Spray gloss varnish
1. Basecoat the letters in red, bright blue and green. Let dry. Apply a second coat for good coverage.
2. Paint a different design on each letter with white paint. This will be the undercoat, which will allow the final
colors to show up better.
3. Using red, bright blue, green, yellow and light blue, paint over all the white designs, applying 2 coats
if necessary. Let dry.
4. Seal letters with spray gloss varnish.
painted paper mache letters
Skill Level 1: No experience needed
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Approximate Crafting Time: 3-4 hours
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