Summer Research Experience Cover Sheet Name: _________________________________________________ Phone#____________________________

Citrus ID #_____________________ Initials_______
Summer Research Experience Cover Sheet
Name: _________________________________________________ Phone#____________________________
Participants in the Summer Research Experience will gain a firsthand experience in scientific investigation in a dynamic,
collaborative research environment. Students will get support from their partner institutions and will create a research
poster which will be presented at one or more research symposiums. These experiences are paid and require a full-time
commitment for 8 weeks. Please see basic program information below. Note that opportunities vary by institution.
Please check any site(s) where you DO NOT wished to be placed.
� Cal Poly Pomona
Research labs include biochemistry, biology, chemistry, computer science, and engineering. Students
placed at this site will begin June 23.
� CSU Fullerton
Research labs include biochemistry, biology, chemistry, computer science, fossils (curating), geology,
mathematics, and engineering. Students placed at this site will begin June 16.
� Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Research will focus on botany and plant biology. Start date: TBD
� Oak Crest Institute of Science, Pasadena
Research areas include biology and chemistry with a medical or environmental focus. Start date: TBD
� Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Research in the planetary sciences.
Start date: TBD
� City of Hope
Research will be in the areas of molecular and cellular biology. Start date: TBD
□ Chapman University
Research labs will be in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences and related to earth and
environmental issues from the molecular to global scale. Students placed at this site will have the option
to receive on-campus housing and a meal plan. Students placed at this site will begin June 16.
Summer Research Experience Selection Process
All complete applications will be read and scored by two faculty/administrators. Top-scoring applicants
will be invited for on-campus interviews beginning in mid-March and continuing through April.
Citrus ID #_____________________ Initials_______
Summer Research Experience Application Check List
To be eligible to apply you must be:
A US Citizen, Permanent Resident, or have
approved Deferred Action status*
Enrolled at Citrus College
A member of the STEM Academy
Planning to transfer in a STEM major
Working towards your first bachelor’s degree
Finished with a minimum of two STEM classes
(see chart in the application for details) by 6/14
Willing to make a full-time commitment to the
Available and committed to participating in the
Fall 2014 Research Symposium at Citrus
Students from groups traditionally underrepresented in STEM are especially encouraged to apply. Those most often considered underrepresented in
STEM include: Hispanics, African-Americans, and Native Americans/Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders; Students from low-income backgrounds; Students who are
part of the first generation in their family to attend college; Women; Persons with Disabilities; Foster Youth; and Veterans. *AB540 and International Students are
eligible to apply but are ineligible to receive the stipend unless in possession of approved DA status and work permit.
A complete application includes the following:
Summer Research Experience Cover Sheet (with programs selected and signature)
Summer Research Experience Application Check List (signed)
Completed Summer Research Application Form
Completed Personal Statement Form (prompt is the last page of application, please type your response)
Your Citrus ID number and initials on each page of the application
Unofficial transcripts from ALL colleges and universities attended
A print out of your Financial Aid Award letter (can be printed out from wingspan)
Two letters of recommendation submitted electronically by your instructors
Note to applicants:
This opportunity requires a full-time job commitment which may require work on the weekends. Please do not apply if you are
planning to take any summer classes, travel or be out of town during the duration of the program.
Please read the following statements and check the appropriate boxes.
� I understand that Summer Research Experience is offered in collaboration with partner universities and institutions. I
give my permission for the documents submitted as part of this application to be shared with partner campuses/sites to
assist with placement.
� I understand that Summer Research Experience is funded by federal grants that have an evaluation component. I give
my permission for the documents submitted as part of this application to be shared with project evaluators.
� I hereby certify to the best of my knowledge that all information submitted as a part of this application is complete and
correct. I understand that failure to disclose accurate information is grounds for immediate termination from this
Applicant’s Signature
Please submit your complete application to Marianne Smith, Ph.D. (CI221) no later than 5:00 pm:
Priority Deadline: February 24, 2014
Regular Deadline: March 3, 2014
Citrus ID #_____________________ Initials_______
Contact Information
Address: (a) Present_________________________________________________________________________
(b) Permanent ______________________________________________________________________
Permanent home phone number: (______) ________________ Cell phone number: (______) ______________
Citrus E-mail address:
Alternate E-mail address:
Academic Information
Please indicate the year you obtained a high school � diploma________ � GED_________ �Other________
Last High School Attended: Name_________________________________ City________________________
List all colleges and universities you have attended:
College Attended
Start date End Date
_____________________ _______ _______
_____________________ _______ _______
_____________________ _______ _______
Units completed
Reason for leaving
Citrus Major: __________________ Citrus GPA: ________
Expected Transfer Date: _______________
Did you apply for transfer in Fall 2014? � Yes � No If yes, what colleges or universities did you apply to?
Were you accepted?
� Yes � No � Still waiting for notification
� Yes � No � Still waiting for notification
� Yes � No � Still waiting for notification
If no, what colleges or universities are you interested in transferring to:
1st Choice______________________________________________________________________________
2nd Choice______________________________________________________________________________
3rd Choice_____________________________________________________________________________
Do you plan to attend graduate school (Masters and/or Ph.D.)? � Yes � No
Do you plan to attend medical or other health professional school? � Yes � No
If “yes” to any, please indicate field of interest __________________________________________________
Citrus ID #_____________________ Initials_______
Please fill in the charts below, indicate the STEM classes you have taken by writing your grade in the box next to each completed
class. Classes taken at other colleges are also acceptable. Indicate those you are presently taking with a grade of IP=in progress.
Don’t be concerned if you have only taken a couple of the courses listed below.
Physical Anthropology
Physical Anthropology Lab
Course #
Anth 212
Anth 212 L
Astronomy Courses
Planetary Astronomy
Stellar Astronomy
Life in the Universe
Course #
Astr 115
Astr 116
Astr 117
Biology Courses
Course #
Chemistry Courses
Course #
Contemporary topic
Bio 104
Beg. General Chem
Chem 110
General Bio
Bio 105
General Chem 1
Chem 111
Principals of Bio I
Bio 124
General Chem 2
Chem 112
Principals of Bio II
Bio 125
College Chem 1
Chem 103
Environmental Sci
Bio 145
College Chem 2
Chem 104
Bio 220
Organic Chem1
Chem 210
Bio 200
Organic Chem 1L
Chem 211L
Bio 201
Organic Chem 2
Chem 220
Human Genetics
Bio 102
Organic Chem 2L
Chem 221L
Computer Information
Course #
Computer Science
Course #
Info. Systems & Applic.
Electronic Spread Sheets
Web Programing
CSIS 107
CSIS 162
CSIS 119
Intro to Programing
Object Oriented Programing
Information Technology
CS 111
CS 225
Course #
Microcomputer Appli. 1
Web Dev. Drm Weaver
CSIS 130
CSIS 150
PC Hardware and Maint.
Network Technology
IT 104
IT 107
Microcomputer Appli. 2
CSIS 230
Networking Op. Systems
IT 108
Network Comp. Security
IT 109
Virtual Computing
IT 110
Forestry Courses
Course #
Earth Science Courses
Course #
Physical Geology
ESCI 119
Intro to Forestry
For 101
Physical Geology w/ lab
Physical Oceanography
ESCI 120
ESCI 130
Forest Ecology
Plant Identification
For 102
For 103
Intro to GIS
ESCI 180
Outdoor Recreation
For 104
Engineering Courses
ENGR 135
Intro to Engineering
Math Courses
Intermediate Algebra
Plane Trigonometry
Calculus I
Calculus II
Calculus III
Linear Algebra
Intro to Statistics
Course #
Math 150
Math 151
Math 175
Math 190
Math 191
Math 210
Math 211
Math 165
Wildland Fire Management
For 105
Wildlife Management
For 106
Physics Courses
Intro College Phys
Phys A: Mechanics
Phys B: Thermo, E&M
Phys C: Waves, Opt. Mo.
Course #
Phys 110
Phys 201
Phys 202
Phys 203
Math Courses
College Algebra
Math Analysis
Course #
Math 170
Math 162
Citrus ID #_____________________ Initials_______
I have previous research experience through Citrus College or another school/program: � Yes � No
If yes, please indicate date and location:_________________________________________________________
Please indicate the areas of research you are most interested in. Rank the categories below in order of
preference with 1= most interested, etc.
_____Botany/Plant biology
_____Computer Science
_____Earth/Planetary Sciences
_____Fossils (Curating)
_____Molecular & Cellular Biology
Please indicate any research area(s) you would NOT want to be considered for? _________________________
Background Information
Birthdate: _____/_____/_____
� Female
� Male
� Transgender
Check One: �US Citizen �US Permanent Resident �Deferred Action �AB540 �International
Ethnicity (check all that apply): � African-American
� Native American
� Asian
� White
� Hispanic/Latino
� Pacific-Islander
� Other: ____________________________
Have either of your parents/guardians completed a Bachelor’s degree or higher? � Yes
� No
Are you currently working? � Yes � No
Hours per week? _________________________________
If yes, where are you working? ________________________________________________________________
Do you have any disabilities or special needs? � Yes � No
If yes, please explain:________________________________________________________________________
Are you currently a member or a veteran of the armed forces? � Yes No Branch: _____________________
Please indicate the types of financial aid you are currently receiving:
� Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver (BOG)
� Cal Grant
� Federal Work Study
� Cal Works
� Pell Grant
� GI Bill
� Not eligible for aid
Please attach a copy of your award letter. To find your award letter: log on to Wingspan, click on the Financial Aid tab, and then click
on “Award.” Next, click on “Award for Aid Year.” Select 2013-2014 award year. Next click on the “Award Overview” tab. Print the
report and attach it to the application.
Have you ever been convicted of a crime other than minor traffic violations, including Nolo Contendere Plea (a
plea of no contest)? This does not automatically disqualify you for Summer Research � Yes
� No
Citrus ID #_____________________ Initials_______
Letters of Recommendation
A complete application includes two letters of recommendation. List the names of the Citrus instructors or administrators you
have asked to write letters of recommendation. Make sure to ask early so recommenders have time to submit their letters by
the deadline. The recommendation form can be found online at:
1. __________________________________________ 2. ______________________________________________
Short Answers (please attach your typed responses)
1. What interests you about participating in a summer research experience? If you participated last
summer or during the academic year, what would you like to accomplish in a second experience?
2. Briefly discuss your involvement in any college programs, clubs and/or activities. If you have not yet
had an opportunity to participate, what has kept you from becoming involved?
3. Briefly discuss how you have spent time outside of attending classes and completing homework during
the past two years. Have you been involved with extracurricular activities? Family responsibilities?
Work? Community Service?
Personal Statement (please attach your typed response)
In 500 or fewer words, describe what interests you in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, math).
Tell us about yourself and include your short and long term goals. How has your background led you to these
goals and interests? How do you plan to achieve these goals? Indicate any special skills or experiences that will
help you achieve these goals.