April 19-20, 2014
Lori M. Lechowicz
Kyocera TASKalfa 400ci KX
1 through 8
April 13, 2014
Please deliver to PARISH CENTER ONLY
(which is behind the church) in the OFFICE.
Do NOT deliver to the church. Thank you.
Welcome to St. Patrick Church
Member of the Blessed John Paul II Community
April 19-20, 2014
Saturday Vigil: 5:00pm AND Sunday: 8:00am & 10:30am
Weekdays: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri: 8:00am
Holy Day Masses: 8:00am & 7:00pm
Saturday Vigil: 5:00pm AND
Sunday: 7:00, 9:00 & 10:30am - Latin Mass at 12:00pm
Called together by God to experience Jesus and his word,
in the sacraments of the Church and in each other, we are committed to love God
and to embrace all God’s people as witnesses of God’s mercy.
April 19-20, 2014
St. Patrick Church
47 West High St.
P.O. Box 177
East Hampton, CT 06424-0177
Office: 860-267-6644
Fax: 860-267-7807
Rectory: 860-267-6646
Email: [email protected]
Web address:
Welcome to our Parish Family
Newcomers to the parish are invited to introduce
themselves to Father Nagle after Mass and to
register at the Parish Office.
Please advise the Pastor, Pastoral Associate, or Administrative
Assistant to arrange pastoral visits or Holy Communion for
those who are sick, hospitalized or homebound.
Saturdays from 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Also arrangements can
be made by calling the Rectory.
Pastoral Team
Rev. Walter M. Nagle, Pastor
Sister Dominic Joseph Valla, A.S.C. J.
Pastoral Associate
Lori M. Lechowicz, Administrative Assistant
Dani Annino, Director of Faith Formation
John P. Higgins, Director of Music & Organist
Arrangements can be made by calling the Parish Office.
Couples must contact the Pastor at least one year in advance to
reserve a date and make arrangements.
In a large parish, keeping the information on parishioners up to
date is a difficult task. You can be of immense help in this
regard. If you move or change your telephone number, please
contact the parish office (267-6644). Not only will this help
avoid confusion, but it will also save the cost of paying
additional charges for returned mail. Thank you.
8:30am - 3:00pm, Monday - Thursday
8:30am - 12:00 Noon - Friday
Bulletin Deadline
Please submit articles no later than
noon on Monday
For those are using the on-line giving program,
Listed below are the extra collections for the
upcoming months:
April 20 - Easter/Sick & Infirmed Priests
May 4 - Spiritual Programs
May 25 - Seminary Offering
May 29 - Ascension
Handicap Accessible
Stewardship of Treasure
Aril 6, 2014
Week 41 of the Fiscal Year
Ordinary Income:
Budgeted Goal:
Actual Collection:
On-Line Giving
$ 545.50
“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things
that are on earth.” Colossians 3:2
Do you put God first in all things? Possessions, money,
power, ego can easily become gods to many of us. Do a
quick check of what is important to you. Is God at the
very top of the list? If not, your priorities need to be readjusted. Don’t let earthly things become your gods.
April 19-20, 2014
Resurrection of the Lord
“When Christ your life appears, then you too will
appear with him in glory.” Colossians 3:4
Holy Saturday, April 19
8:00pm Peter Parzych req. by Mom, Dad & Brother, Robert
Welsh and Jerry & Terry DeGasperi req. by
Renee & Michael DeGasperi
EASTER Sunday, April 20
8:00am In Thanksgiving to the Lord for His Special
Blessings req. Dianery DeLaney
10:30am Sheila Wall req. by Barbara, Judith and Rita, Agnes
DiStefano req. by Thomas DiStefano and family,
Dolores O’Neil req. by Dani & Bob Annino and
Barbara Harmon req. by The Charles Harmon
Monday, April 21
8:00am Grandchildren of Angelina Madalena
Tuesday, April 22
8:00am John Piercey req. by Al & Isabel Vela
Wednesday, April 23
8:00am Sheila Wall req. by Mary Lu Wall
Thursday, April 24
Friday, April 25
Eucharistic Adoration Immediately following 8:00am Mass
8:00am Sheila Wall req. by Her Acts Family
2nd Sunday of Easter
“What do you know?” is the question
linking all three readings today. Imagine the shock waves
that shot through the city of Jerusalem that first Easter
morning. Jesus’ body was missing!
By the time Peter spoke the words found in today’s first
reading, fifty days had passed, so he began by saying, in
effect, “I take it you know what has been reported all
over Judea about Jesus of Nazareth.” Of course they
knew by then, but in today’s Gospel we are taken back to
the first day. We meet Mary Magdalene exclaiming,
“We don’t know where they put him!”
What do we know? In the second reading Paul asks, “Do
you not know that a little yeast leavens all the dough?”
Do we know the power of our own faith? Do we know
the effect we can have on others? Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Where is your sting, O death?
Where is your victory, O hell?
Christ has risen, and you are overthrown.
Christ has risen, and the demons have fallen.
Christ has risen, and the angels rejoice.
Christ has risen, and life reigns.
Christ has risen, and not one dead rests in the grave.
For Christ having risen from the dead became the firstfruits of them that slept.
To him be glory and majesty to ages of ages.
Amen. —Byzantine Pentekostarion
Saturday, April 26
5:00pm June Miller Toce req. by Mary Ann & Dennis Wall,
Jeanne Nagle req. by Judith Hughes, Lillian Plourde
req. by the Martin Family and Bart Cusack req.
by Jay and Ela Cusack
Sunday, April 27
8:00am Deceased members of St. Patrick’s church
10:30am Raymond Ruloequ req. by Joan Fomento
The 3-bedroom house next door to the Church,
which once was used as the Convent, is now
available for rent. If you or someone you know is
interested, please give the office a call at 860-2676644. Be advised….this is a no smoking, no pet
rental home.
It is the hour to rend thy chains, the blossom time of
souls. —Katharine Lee Bates
April 19-20, 2014
Parish Events
St. Patrick Library is located in the workroom of
the Parish Center. All are welcome!
Saturday, April 19
Sunday, April 20
Monday, April 21
7:00pm Finance Meeting/WKRM
7:00pm Rosary for Life/Church
7:30pm Pro Life Meeting/KofC
Tuesday, April 22
A beautiful sacrament full of
blessings, romance, love, commitment, comedy, giving, new life, joys, sorrows, adventure,
challenges, responsibilities, growth, memories and more.
A happy marriage is the greatest wealth a man can possess,
and one that a peasant can have as easily as a king. (Douglas
Marriage must incessantly contend with a monster that can
devour everything: familiarity. (Honore de Balzac)
Wednesday, April 23
Thursday, April 24
7:30pm Cornerstone Prayer Group/K of C All are welcome
Friday, April 25
St. Patrick Church Youth
Faith Formation Registration
Faith Formation Registration for all
grade levels will be held on Wednesday,
April 30, 2014 from 4pm - 7pm in the Parish
Center. Pre-printed registration forms will be
available for all currently enrolled Faith Formation students.
If you are unable to attend the registration, please call
the Faith Formation Office (267-6644) or email
[email protected] to schedule an appointment
beginning on May 5, 2014. Classes are filled as the completed
registration forms are received in the Faith Formation Office.
A late fee of $25 will be charged for any re-enrollments
received after May 30, 2014. Fees will be collected at the
time of registration, or you can be billed or payments may be
made online.
Christ is risen from the dead!
We have walked the way with Christ,
To his suffering and death on the cross;
We now hear in the echoing tomb
A never-ending “Alleluia!”
This is the day
You have made for us, O Lord,
To praise you and thank you,
To bless you and glorify you
For raising Christ from the dead.
This is the day
You raise us from the dead,
Born anew in the waters of baptism,
Risen with Christ to life eternal,
Now and forever.
Congratulations to our young adults who received
the Sacrament of Confirmation on March 1. Each
has given more than 40 hours of service to their
community, participated in fifty hours of classroom instruction, attended a retreat, and worked
with their sponsors over the past two years in order to prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. May God continue to bless them and all
that they do.
Drew "Sebastian" Arcidiacono, Alexander "Isidore" Basil,
Cody "Julius" Bernard, Avery "Francis Xavier" Blaszko,
Melissa "Maria" Bosse, Matthew "Thomas" Brady, Emily
“Bernardine" Brock, Monique "Sebastiana" Cloutier, Tyler
"Sebastian" Costa, Carli "Vitus" D'Antonio, Joanna " Joan"
Dabkowski, Hannah "Catherine" Daddario, Natalie
"Josephine" Dash, Nicole " Victoria" DeMartino, Daniel
"John" Einsiedel, Michelle "Rose" Emmett, Jaimie "Francis"
Farren, Liam "Samson" Flannery, Kamryn "Katherine"
Geysen, Valerie "Lucy" Girvin, Lindsay "Eileen" Hopkins,
Carolyn "Perpetua" Jedziniak, Alexander "John" Karalus,
Madison " Adelaide" Kasperski, Austin "Cornelius" Kelly,
Thomas "Francis" Kriss, Samuel "Rocco" Laraia, Ryan
"Nicholas" Lysak David "Gregory" Mann Jr., Cassandra
"Catherine" Maynard, Kayla "Rose" McLaughlin, Connor
"Paul" Michaud, Randall "Andrew" Michaud, Mara "Anne"
Owens, Kevin "Paul" Radavich, Renee "Antoinette"
Radavich, Emma "Lillian" Rushin, Delaney "Jean" Savage,
Austin "Sebastian" Senick, Alyssa "Julia" Sitro, Chad
"Jordan" Stanton, Scott "Gerard" Svalestad Jr., Kate "Lucy"
Taylor, Ross "Bernard" Tomanelli, Francesca "Claire"
Tomasi, Amanda "Theresa" Weech, Katherine " Rose" Williams, Owen "Aloysius" Wosleger, Natalie "Margaret"
Zemina, and Ryan "Francis" Zesk
April 19-20, 2014
Introduction-Liturgy of the Word:
Brothers and sisters, Christ is risen! Today we rejoice that
the tomb has no power over our Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ. But this is not the end; it is only the beginning. As
we hear God’s word today, and renew our baptismal
promises, and pray the Eucharistic Prayer, and receive
Communion, we must begin to figure out what it means for
each one of us that Jesus Christ is risen in our own lives.
Let us pray for the grace to begin.
Saturday: Gn 1:1–2:2, Gn 22:1-18, Ex 14:15–15:1,
Is 54:5-14, Is 55:1-11, Bar 3:9-15,32–4:4,
Ez 36:16-28, Rom 6:3-11, Ps 118:1-2,16-17, 22-23,
Mt 28:1-10
Sunday: Acts 10:34, 37-43, Ps 118:1-2, 16-17, 22-23,
Col. 3:1-4 , Jn 20:1-9
Monday: Acts 2:14, 22-3; Mt 28:8-15
Tuesday: Acts2:36-41, Jn 20:11-18
Wednesday: Acts 3:1-10, Lk 24:13-35
Thursday: Acts 3:11-26, Lk 24:35-48
Friday: Acts 4:1-2, Jn 21: 1-14
Apr 19: Anna Walsh 2003
Apr 20: James Walsh 1998, Robert Barnes 1982, Philip
Woods Sr .1975, Fr. John Carey 1971
Apr 21: Bernard McTigue Sr. 1991, Donald Shaw 1990,
Gertrude Tully 1990, Cecelia Collings 1987, Paul Bransfield
1983, William Sladyk Jr. 1983, Christie Jones 1982, William
Blodgett III 1978, Lloyd Martin 1973
Apr 22: Viola V. Rutty 2012, Joseph Seckla, Sr. 2005, Stanley
Sadlowski Sr 2000, Anthony Becker 1994, Anna Miner 1987,
Louis Brow 1986, Carol Brunette 1986, Charles Bernardi
1978, Fr William Baldwin 1977, Lena Byron 1972
Apr 23: Francis R. Coughlin 2007, Anna Stabinski 2000,
Marcolina Rodriguez 1997, Glynn Baron 1992, Fr. Vincent
Murphy 1991, Bishop Vincent Hines 1990, Lillian Daigle
1986, Eileen Pella 1976
Apr 24: Richard Sexton 1995, Thomas Hughes 1994, Edward
Schnick 1992, Alex Bishop 1988, John Haley 1984
Apr 25: Stanley Ukleja 2013, Lawrence Gates 1994, James
Harrigan 1994, Katherine Marquis 1986, Eileen Lachapelle
1982, Anselme Mauceau 1980, Joseph Blair 1974
Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord. May their souls
and the souls of all the faithful departed through the
mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.
The number of abortions in the United States
has declined 25% since 1990. Still, CT
abortion rate is 30% higher than U.S.
"Nothing we do to defend the human person, no matter how
small, is ever unfruitful or forgotten. Our actions touch other
lives and move other hearts in ways we can never fully
understand in this world. Don’t ever underestimate the beauty
and power of the witness you give in your pro-life
work." (Archbishop Charles Chaput)
Need crisis pregnancy help? ABC Woman’s Center is there
for you. (860-344-9202; email: [email protected])
Apostolate of Prayer for
Father, recall to our priests that they hold between their hands the Most
Precious Treasure of the Church.
Mother Catherine Aurelia, Foundress
4/19: Rev. Brian Converse & Rev. Krzystztof
4/20: Our Holy Father
4/21: V.Rev. Michael Phillippino & Rev. Bruce Quinn
4/22: Rev. George Busto & Rev. Thomas Smith
4/23: Rev. Brian Romanoski & Rev. John Ashe
4/24: Tomasz Albrecht & Rev. Sylva LeCours
4/25: Rev. Leo Almendra & Rev. Patrick Martin
Operation Rice Bowl
During the past six weeks, our parish
community has prayed, fasted and given alms
with a special focus on the poorest members
of our global community. Our lives were touched by stories
from Kenya, Guatemala, the Philippines, Malawi, Haiti, and
the United States. Through our Lenten prayers and
donations, we have touched the lives of millions of people
served by Catholic Relief Services, our representative to the
poorest communities in the world.
If you have not returned your Rice Bowl, please do so as
soon as possible. It would be very helpful if you could
please, convert your coins into paper money to make it
easier to collect. Thank you for your generosity!
Question to Ponder:
How will I bring the reality of having met the Risen Jesus in
word, Eucharist, and others to those in the multiple settings of
my daily life who may never have encountered Jesus or the
transforming power of his compassionate love?
April 19-20, 2014
Risk Factors of a Heart Attack
There are modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors to heart
disease. Modifiable are risk factors that can be altered with lifestyle adjustments where non-modifiable risk factors cannot.
Non-Modifiable Risk factors: Age, gender, and heredity.
Modifiable Risk factors:
Tobacco use: smokers are at 2-4 times at greater risk then nonsmokers. Cigarette smoking is a powerful independent risk factor
of sudden cardiac death in patients with coronary heat disease.
High blood cholesterol: As blood cholesterol rises, so does risk
of coronary heart disease. A person’s cholesterol level is also
affected by age, sex, heredity and diets.
High blood pressure: High blood pressure increases the
heart's workload, causing the heart muscle to thicken and become stiffer. It also increases your risk of stroke, heart attack,
kidney failure and congestive heart failure. When high blood
pressure exists with obesity, smoking, high blood cholesterol
levels or diabetes, the risk of heart attack or stroke increases
several times.
Physical inactivity: An inactive lifestyle is a risk factor for
coronary heart disease. Regular, moderate-to-vigorous physical
activity helps prevent heart and blood vessel disease. Physical
activity can help control blood cholesterol, diabetes and obesity,
as well as help lower blood pressure in some people.
Obesity and overweight: People who have excess body fat,
especially if a lot of it is at the waist, increases the likelihood to
develop heart disease even if they have no other risk factors.
Excess weight increases the heart's work because often the
blood pressure is higher. It also raises blood pressure & blood
cholesterol thus increasing the chances of diabetes. Many
obese and overweight people may have difficulty losing weight.
But by losing even 10% from your current weight, you can lower
your heart disease risk.
Diabetes mellitus
: Diabetes seriously increases your risk of
developing cardiovascular disease. At least 65% of people with
diabetes die of some form of heart or blood vessel disease. If
you have diabetes, it's extremely important to work with your
healthcare provider to manage it and control any other risk fac-
CONCERT: Saturday, May 3rd at 7:00pm the GMChoral will present Beatitude Mass (for the Homeless) featuring a pre-concert lecture
at the MHS Performing Arts Center, Middletown. For more information email [email protected]
Philip Retreat: Saturday, May 3rd from 8:30-4:00 and Sunday,
May 4th from 8:30—1:30 at 11 Bath St., Norwich. For more information call 860-887-0702.
Ignatian Spirituality: Friday-Sunday, May 2-4th A Bridge Between Contemporary Culture and Christian Spirituality with Fr. Jim
Bowler retreat will be held at Holy Family Center. For more information call 860-760-9705.
Couple’s Evening Retreat: Wednesday, May 7th, 6:00-9:00pm
at Holy Family Center, Cultivate the Power of Now in your Relationship. Call 860-760-9705 for more information.
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Workship: For
those who bring Communion to the sick and homebound, Saturday,
May 10th, 9:00-12:00 at St. Columbia Parish, Columbia. For information call 860-848-2237 or go to for registration.
Music Ministry Evening: June 10 & 11 from 6-9:00pm at Holy
Family Center. For more information call 860-760-9705.
Please join us in praying the Rosary for
Pro-life every Monday evening at 7:00pm
in the church.
WHITE MASS for Health Care Workers
The 24th Annual White Mass for Health Care Workers and Caregivers of all faiths, Cathedral of Saint Patrick, 213 Broadway,
Norwich, Sunday, May 4, 2014, 9:00 a.m. Brunch will immediately follow in the Church Hall. Celebrant: Rev. Msgr. Anthony
S. Rosaforte. Homilist and Speaker: Reverend Tadeusz Pacholoczyk, Ph.D. For information call 860-887-9294, ext. 232.
The 19th Annual Secretaries’ Mass in thanksgiving for secretaries
of all faiths, Thursday, April 24, 2014, 12:00 p.m., Cathedral of
St. Patrick, Norwich. Following the Mass a complimentary
luncheon will be served. Celebrant: Most Reverend Michael R.
Cote, D.D. Homilist: Very Reverend Dennis Perkins. For reservations or more information call 860-887-9294, ext. 234.
59th Annual Convention
All women in the Diocese are cordially invited to attend the Norwich Diocesan Council of Catholic Women’s 59th Annual Convention on Saturday, May 17th, at St. Mary Church of the Visitation, Putnam, CT. The day begins at 9:00 registration and coffee.
The keynote speaker is Sr. Mary Ellen SCMM and her topic will
be The Transformative Power of Dreams. The liturgy will be
celebrated at 12:00 noon followed by lunch. For more information contact Patricia at 860-923-9259.
Defending Our Religious Liberty
#112 April 20, 2014
The President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops,
Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz, has sent a letter to President Obama
asking that, in light of concessions made to others in the implementation of the health care law, the administration at least temporarily exempt religious institutions from paying crippling fines
until the courts decide the religious freedom issue of having to
pay for plans that include sterilization, abortion-inducing drugs
and contraceptives.
If you haven’t done so already, please voice your opposition to
the HHS mandate by calling President Obama at the White House
at 202-456-1111 or Secretary of Health and Human Services
Kathleen Sebelius at 202-205-5445. Let them know that the mandate is in violation of our First Amendment right to religious freedom.
April 19-20, 2014
Have you seen the St. Patrick Prayer Board for active military
personnel who are fighting on the front lines for our freedom?
It’s located in the vestibule of the Church, to the left as you
enter from the front steps. We post the pictures and rank of
relatives of our parish family members and ask that you
remember them in daily prayer. Please let us know if there are
any family members you would like posted...and may God
keep them safe.
“Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as
they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless
acts they perform for us in our time of need. We ask this in the
name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen.”
Bereavement Support Groups
Every first and third Monday: 5:00-6:30pm, Conference
Room A or B, Middlesex Hospital, Middletown. Every second
and fourth Thursday: 6:30-8:00pm, Shoreline Medical
Center, 260 Westbrook Rd., Essex. Every second and fourth
Wednesday: 10:00-11:30am, One MacDonough Place,
Community Room. (The Hospital’s assisted living facility on
the corner of Main St. Extension and MacDonough Place.) For
more information, please call Chaplain Dennis McCann,
Middlesex Hospital Chaplain, 860-358-6725.
The Lenten journey is now complete; its mission of
renewal and preparation to receive new life fulfilled. The
call to worship the Risen Lord has been received, and we
gather to experience together the consoling presence of
Christ in word and sacrament. We are at our best today,
crowded and cramped to be sure, but the fullest sign of
who were are meant to be. Christ has claimed us in the
waters of baptism, we have acquired wonderful
companions, and together we can accomplish great things.
This is the day for rekindling the old flames of
baptismal commitment, so we light the paschal candle, and
by its light we make yet again the ancient promises to reject
evil’s grip and empty promises. Today we do not recite the
Creed, but respond with one voice to age-old questions.
New life has to be nurtured, both the life of the newly
baptized and the renewed life of those who have passed
through Lent’s refining prayer, fasting, and giving alms. At
any Mass during the next fifty days, you may be surprised
by grace and splashed by water! Rev. James Field, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
A Mass of Anointing for the Blessed John Paul II
Community will be held at St. Patrick Church on Sunday,
April 27 2013 at 10:30AM. Father Walter Nagle will confer
the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. It is NOT a
sacrament for those only who are at the point of death, but is
important for any Catholic who has an illness or is suffering
from old age. The Sacrament seeks to comfort, strengthen the
soul of the sick person, quiets anxiety, dissipates fear, and
embraces God’s will.
Join the Knights of Columbus, St. Bridget of Kildare
Council #9358 on Sunday, April 27th for their annual
Polish Festival Dinner and Music. The music, featuring
“The Happy Travelers Band” begins at 3:00pm followed by
dinner at 5:00pm. Come for a traditional dinner of
Pierogi, Golabki and Kielbasa. For tickets call Bill Talbot
at 860-334-1356. All tickets are $20.
The Archdiocesan Office for Catholic Social Justice Ministry, in
collaboration with the Interreligious Eco-Justice Network, invites
you to attend the second Riverfront Earth Day in Hartford on
Sunday, April 27th. Come to the Prayer Service at Charter Oak
Cultural Center at 12:45pm, followed by a march/procession to
the Riverfront Mortensen Plaza where there will be speakers,
exhibits, food and entertainment from 1:00-4:00pm. To register
individually or group visit: or send
email to [email protected]
St. Patrick Church Ministries
Altar Servers: Susan Lanzi 267-9984
Altar Society: Maureen Sweeney 267-2520
ACTS Retreat/Men& Women: Warren & Beverly Edwards
267-9926, Al & Isabel Vela 267-1508, and John & Carol Lambert 267-9157
Baptism Contact: Sister Dominic Joseph 267-6644
Baptism Class: Mary Kaye Varni 267-9050
Catholic Scripture Study: Kathy Anderson 365-5003
Child Advocate: Peggy Puzzo 267-9932
Cobalt Lodge: Daisy Conway 267-0833
Coordinator of Caregiving: Sister Dominic Joseph 267-6644
Eucharistic Adoration: Margaret Bannon 267-2165 and
Joan Fomento 267-8512
Guild: Melissa Jones 467-6544 & Nancy McFatter 267-4653
Knights of Columbus: Keith Lanou 860-680-4988
Marriage Encounter: Dan & Pam Harazim 267-1184
Nurses’ Ministry: Mary Gould 860-267-4643
Pastoral Council Chair: Peter Bergan 267-4341
Prayer Group: George & Regina Looby 267-8203
Prayer Line: Jann Dalton 267-5720 & Pat Powers 267-8529
Pro-Life: Bill & Debbie Lonsdale 267-1878 and
Rev. Walter Nagle 267-6644
R.C.I.A.: Sister Dominic Joseph 267-6644
Vocation Contact: Rev. Walter Nagle 267-6644
Wedding Coordinator: Michelle Donahue 342-0435
Westside Manor: Deb Desrocher 267-0705