2010-11 Tiger, Inc. Policy & Procedures Binder Sample

Tiger, Inc.
Policy & Procedures Binder
(Employee Manual/Notebook)
Cover Sheet
Please create your own personalized manual cover which will be
placed in the front of your Policy and Procedures binder.
Include the following items on your Policy manual cover:
1. Employee Name (First and Last)
2. Department and Shift
3. Director’s Name
4. Grading Term
5. Tiger, Inc. – Policy Manual
6. A graphic of your choice
(You may draw your own art but be certain to scan and place the art in a document.)
amarshall/Policy Manual 2010-11
Rev 8/9/2010 8:48:48 AM
New Hires
Sonya Hutchinson and Audrey Marshall, Directors
August 10, 2010
We would like to welcome you as a new employee of Tiger, Inc. Becoming an employee with our company is an
opportunity for you take charge of your learning. Each employee of Tiger, Inc. is expected to succeed by working
towards the attainment of high-level, employability skills.
Tiger, Inc. is a program designed to train young adults by helping them to develop important life skills such as
goal setting, time management, and organization while increasing technical knowledge. Employees who
complete Tiger, Inc. coursework will finish with measurable and validated competencies that are certified in
portfolios. These portfolios can be used in the job market or in furthering their education. Part of the uniqueness
and success of this program is that employees can progress at their own rate, exempt competencies they have
attained, and have choices in the areas in which they train.
As the Directors of Tiger, Inc., we want to encourage you to become excited about the opportunity that awaits you
as an employee of our company. Attached are inserts for your company manual. These inserts are to be kept in
your policy manual and will contain information related to your duties as an employee with Tiger, Inc. Please
thoroughly read all information. You will be given an opportunity to ask additional questions during company
orientation. After completion of your orientation your Director will be providing you with information for completing
weekly time management plans to assist you in the attainment of company/personal goals.
Once again, welcome aboard!
amarshall/Policy Manual 2010-11
Rev 8/9/2010 8:48:48 AM
Employees are expected to meet all company goals and apply knowledge through real life situations. A variety of training
methods are employed to teach decision-making, problem solving, communication, and employability and technological
skills to employees of Tiger, Inc. Techniques include the use of small and large group discussions, lecture, independent
study, simulations, gaming, demonstration, peer teaching and cooperative learning methodology. Hands on and problem
solving experiences are utilized to allow employees to become engaged in the learning activities, learn appropriate
business protocol, and to practice desired behaviors and attitudes. Employees are expected to become actively involved
in activities, experiences, and assessments that deal with applying, synthesizing, and evaluating knowledge and skills.
Tests, performance assessments, laboratory work, project reports, assignment completion and project presentations are
used in assessing employee learning and progress throughout the course.
General Policies & Procedures
1. Respect the rights of others to learn. Take pride in your work.
LAB. (See AHS handbook)
3. Each employee will be expected to be seated immediately after the sound of the tardy bell. (See AHS tardy policy)
A seating chart will be made by the Director. Please enter the room quietly and obtain necessary materials for
efficient work.
4. All machinery is valuable and should be taken care of by all employees. Do not sit on desks or lean on equipment.
5. You are responsible for maintaining a clean workstation at all times. (Tiger Bucks will be deducted when
workstations are not left in order.
6. Please take care of personal needs before reporting to work each day.
This includes but is not limited to:
Leaving the office for any reason (examples: reporting to other staff, restroom, water, locker, etc…).
Personal grooming, (i.e. applying make-up, combing hair, etc.)
7. Each employee will be expected to be prepared for work at all times. This includes completing all assigned tasks
by the assigned due date and maintaining supplies necessary for efficient work. These supplies include: 1) blue
pen and/or pencil, 2) binder/notebook with dividers, 3) notebook paper to take notes. Please do not borrow
supplies from others and these supplies will NOT be furnished by the Director.
8. Each employee will have an employee file. All graded work must be returned to the Director to place in the
employee's file. Any graded assignment that is not placed in the employee file will receive a grade of zero.
9. Please remain quietly seated at your workstation at all times unless otherwise instructed by the Director. If you
require assistance see your shift’s department manager or vice president. If a manager cannot assist you, quietly
raise your hand for help when necessary.
10. Only one employee is allowed at the printer station(s) at all times.
11. Any employee reporting to work thirty (30) minutes after the bell sounds will forfeit one day of attendance for the
class, regardless of the excuse. (See AHS handbook)
limited to the following:
exchanging papers, disks and/or files with another employee
removing your disk from the class
copying/saving files from another employee
copying/saving files to or from jump/flash drives, CD-RWs, or other network locations other than your p-drive or an area
designated by the Director
talking or communicating during times when assessments are given
Employees are expected to remain silent during testing. Any communicating during the administration of a
test is PROHIBITED and is considered CHEATING!
See AHS student handbook for additional definitions of cheating. Parents & administration will be informed if an employee is found guilty of
amarshall/Policy Manual 2010-11
Rev 8/9/2010 8:48:48 AM
Make Up Work:
UNEXCUSED ABSENCES! Grades will be given only for excused absences. A grade of zero (0) will be given if
your absence is not excused WITHIN THREE DAYS by the AHS administration.
14. Employees are to schedule an appointment with the Director to make up any missed assignments. Assignments
may be made up by serving overtime before, during or after your assigned shift.
Assignments (Example – Modules, Tests, Projects) given prior to an absence may be completed upon your
return to work unless otherwise stated by the Director. This does not include assignments (Example –
Tests/Projects) that have been assigned prior to any absence.
15. Employees will be responsible submitting assignments on or before the due date if work was assigned prior to
an absence. This includes signing up for tests/quizzes.
16. It is the responsibility of the employee not the Director to find out what was missed during an absence.
17. Employees assigned to ISS are responsible for completing all assignments and work missed. NO
Employees are working towards the attainment of employable competencies. Competency certificates will be
presented at the end of each term. Employees will work at their own pace—meaning that each person has
discretion regarding what company activity he/she wishes to complete towards personal and company goals each
day. See each course for specifics regarding evaluation specifics.
Evaluation Scale:
18. Employee Evaluations will be assigned to each employee on the following scale:
A = 100-90
D = 69-65
B = 89-80
F = 64 & Below
C = 79-70
Professional Behavior
Professional behavior and attire will be expected from all company employees. Those choosing to wear
hats/bandannas, revealing or inappropriate clothing will be referred.
A company’s success depends on the ethical behavior of its employees. Our company will not tolerate unethical
employee behavior. Examples of unethical behavior include but are not limited to cheating, stealing, disrespectful
behavior towards the Directors, vice president, manager or other employees, inappropriate language, sexual
harassment, misuse of technology, misuse of company resources, playing computer games, visiting noncompany related websites, and wasting company time (unproductively).
Any breech of ethical behavior in this program will result in an employee warning and a conference with the
Director, parents contacted, and administration and possibly criminal justice representatives informed.
Attendance Policy
An employee should always be at work unless he/she has an extreme illness or family emergency. Tiger, Inc. is a
company and each employee has daily responsibilities which make attendance important. Appointments and
personal commitments should not be scheduled during ―company time. Employees will be expected to be at work
daily unless prior notification is given.
A memo must be addressed to the company Director prior to any scheduled absences. An employee
must call the Tiger, Inc. office AND speak with the Director before any anticipated absence or lateness
just as he/she would on a job. The phone number is (334) 887-4994. You may leave a message if no one
is available to take your call. Failure to notify your department’s Director, Vice President, or Department
Manager will result in a demerit for each occurrence.
An employee bonus will be given at the end of the grading period to employees without absences for that grading
period. Any extenuating circumstance concerning attendance will be dealt with on an individual basis through a
meeting of the Director, employee, parent and administration.
amarshall/Policy Manual 2010-11
Rev 8/9/2010 8:48:48 AM
Punctuality as well as attendance is important. It is imperative, therefore, that employees develop the habit of
arriving to work on time and being prepared to start work immediately. An employee bonus will be given at the
end of each grading period for any employee who has reported to work on time daily for that grading period.
General Business Policies (See the following handouts)
Course Syllabus
Internet Acceptable Use Policy
Safety Rules
amarshall/Policy Manual 2010-11
Rev 8/9/2010 8:48:48 AM
Tiger Bucks & Employee Incentive Drawings
As part of your training in Tiger, Inc., Tiger Bucks can be earned for demonstrating certain types of professional
and effective behavior. Tiger Bucks earned can be used to purchase items during the Tiger, Inc. Employee
Incentive Drawing held quarterly. Only employees who have earned no more than two demerits, two tardies AND
two absences will qualify to participate in the Tiger, Inc. Employee Incentive Drawing. The following are methods
(but not limited to) that employees can earn or lose Tiger Bucks.
Earning Tiger Bucks
Passing a test with at least 90% the first time taken
First time evaluation on a assignment is perfect (100%)
Having completed the most assignments for each nine week grading period in your department
Earning the most 100’s on your graded assignments for each nine week grading period in your company
Assisting Director in completing projects—must be signed by the Director upon completion of the project
Extra Mile assignments—documented by a memo to the Director
Volunteering to assist/present oral presentation
100% attendance for the nine-week grading period, with no tardy, check in, or check out
Providing information for a ―Motivation Moment‖ concept
Soliciting and reserving a guest speaker
Suggesting a company improvement suggestion-that is implemented
Recruitment of FBLA professional member
Participation in dress up days
Tiger, Inc. or approved AHS improvement/beautification project
Joining FBLA
Holding office in FBLA & completing assigned duties
Participating in FBLA fundraisers/activities/workshops
Placing 1 , 2 , or 3 in FBLA competitions
Attending District, State or National Competition
Losing Tiger Bucks
Not attaining a minimum of 65% on any assignment/test taken
Bringing any food or drink in Tiger, Inc. (even if it is unopened)
Chewing gum or eating
Use of cell phone or non-approved electronic device during company time
Failure to maintain a clean and neat workstation (chairs pushed in and workstation clear of all books,
trash and/or paper)
Sleeping/laying head down during company time
Being disrespectful to other employees, the company managers, Director or visitors
Failure to pass a assignment on the 3rd attempt
Failure to notify Director BEFORE absence or tardy
amarshall/Policy Manual 2010-11
Rev 8/9/2010 8:48:48 AM
Tiger, Inc.
All employees of Tiger, Inc. have a direct impact on the image of our organization in the way they ACT, as well as their
APPEARANCE. A key factor is our company’s image is how professionally our employees are dressed.
Select Dress Up Days will be announced and posted on the Tiger, Inc. Webpage. Image and appearance are very
important to any corporation. How employees look impacts how professional and competent customers feel a corporation
will be. The image of Tiger, Inc. must project to the public, to customers, and to visitors that we have a leading-edge,
professional company.
Employees wishing to participate in professional dress must remain in professional attire ALL DAY! If you are staying
after your regular ―Tiger, Inc.‖ hours or are arriving early, you must be in professional dress. If you are coming back to
―Tiger, Inc.‖ after school, you must be in professional dress Professional attire worn Every employee and manager is
required to be in professional dress on Wednesdays from 7:50 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. (JROTC) employees may wear
business attire on Wednesdays as approved by the JROTC instructor or may dress in business attire on
Throughout the year, the employees of Tiger, Inc. will be given the opportunity to receive Tiger Bucks. One of the ways to
increase the number of Tiger Bucks earned will be to utilize the Business Dress Days that occur throughout each quarter
on Wednesdays.
We highly encourage ALL employees to participate, however we understand that this may not be feasible for all
employees. There are other ways that employees may earn Tiger Bucks; however, if an employee CHOOSES to
participate in Business Dress Day, all guidelines must be followed:
Tiger, Inc. Directors are attempting to instill in its employees a sense of professionalism through this program. Business
Dress Days provide an excellent opportunity for employees to experience a sense of professionalism in their daily
activities. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy please feel free to contact me Monday-Friday
between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:40 p.m. at (334) 887-4994.
Tiger, Inc. Professional Dress Requirements for Women
1. Coordinated blouses/sweaters and skirts, coordinated suits (skirt with jacket, jacket with pants), and dresses. Do
not wear sportswear. (Items not acceptable: denim clothing, sweatshirt material, full lace items, sheer material,
―prom‖ dresses, split skirts (skorts), blouses which are too tight, too short, sleeveless, or do not cover your midriff.
2. Dress and skirt length should be professional. Dresses/skirts should be to the KNEE and no shorter. No LOW
RIDER skirts or pants allowed.
3. Professional attire must be visible and not covered.
4. Conservative jewelry — no dangling earrings, jangling bracelets, large necklaces, etc.
5. Only clean/neat dress shoes can be worn (no flat sandals, boots, wallaby, or flip flops).
6. Sheer nylons (hosiery) must be worn with dressy closed toe shoes. Nylons do not have to be worn with
dressy sandals. Decorated nylons, opaque (thick) tights, or leggins are not appropriate for professional dress.
7. Clean, professional hair, makeup, hands, nails--total professionalism nail polish either all on or all off--not half and
half. Overall body cleanliness. Very light or no perfume.
8. All clothing must be kept neat, clean, and well pressed.
9. A clean and odor free body.
10. Professional language, posture, and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE are also part of professionalism.
Tiger, Inc. Professional Dress Requirements for Men
1. Clean and pressed dress shirt with collar.
2. Long, conservative, professional tie. Ties should have SMALL geometric prints/patterns or should have one
3. Top button on collar must be kept buttoned and tie must be neat and pushed up tight during company time not
after you have arrived.
4. Dress pants/slacks must be worn with belt. Dress pants should be a conservative color--navy, black, dark gray,
charcoal, dark brown, dark tan. No cargo pants or pants that have side-leg pockets. Jackets (suits and sport
amarshall/Policy Manual 2010-11
Rev 8/9/2010 8:48:48 AM
5. Do not wear sportswear. (Items not acceptable: denim clothing, sweatshirt material, shirts which are too tight,
too short, sleeveless, or do not cover your underclothing.
6. Professional attire must be visible and not covered.
7. POLISHED DRESS SHOES must be worn. No athletic shoes, sandals, cowboy boots, flip flops, or high top work
boots. Dress socks must be worn with professional dress shoes.
8. All clothing must be kept neat, clean, and well pressed.
9. Hair clean and groomed, face neatly shaved (groomed), nails clipped and clean. Overall body cleanliness. Very
light or no aftershave/cologne.
10. A clean and odor free body.
11. Professional language, posture, and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE are also part of professionalism.
Assignment Procedures
Assignments can be obtained from the Department Manager. Objectives are assigned to all course assignments.
The course of study drives objective lists.
When you have completed an assignment attach the following items:
1. A completed evaluation sheet (an incorrect evaluation sheet will result in a deduction of 5 points)
2. An instruction sheet
3. All labeled hard copies placed in the order listed on the instruction sheet
Assignments may be corrected and resubmitted to receive the following maximum scores:
Second attempt
Third attempt
Assignments may not be resubmitted after the third time.
***Tests/Assessments must be signed up for in advance with the Department Manager. Tests will occur at the
same time in each shift. If employees are not satisfied with their first test grade, they may retake it once for the
highest possible grade of 80%. Employees who fail to take a test on the assigned test date must make
arrangements with the Director to reschedule the test. Tests must be made up within one week. Employees
are responsible for scheduling time to makeup tests with the director.
Corrections to Assignments
Always use the same evaluation sheet for each assignment submission. Do not detach any previously submitted
work. If an assignment is resubmitted, indicate the new submission date and the new evaluation number. Attach
all of the previous assignment(s) prints that have been submitted. The Director, who will be grading the
assignment, needs to know what was previously marked as incorrect.
REMEMBER: If a assignment is 100% the first time,
Five Tiger Bucks are earned!!!!
You are responsible for indicating earned Tiger Bucks on your Tiger Bucks record sheet.
amarshall/Policy Manual 2010-11
Rev 8/9/2010 8:48:48 AM
Business Education
Office and Workplace Safety Information
Most of the following items apply to both the class- room and the office. However, depending on the characteristics of the individual
classroom, some items may apply only to the office environment. In any case, students who anticipate an office career can benefit
from exposure to all items.
Whenever electrical equipment, such as a computer, is
being operated in a classroom or office, several safety
rules apply" These rules protect the operator of the
equipment, other persons in the environment, and the
equipment itself.
Do not unplug equipment by pulling on the electrical
cord. Instead, grasp the plug at the outlet and remove
2. Do not stretch electrical cords across an aisle
where someone might trip over them.
3. Avoid food and beverages near equipment,
where a spill might result in an electrical
short circuit.
4. Do not attempt to remove the cover of equipment for
any reason while the power is turned on.
5. Do not attempt to repair equipment while it is
plugged in. To avoid damage, most repairs should be
done by an authorized service technician.
6. Always turn the power off or unplug equipment when
finished using it.
7. Do not lean over equipment that has moving parts
when wearing jewelry, a tie, a scarf, loose sleeves, or
other clothing that could get caught in the machinery.
This could result in damage to the machinery,
jewelry, or clothing and could cause personal injury.
8. Exercise caution when using chemicals, such as toner
and duplicating fluids, to avoid spills. Some
chemicals are toxic.
9. Do not overload extension cords.
10. Follow manufacturer recommendations for safe use.
11. Replace frayed electrical cords
Removable Storage Devices
Technological advances have greatly reduced the
fragility of magnetic media. However, CD/DVD,
flash/jump drives can be damaged and vital information
can be susceptible to loss. The following precautions
should be heeded to avoid damage to data and programs.
1. Do not bend or scratch CD/DVD disks.
2. Do not write on a CD/DVD disk with a hard- or
sharp-pointed pen or pencil; use a felt-tip
3. Be sure the drive is not running when you insert
or remove media storage device.
4. Keep storage devices away from extreme hot or
cold temperatures. Do not leave storage devices
in a car during very hot or cold
5. Keep media storage device away
from magnetic fields: such as
transformers and magnets.
In addition to the general safety issues
when using equipment, the following
cautions apply.
Do not insert pencils or other implements in the
drives, to avoid damage to them.
Avoid blocking air vents to prevent overheating.
Position keyboards to prevent bumping or
dropping them off ,the work surface.
amarshall/Policy Manual 2010-11
Do not attempt to repair the monitor. Most
manufacturers advise repair by authorized
service technicians only.
Adjust brightness and focus for comfortable
Avoid glare on the monitor screen.
Do not leave fingerprints on the screen. Keep the
screen clear of dust. Use only a soft cloth for
cleaning the screen.
Store scissors, sharpened pencils, and other
sharp instruments with the sharp points downward if storing them upright. These items are
best stored flat. Keep sharp objects away from
the edges of surfaces where they may be
knocked off and puncture feet.
Avoid eating or drinking at the workstation so
that spills do not ruin your work.
Use a staple remover rather than a fingernail to
remove staples.
Career Success
Do not examine a jammed stapler by holding it
near your eyes or testing it over your finger.
Avoid clutter, which could cause puncture
wounds by covering sharp objects.
Rev 8/9/2010 8:48:48 AM
Store sharp objects, such as pins and thumbtacks, in covered containers to avoid puncture
10. Report unauthorized visitors immediately.
Never reach blindly into a drawer.
Do not push a drawer shut with your
hand at the top or side of the drawer, to
avoid injury to the hand. Use the handle
3. Be careful when using file cabinets to avoid
tipping them over. File drawers should be filled
be- ginning at the bottom drawer and moving to
the top drawer. Conversely, file drawers should
be emptied from the top drawer down.
4. Do not leave drawers open where someone may
trip over them.
5. Set adjustable chairs for personal comfort and
back support. .
6. Be careful when sitting down in chairs that have
7. Do not lean too far in any direction, to avoid
tipping over a chair.
8. Use static control mats to safeguard electronic
data and equipment.
9. Replace static control mats that have curling
edges to avoid tripping.
10. Exercise caution when using step stools with
casters or stepladders, to avoid falling.
11. Keep fingers away from paper cutter blades, and
never leave the blade in an upright position.
12. Tape or sand sharp edges of furniture to avoid
personal injury and damage to clothing.
Always work near a phone and keep emergency
telephone numbers nearby.
Lock all doors to your work area.
Do not open the door to anyone
you are not expecting or cannot
maintenance staff and learn when
to expect them.
Do not use an elevator if anyone suspicious is in
it. Stand next to the control buttons.
Park near the building entrance and near a light.
Check the parking lot visually before leaving the
security of the building.
Keep car keys in hand ready to use.
Request an escort from security personnel if
Business Education Safety Assessment
After reviewing this information independently and as a
group/department you will be tested. Your test will
consist of an essay test on safety.
You must receive a score of 100 on this unit.
Learn the location of emergency telephone
numbers. Ideally, emergency telephone numbers
should be posted on or near each telephone.
Learn the location of the
nearest fire exit, fire alarm box,
and fire extinguisher.
Learn emergency evacuation
procedures and follow them
Never ignore a fire alarm or
other evacuation alarm.
Learn the location of first aid kits.
Inspect and restock first aid kits frequently.
Learn the names and locations of those who are
trained in first aid or CPR (cardiopulmonary
Do not tempt a potential thief by leaving
personal valuables, such as purses, checkbooks,
jackets, and cash, in plain sight. Keep personal
belongings out of sight and locked in a drawer,
file cabinet, locker, or closet.
Learn and follow security procedures, especially
those that apply to being in the building during
non-working hours.
amarshall/Policy Manual 2010-11
Rev 8/9/2010 8:48:48 AM
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amarshall/Policy Manual 2010-11
Rev 8/9/2010 8:48:48 AM
Employee Policy Manual Notes:
amarshall/Policy Manual 2010-11
Rev 8/9/2010 8:48:48 AM
Time Management Plan
Week of ________________________(Always use Monday’s Date. Completed plans are to be submitted on Friday)
1st 30 minutes:
1st 30 minutes:
2nd 30 minutes:
2nd 30 minutes:
3rd 30 minutes:
3rd 30 minutes:
1st 30 minutes:
1st 30 minutes:
2nd 30 minutes:
2nd 30 minutes:
3rd 30 minutes:
3rd 30 minutes:
3rd 30 minutes
1st 30 minutes:
30 minutes:
Assignments Due for the Week:
Employee’s Signature:
Assignments in Progress:
Vice President’s Signature:
Total Assignments Earned to Date:
Director’s Signature:
Please make sure that your time management plan is limited to one page BEFORE printing.
Student Name:
Acknowledgement of Receipt of
Tiger, Inc. Policy Manual
Participation in the Tiger, Inc. program is an excellent opportunity to obtain knowledge and skills
for future career and educational advancement. Your success and the number of competencies
you achieve are totally up to you.
I have carefully read and understand information contained in the Tiger, Inc. Policy Manual.
Additionally, I understand the expectations of the Tiger, Inc. Director(s) and agree to abide by the
rules and policies listed in the Tiger, Inc. Policy Manual, Auburn High School Student Handbook,
and Auburn City Schools Statement of Responsibilities. I am also aware that the Tiger, Inc. Policy
Manual was made available to me: (initial beside one of the options below)
_____ A hard copy of the Tiger, Inc. Policy Manual was given to me on _________________
_____ I printed and viewed the Tiger, Inc. Policy Manual from the Tiger, Inc. web page at
www.auburnschools.org/ahs/tigerinc. (Click the link
I understand and agree to abide by all policies established by Tiger, Inc.
I understand and agree to abide by the safety rules for using the Tiger, Inc. computer lab.
Employee Signature
Parent Signature
Publicity Release Agreement
To promote all the good things that happen at Auburn High School, we frequently publicize these
activities. Please indicate below if you will permit your child’s picture to possibly appear in
newspapers, on television, on web pages, or in video presentations about a school
program/activity. We look forward to seeing many smiling faces in the news throughout the year.
Be sure to look for them!
Parent of
Give my permission for my child’s picture to appear in the Lee County Eagle, O-A News, on
www.auburnschools.org, on television, or web pages, or any other public news release.
Yes, I give my permission.
No, I do not give my permission.
Parent Signature
Management Positions
“A really good leader has practiced being a good follower.”
Department Manager
Be aware of all policies and procedures for Tiger, Inc.
Assist employees with task as needed. Check employees’ time management plans on Friday of each week to assure that
personal and company goals are being met. (All time management plans must have activities scheduled in increments of
30 minutes.)
Professionally answer the telephone for Tiger, Inc. Politely take messages and transfer calls to the proper person.
Organize work to be submitted to the Director (Place employee papers in order by assignment numbers and alphabetize).
Resolve employee conflicts and keep employee morale high (Be a positive role model.)
Maintain order within the department by assuring that excessive noises are kept to a minimum and that distractive
behaviors do not occur within the department.
Compile test schedule and assist in administering test. Keep the test schedule accurate and confidential.
Check to assure that employees’ desks are clear of all materials before testing sessions. Separate employees taking
tests. Distribute ―Testing in Progress‖ signs for each employee to post on monitors.
Clean and organize the department manager’s desk each day
Verifies that work stations are clean and orderly before leaving each day.
Manage the company when the Director and vice president are unavailable.
Assist the Director and the Vice President with errands and projects that need to be completed.
Greet and assist visitors.
Department Managers must dress in business attire on Wednesday each week he/she is serving as Vice President (Bs.
Professional)—You are a ROLE MODEL for all employees
Compose a memo to your Director explaining your duties and how you have progressed on your company
improvement project during the week. Be sure to list any problems you encountered, observations or
suggestions. This assignment will determine your Tiger Buck(s) for the week.
Vice President
Vice Presidents must dress in business attire on Wednesday each week he/she is serving as Vice President (Bs.
Professional)—You are a ROLE MODEL for all employees.
Report company attendance and tardies to the Director DAILY. Have EVERY employee sign in when reporting to work.
Highlight unsigned blocks PROMPTLY at the sound of the bell and email the Director an alphabetical listing by
department of the names of all employees who are tardy and absent.
Must assume duties for a consecutive period of nine weeks.
Should report promptly before the tardy bell each day.
Responsible for department managers’ and employees’ productivity.
Responsible for maintaining company supplies and assuring that all company supplies/resources are available for
employees as needed. (modules, books, handouts, testing materials, videos, and motivational tapes, etc..)
Completes reprographics for Tiger, Inc.
Assist Director.
Make/Post daily announcements.
Verify that Department Managers have fulfilled daily duties (ie… workstations in order before leaving). Be sure all
computers are logged off, chairs pushed in, and that each workstation is neat, clean, and employee areas are stocked
with supplies.
Responsible for assuring that employee work is properly organized and filed.
If Department manager is absent, compile test schedule and administer test. Keep the test schedule accurate and
confidential. Check to assure that employees’ desks are clear of all materials. Separate employees taking tests.
Distribute ―Testing in Progress‖ signs for each employee to post on monitors.
Train Department Managers and incoming Vice President.
Responsible for providing Administrative Assistant with information needed for employee recognition programs including:
Tiger, Inc. Newsletter, Employee of the month nominations and certificates, recognition certificates for outgoing
Department Managers and employee recognition bulletin boards. Plan awards and gifts to recognize recipients of
employee of the month and the department managers which have served during your term as vice president.
Delegate duties to other managers/employees as needed when you are absent.
Compose a memo to your Director explaining your duties, company improvements you have implemented,
progress of employees, and any other company related concerns for the week. Be sure to list any problems you
encountered, observations or suggestions. This assignment will determine your Tiger Buck(s) for the week.
amarshall/Policy Manual 2010-11
Rev 8/9/2010 8:48:48 AM
Management Application
Type your responses.
If you have a resume, please include it with this application.
A link to this application may be found
on the Tiger, Inc. website.
Position for which you are applying
Vice President
Department Manager
(check one)
What business or marketing courses have you taken prior to this class?
What computer experience have you had?—school, work, home, (list brand of computer used and software you
are familiar with)
Approximately how many times were you absent from school last year? ________________
Approximately how many times were you tardy to school/class last year? ________________
How do you consider your record as an employee—grades, attitude, and discipline? (Check one)
Above Average
Below Average
To what organizations do you belong? (If available, a resume may be attached listing information needed for
questions 6, 7, 8 and 9.)
What leadership positions have you held?
What extra-curricular activities do you plan to participate in this year?
List any employment experiences that you have had including name of company, supervisor, date of employment
and your major job responsibility.
10. Why are you interested in obtaining a management position with Tiger, Inc? What skills and qualities would you
bring to this position to assist meeting company goals?
11. Do you feel that you could constructively correct your peers if placed in a leadership position?
12. Why should you be selected for the position for which you are applying above all other applicants?
Don’t envy anybody. Every person has something no other person has.
Develop that one thing in yourself and make it outstanding.
amarshall/Policy Manual 2010-11
Rev 8/9/2010 8:48:48 AM
Top Ten Reasons for Assignment Redos
(Information compiled with permission from Brittani Kirk and Eli Jolley)
Not Writing In Blue/Black Pen
No Header—Incorrect Header
Evaluation Sheet Error (Incorrect Date, Assignment Number,
Assignment Name, Evaluation Number Or Forgot To Include File
Stapling Work Out Of Order
Failure To Read & Follow Directions (Don’t Just Look At The
Left Out The Instruction Sheet
Not Enough Detail On Questions (Incomplete Sentences)
Forgetting To Review Presentation Notes (Memos, Letters,
In Too Big Of A Hurry To Proof Own Information
Waiting To Complete Assignments At The Last Minute
Top Ten Advice for Success in Tiger, Inc.
(Information compiled with permission from Brittani Kirk and Eli Jolley)
Respect Your co-workers and boss
Don’t Complain--Have a positive attitude
Ask questions when baffled
Try to be at work EVERYDAY
Organization is the Key
Procrastination is assassination of your determination
Professional dress is a free pass for Tiger Bucks
Time Management Plans (although annoying) help to keep you on
Get your Policy manual in order from the beginning
You cannot beat the system. Success is dictated by you so just do it!
amarshall/Policy Manual 2010-11
Rev 8/9/2010 8:48:48 AM