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Pick one or more examples of ‘public goods’ that are presently topics of public debate. Discuss these
disagreements, drawing on the lectures, the Digitised Readings, and your own further research to inform your
I would like my "public good" to be the provision of services from organisations such as Queensland
Association for Healthy Communities and Biala City Community Health Centre. Both organisations
have TEs that include members of the gay community, intravenous drug users, indigenous Australians
and workers in the adult industry, and both have recently had funds cut by the government. Furthermore,
two years ago Healthy Communities was involved in a controversy between its "Rip and Roll"
campaign and a vocal conservative christian organisation. My thesis is still forming, but it feels obvious to me that these debates arise because of conflicting
values between public spheres: Healthy Communities is trying to bring value to the public by providing
these services, whereas the christian organisation is trying to bring value by protecting younger
community members from sexual imagery, while the government has (hopefully) thought long and hard
about where their funding might best be funnelled to acheive the greatest degree of public value.
Hello Maxine,
This is an excellent choice. There is a lot of material to draw on. The public responses to the closures
certainly qualify the topic as a current controversy.
What did the company, Adshel, think when they pulled the advertising. What public value message were
they sending as a result of these actions.
What is causing the government to cancel funding to these services?
What are the public values that are conflicting with each other?
There is obviously a reason why these organisations are struggling to retain support. Is it because the
value they are offering is only to a minority and highly controversial sector of the community?
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In 2. the document talks about how the controversy of the Rip&Roll campaign actually provided more
engagement online, better networks and access to volunteers, and better awareness about the program.
Can controversy such as these actually better the organisation’s ability and affect the Task Environment
by garnering a stronger AE?
Following a number of complaints about the campaign in 2011, the Advertising Standards Bureau ruled
“The Board is strongly in favour of the important health message this advertisement portrays and
considered that whilst some members of the community would prefer not to see this issue advertised, the
public health message overrides any social sensitivity.”
“The Board noted that the advertisement does not contain any nudity and considered that the image of
the two men hugging was not sexualised and that the advertisement is very subtle in its handling of the
issue of safe sex. The Board considered that the overall tone of the advertisement is clearly that of a
medical issue and not of a sexual issue.” 1.
Talk about the Rip and Roll Campaign of today and in the past.
Is the notes from a conference held regarding the controversial 2011 R&R Campaign.
Includes details about HC’s target demographics.