™ ChumpCar World Series and Fastrucks announce reorganization of ChumpTruck

Press Release
ChumpCar World Series® and Fastrucks announce
reorganization of ChumpTruck
ChumpTruck World Series format to be applied to diesel pick-up trucks
Big-rig truck road racing series to adopt ChampTruck World Series name
Fabien Calvet, TRO CEO/President accepts equity ownership position
New websites launched for both ChumpTruck and ChampTruck
Morgan Hill, Calif. – August 23, 2013 – The ChumpTruck World Series, recently formed as a
partnership between Fastrucks (Santa Clarita, CA) and ChumpCar International LLC (owner of the
ChumpCar World Series®), announced today that the partnership’s newly organized big-rig road
racing series will operate under the legal entity ChampTruck International LLC.
Under the ChampTruck International LLC umbrella, the organization will operate two diesel truck
racing series – the ChumpTruck World Series (www.chump-truck.com) and the ChampTruck World
Series (www.champ-truck.com).
The ChumpTruck World Series, originally announced as the name for big-rig, road racing, Class 8
tractors, will now feature diesel-powered pick-up trucks. The ChumpTruck World Series will
become a combined oval super-speedway and road racing series for diesel-powered pick-up trucks
manufactured by Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford and GMC. The series will be based on specificationbased rules (spec-racing), with all trucks built to restrictive standards, and detailed safety and
performance rules, in order to limit the cost of racing and ensure a level playing-field of competition.
The North American series for big-rig, road racing, Class 8 tractors (formerly called the
ChumpTruck World Series) will now operate under the name ChampTruck World Series. The
ChampTruck World Series is open to all 2-axle tractors meeting the series safety and general
competition rules.
Furthermore, the ChampTruck International LLC and the ChampTruck World Series announced
today that Fabien Calvet, President of TRO (Truck Racing Organization, headquartered in
Wesiwampach, Luxembourg) ) has joined the company’s management team as an equity owner.
Mr. Calvet will assist ChampTruck International Founders, John Condren and Mike Ryan, with
marketing and technical plans.
TRO is the organizer of the Truck Racing Championship, a European-based series that holds road
racing events on world-class race tracks and is sanctioned by the FIA (Federation Internationale de
l’Automobile). The 10-race series attracted over 500,000 spectators in 2012 and has secured
television rights that broadcast the big-rig racing events worldwide.
P.O. Box 1541
Morgan Hill, CA 95038
“Truck racing started in the United Stated in the early 1980’s,” reports TRO’s Fabien Calvet.
“However, due to poor management the series lost its direction and soon fell apart. Meanwhile,
truck racing has become quite popular and is a tremendous success throughout Europe and South
America. I am very pleased to join the ChampTruck World Series and help bring truck racing back
to the USA. I look forward to assisting John Condren and Mike Ryan with their Business Plan – one
that I share a belief in and I know we can execute.”
The ChampTruck World Series plans to begin road racing events in 2015, with eight (8) events held
annually across the United States. Each event will feature six (6) 50-mile sprint races.
Competition events will be held at world-class tracks and facilities, including Daytona International
Speedway, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Portland International Raceway, Virginia International
Raceway, Michigan International Speedway, Texas Motor Speedway and Gateway International
Raceway. Events will be held on Saturday and Sunday and may even include night road racing.
The Series’ rules are posted on the company’s new website, www.champ-truck.com. The series is
open to amateur, semi-pro and professional race teams in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, as well as
truck manufacturers and fleet-based trucking companies.
“We’re going to start out slow,” said ChumpTruck co-Founder, Mike Ryan. “We want to build a
series that has a real foundation and is not just a flash. We’re going to target 15-20 trucks per
event in 2015 and build the series from there. Over the last three years, John Condren built the
ChumpCar World Series from one event in 2009 to over 65 races in 2013, and they currently have
over 9,000 driver members. In 2013, ChumpCar signed Optima Batteries and Johnson Controls as
the primary series sponsor. John knows how to build a successful series and we’re going to
duplicate that approach.”
Mike Ryan
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Fabien Calvet
TRO (Truck Racing Organisation)
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John Condren
ChumpCar International LLC
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P.O. Box 1541
Morgan Hill, CA 95038
About ChampTruck International LLC and ChumpCar International LLC
ChampTruck International LLC is a partnership between ChumpCar International LLC (Morgan Hill, CA), TRO
Euro Truck Racing Organization (Luxembourg) and Fastrucks (Santa Clarita, CA). ChampTruck International
LLC is the owner of both the ChumpTruck World Series (an oval super-speedway and road racing series for
diesel-powered pick-up trucks) and the ChampTruck World Series (a road racing series for Class-8 tractor
trucks). For information, visit www.champ-truck.com and www.chump-truck.com.
ChumpCar International LLC is the owner of the Optima Batteries ChumpCar World Series. The Optima
Batteries ChumpCar World Series is an endurance road racing series that is open to anyone and everyone…
with a $500 car. A throw-back to an era when racing was fun, competitive and cheap... when Bondo beat
carbon-fiber; when a crescent wrench was the most valuable tool in your box; when home-made engineering
made everyone sit up and take notice; and when adding a little theme or personality to your car didn't get
you laughed off of pit lane. ChumpCar endurance racing events are held at world-class tracks and facilities
throughout North America and range from 7-hours to 36-hours in length. In 2013, the series will hold 66
race events. For the full ChumpCar series schedule and information on how to join in the fun, visit
P.O. Box 1541
Morgan Hill, CA 95038