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Company Profile
In 1976, Ken Hankins, Ed Miller and Jim
Harper had a vision to form a service company
that held client partnership and ownership
commitment as key values to its operation –
and with that, HMH was established. Today,
with the evolution of ownership, staff, and
services, HMH continues to embrace these same values as key components of success.
HMH provides a collaborative and comprehensive approach to the design process. Whether we
are providing multi-faceted services or specific discipline support for a project, our team approach
adds value. With over thirty years of private and public project experience in the Bay Area and
California, HMH’s contributions have resulted in project success. With a staff of more than 50
professionals, we have the ability to provide support on projects of any size. Our services include:
Land Use Entitlements
Land Planning
Landscape Architecture
Civil Engineering
Utility Design
Land Surveying
Stormwater Compliance
Our working knowledge of local policies and the political landscape enable us to provide
unmatched guidance for our private clients, enabling successful navigation through the project
entitlement and approval process. We have extensive design experience in new development
and urban infill redevelopment and can tailor an approach to meet the needs of our client. Our
comprehensive approach provides project envisioning with technical compatibility to create
innovative and cost effective solutions.
Our involvement in significant local public projects includes four light rail transit extensions,
several highway and interchange projects, local roadway and utility improvements, and major
expansions of San Jose International Airport. Also, continued involvement in the design of public
parks, multiuse trails and bicycle facilities helps provide the multi-modal connections for the
growing transportation needs of the Bay Area.
HMH takes great pride in our proven performance record of providing high quality professional
services needed for project success. We are committed to our values, our ability to respond
quickly with appropriate solutions, and our capacity to bring the required balance of time, quality,
and budget to a project.
1570 Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 487-2200
San Jose City Hall
Land Planning
Land Entitlement Services
HMH is a privately held service company with
a clear focus on our client’s success obtained
through project partnership: Client - HMH Agency. We develop a collaborative planning/
entitlement process that provides the navigational
means to incorporate land use, public policy,
political and community needs balanced by the
economic requirements of the project. Our longstanding relationships with senior level planning
and public works department staff, economic
development agency staff, the City Manager, City
Attorney, and elected officials enable us to bring
them into the process as partners.
The result: project success.
HMH has been established within the heart of Silicon Valley since 1976. Our proven success in obtaining
land use entitlements and development approvals for the most complex, high profile, residential, mixeduse, industrial and commercial developments is unmatched by any other firm. Our team’s continuous
experience and involvement within the local jurisdictions enables us to maintain thorough knowledge of the
current urban planning policies, political landscape, and development opportunities throughout the Silicon
Valley and adjoining areas. Building upon our unique positioning with City staff and elected officials, we
develop an overall entitlement strategy that includes land use, environmental regulation, public policy,
political navigation and community outreach. Project success is realized through our comprehensive
approach to land development entitlements from the beginning.
Our belief in project partnerships is the basis of HMH’s approach; it is our local working relationships
with City’s along with the credibility and trust we have earned with agency staff, elected officials, and the
regional stakeholders that give our projects the added edge to succeed. We facilitate the creation of
an experienced professional team with local knowledge to create a collaborative approach to tackle the
technical challenges associated with project planning, design and implementation.
1570 Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 487-2200
Land Planning
Environmental Review Services
Environmental review is an often critical
component of the entitlement process.
HMH staff include certified planners with
years of experience in the preparation of
CEQA documents – Initial Studies/Mitigated
Negative Declarations, Environmental
Exemptions, and EIR Addenda.
HMH provides quality environmental
documentation to meet CEQA requirements
and assist in the timely processing of
development applications.
In addition to our in-house resources,
HMH partners with locally-renowned firms
specializing in biological resources, cultural
resources, geotechnical studies, acoustical
studies, and traffic analysis to provide expert
technical reports in support of the CEQA
Working closely with the environmental
consultants, we can identity potential
environmental impacts and determine
mitigation measures that are conducive to
the project and feasible for the Client. These
mitigation measures are coordinated with our
design team and reflected in the project as it
goes through the entitlement process.
1570 Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 487-2200
Landscape Architecture
Production Design Services
HMH emphasizes a multidisciplinary
team approach with our clients and other
professional consultants for all phases of
a project. Available company resources
allows for a comprehensive design process
and exceptional results. An extensive effort
to fully collaborate throughout the process
reduces project delays and creates a
formula for success.
Project Initiation and Schematic Design
Conceptual Design Generation
Design Development
Construction Documents
Construction Layout Plans
Irrigation Design
Fine Grading and Drainage
Lighting and Wayfinding
Construction Administration
Project Management
HMH provides quality services and
cost effective value. Our leadership
and proactive approach between public
agencies and private development projects
achieves the best results for our clientele
and the community.
HMH looks forward to the opportunity to
provide you with highly responsive, highly
creative Landscape Architectural design
1570 Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 487-2200
Stormwater Compliance
Site Design Solutions
HMH is on the forefront of understanding
and implementing new technologies
and strategies in the evolving regulatory
environment of stormwater management.
Our Stormwater Compliance division brings
together the talents of our civil engineers,
land planners, landscape architects, and
certified stormwater professionals to
address our clients’ needs in responding
to the increasingly stringent NPDES
Permit requirements. We are currently
incorporating new source control and
treatment solutions on a wide range of
projects throughout the Bay Area.
HMH maintains dynamic and interactive
relationships with local and regional
regulatory agencies in order to provide the
best possible service to our clients. Our
highly experienced team of managers,
engineers, design professionals and
support staff have the know-how to
successfully guide even the most complex
projects through the stormwater regulatory
Services Provided:
• Stormwater Control Plan Preparation
• Post-Construction BMP Design
• LID Concept Implementation
• BMP Operation & Maintenance Guidance
• Hydromodification Management
• SWPPP & NOI Preparation
• Field Observation
• Compliance Coordination
1570 Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 487-2200
Civil Engineering
Land Development
HMH combines technical excellence with
proactive project management techniques
to deliver comprehensive designs that
integrate the needs of our client, all design
disciplines, and agency staff. A successful
design in today’s environment requires a
firm with multi-disciplinary resources and the
skills needed to bring them together in an allencompassing design solution.
HMH developed that experience by working
through the evolution of the simplistic design
approaches of the past to the intricate, teamoriented design efforts required today. Our
direct relationships with agency staff allow us
to include them as part of the project team
and navigate the process to obtain timely
Whether we are working with our own
landscape and joint trench designers, or with
outside consultants, we emphasize teamwork
in our approach and lead the coordination of
project design through to construction.
Since 1976, HMH has provided civil
engineering services for:
• Residential Subdivisions
• Townhomes, Condominiums & Apartments
• Commercial, Industrial & Mixed-Use Sites
• Specific Plans
• Master Planned Communities
• Local Roads & Streets
• Storm Drainage & Flood Control Facilities
• Sanitary Sewer Systems
• Water Supply Systems
1570 Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 487-2200
Civil Engineering
Public Works
HMH combines technical excellence with
proactive project management techniques
to deliver complex Municipal Infrastructure
projects on schedule and within budget.
Our experienced staff provides services that
result in quality performance and innovative
HMH is a leader in the industry that works to
develop strong and lasting relationships with
our clients. HMH is strategically placed to
provide efficient and effective project delivery
for a wide range of public projects:
Local Streets / Roadway Infrastructure
Highway and Interchange Improvements
Stormwater and Sanitary Sewer Design
Rail Road Grade Crossings
Light Rail Transit Civil Works
Right-of-Way Engineering
Pavement Rehabilitation Techniques
Streetscape Design & Traffic Calming
Project Study and Reports
Plan Line Design and Implementation
Traffic Management Planning
Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails
Aesthetic Enhancements with Public Input
HMH is a full service design firm that provides a diversified approach to project delivery. With our
qualifications, we have the ability to work beyond the typical project context limits. We can deliver
project success through collaborative partnerships, connecting our clients with the right people to
meet the project goals.
As a business, we believe that being part of the local community and delivering beyond the
standard is what encompasses our Pride in Ownership, resulting in client satisfaction.
1570 Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 487-2200
Civil Engineering
Pavement Rehabilitation Design
Pavement rehabilitation in today’s environment is a
complex and challenging process. Advancements
in technology provide opportunities for better
pavement evaluation and rehabilitation techniques
that are economically sound and environmentally
friendly. But without a focused design team,
ready for immediate and proactive development
of required plans, specifications and estimates,
funding opportunities might be missed, projects will
be delayed or even put on hold.
As part of HMH’s Civil Engineering services
we offer the technical expertise and proven
performance on pavement rehabilitation projects
throughout the Bay Area to deliver project design
packages within the quick turnaround times
needed. We minimize project-related traffic
impacts during design and construction with
the use of 3D laser scanning technology for
remote topographic data acquisition and carefully
designed construction staging and traffic control
plans. We incorporate geometric analysis and
provide recommendations for economically
feasible improvements. Our knowledge of
Recycled Asphalt Pavement technology and
Recycled In Place methods provide an additional
resource to enable environmentally sound
pavement rehabilitation or replacement strategies.
HMH Provides:
Civil Engineering for turn-key project coordination and construction document preparation
Experienced assistance with Federal and State funding allocation
Remote High Definition 3D Laser Scanning data acquisition for minimized traffic impacts
Experience of over 30 years in preparing PS&E packages resulting in concise public bidding and
reduced claims risk
Technical expertise necessary to optimize pavement life-cycle
ADA compliant designs for ramps and crosswalks
Intersection design to improve drainage or provide enhanced channelization or traffic calming
1570 Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 487-2200
Land Surveying
3D Laser Scanner
HMH offers an experienced staff with the right
equipment and solutions to perform detailed
and accurate real-scene computer modeling
of any complex environment or space.
Utilizing a laser scanner, all the necessary
detail is captured with the added benefit of
remote-sensing, allowing safe and effective
data acquisition in otherwise inaccessible
areas. Sub-centimeter-accurate global
positioning of any scene is obtained using
wireless network Real-Time Kinematic (RTK)
surveying. Combined with our fully robotic
total stations, we provide complete survey
solutions for any application.
The 3D laser Scanner acquires hundreds of
precise 3D points per second, generating a
point cloud of data. Post-processing of this
data produces interactive, three-dimensional,
design-level computer reproductions of the
scanned space.
Effective uses include:
• Digital terrain model production used for
design, analysis, and volume computations
• 3D model generation with color, surface,
and body data
• Development scene analysis with accurate
sight line simulations
• Computer modeling of existing buildings
and other complex structures
• Design interface and conflict resolution
The images above show the point cloud data acquired
by the laser scanner. With post-processing, this data is
converted to 3D computer models and maps, ready for
design and analysis.
1570 Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 487-2200
Land Surveying
Topographic Mapping Surveys
Project site planning and site design
begins with the use of a topographic base
map. Accurate mapping is essential to
successful implementation of any design.
HMH employs the most productive and cost
efficient methodologies when preparing
project topographic mapping for all of our
projects. Whether our field personnel
utilize conventional survey instruments and
techniques or the latest in survey technology,
we obtain reliable data that translates directly
to efficient map production in the office.
HMH’s experienced and professional survey
staff provides our client’s with the most cost
efficient and expeditious method available to
obtain appropriate topographic mapping for
any project.
Our extensive experience and inventory of
survey equipment provides us with the ability
to select the best tool and technique for each
mapping application encountered:
Survey Applications and solutions:
Large, open land areas..................... Aerophotogrammetic Subconsultant
Obscured ground surfaces................ Fully Robotic Total Station
Freeways and railroads..................... 3D Laser Scanner
Busy Intersections and roadways..... 3D Laser Scanner
Urban Infill land area......................... Fully Robotic Total Station
Mechanical and piping systems........ 3D Laser Scanner
Hazardous materials......................... Real- Time Kinematic-Global Positioning System (RTK-GPS)
We process the data acquired from any survey method to produce accurate hard-copy maps,
CAD base drawings, and three-dimensional computer models suited for any design, analysis, or
archiving application.
1570 Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 487-2200
Land Surveying
Land Title Surveys
HMH has assisted title companies
and land buyers/sellers by providing
boundary and ALTA surveys for
industrial, commercial and rental land
use transactions for over 30 years.
We maintain up-to-date knowledge of
the stringent requirements developed
by the American Land Title Association
and the American Congress on
Surveying and Mapping.
Using our expertise and knowledge,
we coordinate project-specific
requirements to ensure complete and
accurate surveys for our projects.
Quality and efficiency is enhanced in
our process through the integration of
our office and field operations, both
utilizing the latest in software and field
equipment technology.
1570 Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 487-2200
Land Surveying
Condominium Plans and Mapping
HMH specializes in condominium mapping
services for new construction condominiums
and condominium conversion of existing
buildings. From project inception, we closely
coordinate the requirements and facilitate
solutions to successfully navigate through
the condominium creation process. Working
with the attorney, title company, architect,
and builder, we provide the directional
insight to avoid pitfalls and steer clearly
toward economically viable solutions that
save time and money.
The condominium plans prepared by HMH
shows a clear graphical representation that
delineates the limit of airspace and common
ownership, tied to horizontal and vertical
The condominium creation process is
enhanced with the integration of HMH’s
decades of local experience creating
commercial, industrial, residential and mixed
use condominiums throughout the Bay Area.
HMH provides the condominium plans and
the experience required to meet the needs of
any project.
Complete mapping services
Compliance with local and state agency
Coordination with builder, attorney, title
company and architect
1570 Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 487-2200
Utility Design
Joint Trench Design Services
The utility design process continues to be
both challenging and complicated. Not
only are the utility requirements constantly
evolving and changing, efficient land planning
continues to restrain options for infrastructure
and component placement. HMH offer’s a
utility design solution that incorporates up-todate knowledge on standards and technology
matched with clear communication between
the utility companies and the design team.
Our proactive approach with utility
companies is aligned to meet the project
requirements and schedule. We emphasize
component placement in the least intrusive
areas, respecting the projects site design
We provide utility design services for singlefamily and multi-family housing projects,
commercial, office and industrial projects
from concept through to construction.
Services Include
• Preliminary Planning & Consulting
• Due Diligence
• Cost Estimating
• Joint Trench Composite Design
• Consultant Design For PG&E Gas &
Electric Systems
• Street Lighting Design
• Contractor Bid Package Preparation
• Construction Support & Staking
1570 Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 487-2200