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Letter opener
Efficient processing
of your incoming mail
The Office-Friendly Letter Opener
Is your company operating with limited resources and a need to increase efficiencies? Turn to the Hasler OP16 Letter Opener
and maximize office productivity by distributing incoming mail faster throughout your organization. Whether processing checks,
orders, remittance pieces or any incoming mail, the OP16 opens various envelope types, saves time, leaves no waste, and
protects valuable contents.
While conventional letter openers can easily damage contents, the OP16 uses an innovative method to neatly slit one side of the
envelope, leaving no sharp borders. This means the contents are left undamaged and ensures safe handling.
With the OP16, cash flow is improved as incoming payments get processed quicker. At the same time, orders are processed
immediately to help improve customer satisfaction and enhance your business image.
The result is your company benefits from quicker and improved incoming document processing and the opportunity to give staff
extra time to concentrate on more important work. Every company needs to find ways to stay competitive, and the Hasler OP16
gives you that added productivity.
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machine specifications
•Height: 9”
Today’s fast-paced office environment requires your
mailing operations to be as intelligent as the rest
of your business. More than ever, you need a total
solution that provides the capabilities to meet all your
•Depth: 15” (includes catch tray)
•Length: 33”
•Weight: 15 lbs. (excludes catch tray)
demands, while giving you control and transparency
ENVELOPE Specifications
of every mail-related function.
•Envelope height: 5.5" – 13"
Hasler’s OP16 will dramatically increase office
efficiency by allowing users to operate at peak
•Envelope width: 3.5” – 10.2”
•Maximum thickness: Up to 4 mm
performance. And to truly maximize productivity
and efficiency, consider integrating a Hasler
•Up to 300 envelopes per minute
folder/inserter, a powerful address printer,
high-speed tabber, or a digital mailing system
into your mailing operations. Each of these products
•Noise level: < 63 dBA
will add processing speed, enhanced performance
and a professional appearance to your mail.
•Capacity: Up to 80 #10 envelopes
Intelligent mailing ensures that your entire mail
process operates faster, simpler and more reliably.
Hasler has the total mailing solution to meet all
•Ease of Use – Load your envelopes, press the go button and
your important processing needs today, and as you
change and grow in the future.
remove your opened mail at the other side. It’s that simple.
•Productivity – Quickly open mixed mail with speeds up to 300
envelopes per minute – without pre-sorting or envelope scraps.
•Versatility – Open a range of envelope sizes from No.10’s to flats.
•Security – Experience no damaged documents, and safe extraction
of contents with no sharp edges.
For a demonstration or more information, please contact
your local Hasler dealer, or email [email protected]
Hasler’s network of independent dealers provides sales, service,
and support throughout North America.
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