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What is Human Trafficking?
Global, Federal & State laws
Myth vs Reality
What does it look like in
Springfield, Missouri?
Contact information.
There is a global definition
regarding the violation of
human rights via the
United Nations, a federal
definition regarding sex
and labor trafficking and
Missouri statutes which
recognize trafficking as a
crime. All note that
Human Trafficking is
The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA)
of 2000 is the first comprehensive federal
law to address trafficking in persons. The
law provides a three-pronged approach
that includes prevention, protection, and
prosecution. The TVPA was reauthorized
through the Trafficking Victims Protection
Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) of 2003, 2005,
2008, and through the Violence Against
Women Reauthorization Act of 2013.
Sex trafficking is the recruitment,
harboring, transportation, provision, or
obtaining of a person for the purposes of
a commercial sex act, in which the
commercial sex act is induced by force,
fraud, or coercion, or in which the person
induced to perform such an act has not
attained 18 years of age
violence, compulsion, or
constraint exerted upon or
against a person or thing
an act of deceiving or
Use of physical or moral force
to compel a person to do
something, or to abstain from
doing something, thereby
depriving that person of the
exercise of free will.
Labor trafficking is the recruitment,
harboring, transportation, provision, or
obtaining of a person for labor or
services, through the use of force, fraud,
or coercion for the purposes of
subjection to involuntary servitude,
peonage, debt bondage, or slavery
State Department office to monitor and
combat HT
 Public awareness campaigns
 Federal task force created
 Protection & assistance for foreign
national victims– T Visa & Continued
 Federal crime
 Restitution for Victims
Terminate contracts with overseas
contractors who engage in trafficking
 Victims can sue traffickers
 Immigration benefits extended to family
members of victim
 Annual report required from the Attorney
General to Congress
Money provided to help shelter minor
victims of trafficking
Grant programs to assist local law
Sex tourism prevention programs
Extends federal jurisdiction to offenses
committed by US government personnel
and contractors
Monies authorized for pilot treatment
program and studies on prevention and
protection programs
US Government must provide information
on workers’ rights and human trafficking to
all work and education visa applicants
 US Department of Labor must provide a list
of goods produced by child and slave
 Data Collection center for all US
Government Departments who work with
 Prevents US military assistance from
countries who use child soldiers in their
military forces
Expands immigration protections
 Requires unaccompanied alien children
to be screened as potential HT victims
 New programs to assist US victims
 State law enforcement provided
assistance to help obtain Continued
Presence for victims
Expands liability of financially benefiting from HT crimes, as well as
obstruction and conspiracy
Expands federal jurisdiction to US citizens and permanent residents who
travel abroad to commit or conspire to commit HT crimes
New crime of fraud created when people are recruited to work under
false pretenses
DOJ created a new model state law which includes provisions
criminalizing sex trafficking without proof of force, fraud or coercion
even if the victim is not a minor.
HT considered a “most serious crime”
States are required to report prostitution and vice crimes to the FBI for an
annual statistic under the categories of a) those directing or profiting
from commercial sex acts, b) those purchasing illegal sex acts and c)
those unlawfully providing commercial sex acts
Allows children eligible for U visa status to have access to resettlement
Provides grant money and mandatory reviews of assistance programs
Continues to help combat international trafficking in
Enables agencies to more easily publish the HTRC Hotline
number on their websites
Create a video to be shown at embassies and consulates
with greatest concentration of aliens applying for
nonimmigrant visas
Helps prevent child marriages
Creates prison time or a fine for someone who coerces
through the destruction, concealment, removal,
confiscation or possession of certain immigration
Statute of limitations extended to 10 years for a person
who received an injury while a minor that was caused by
sexual or forced labor related violations
Crimes against online sexual solicitation
Abusing an individual through forced labor
Trafficking for the purpose of slavery, involuntary servitude,
peonage or forced labor
Trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation
Sex trafficking of a child
Sex trafficking of a child under the age of 12 affirmative defense
not allowed
Trafficking through misuse of documentation
Contributing to human trafficking
Restitution required for certain offenders
TVPA 2000 to apply
Penalties for violation by businesses and corporations
Asset forfeiture
Victims must be smuggled into
the country.
Victims must not be paid.
Victims must face
extraordinary physical abuse.
Victims must be held captive.
Victims have no rights.
Smuggling is a separate crime.
Many victims come to the
country legally and actually,
many victims are from the US.
Victims can be compensated
financially or through goods
by their trafficker.
Victims may only experience
fear from threats and
Victims may be free to go to
school, to go to the store, to
seek medical care.
Victims have rights in the
United States.
Most identified trafficking cases in Springfield,
Missouri have been sex trafficking cases.
Statewide, 63% of cases are sex trafficking and
27% are labor cases. 2% are considered both
and 8% were not specified.
On average, 62% of victims are considered
adults, 34% children.
85% identify as female, 15% male.
No Missouri victim has currently identified
themselves as transgendered.
The majority of the victims were US citizens.
Pimp-controlled prostitution
 Residential brothels
 Commercial-front brothels
 Escort services
 Domestic labor
 Restaurant/ food service
 Peddling rings
Pimp-controlled prostitution
Peddling rings
Escort service
Commercial-front brothel
Residential brothel
Traveling sales crew
Domestic work
Restaurant & food industry
Personal sexual servitude
Hostess/ strip club
 National Human Trafficking Resource
 US Department of Education
 Personal Experience
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