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What is the one thing shared by all
three items in the same group?
a cow
a shoe
a baby
a tongue
a doctor's office
a post office
a scale (or a key)
a zipper
a shark
a comb
restaurant goer
a bird
the Senate
a bill
a potato
a hurricane
a target
an eye
a river
a person
a cave
a mouth
Lateral Thinking
Regina left home one
afternoon. She turned to
the right and started
running straight ahead.
Then she turned to her
left, ran, turned to her
left again, ran, turned to
her left one more time,
and ran even faster. She
headed for home. Then
she saw a masked boy
waiting for her. Who was
The masked boy was the
catcher. Regina played on
a coed baseball team.
STRATEGY: Draw a picture
or diagram.
Number and Math Play
Arrange five 8's so that
they equal 9.
You may not use a plus
or minus sign.
(The numerals read
"Eight and eighty-eight
eighty-eighths," or
"Eight and one," which
equals nine.)
Getting Across
Ms. Waters and her twins,
Danny and Annie, want to
cross from the east side of
the river to the west side in
a canoe. But the canoe can
hold no more than 200
pounds. Ms. Waters weighs
160 pounds, and Danny and
Annie weigh 100 pounds
How can all three of them
reach the other side of the
river in the canoe?
First the twins paddle to
the west side of the river.
Annie stays on the west
side, and Danny comes
back. Mrs. Waters rows
alone to the west side,
leaving Danny on the east
side. Finally, Annie comes
back for Danny.
• Together, they paddle to the
west side of the river. (You
can reverse Annie and
Danny-it doesn't matter
which one goes first.)
Three Moves
Spatial Awareness
There are 10 letters in the
triangle. Change the
triangle so that it points
down. Move one letter at
a time. You have only
three moves. (Hint: Lay 10
pennies out so that they
match the letters in the
triangle. Then you can try
out different moves.)
• Move G so that it is next
to B. Move J so that it is
next to C. Switch A from
the top to the bottom of
the triangle to make the
Birds and Cages
I am the owner of a pet
store. If I put in one
canary per cage, I have
one bird too many. If I
put in two canaries per
cage, I have one cage
too many.
How many cages and
canaries do I have?
I have 3 cages
and 4 canaries
Father and Son
The ages of a father and
son add up to 66.
51 and 15.
The father's age is the
son's age reversed.
How old could they be?
(3 possible solutions).
42 and 24.
60 and 06.