By Cristina Loreto SGC-MMC Comptroller

By Cristina Loreto
SGC-MMC Comptroller
Why do you need to do it?
• The reason for your expense must be justified
– Events open to ALL FIU students
– Benefits to the university
– Benefits to SGA (which ultimately benefits students)
• Vendor must be in the list of FIU vendors
(Recommended for P.O.s)
• Payments need to be set up
– Purchase Orders (14 Business Days to process)
– ID Transfers
– Credit Card (Pro-card)
• Amount must be checked for budgeting purposes
What do you need?
Print out of online site with prices
Event details
A list of names and Panther ID # of students
involved in the event (especially for food)
Enough time to make a payment!!
[ at least 2 weeks]
• Sub-Account is where the money is coming from, if
you are not sure ask the Advisor or the Comptroller
• Today’s Date is the date you are requesting for the
• Benefit to FIU/Event Name is where you will be
describing your event, what is it for? How does the
event benefit FIU?
• Purpose of Request is whether your event is a
regular meeting (more than 10 students must be
involved); a conference; a lecture (when you have
a guest speaker); other can refer to events that
are held for all students to attend and are for
recreation purposes (Cram Jam, “Meet the Dean,”
workshops, etc.)
• Amount requested is for the total amount the
invoice is for.
• Date of Event is NOT the same as when the date
funds are needed!!
• Detail of purchase is the item you are
purchasing, amount of items, and any
additional details needed (i.e. 3 cheese pizzas
and 2 pepperoni pizzas)
• Vendor Name is the vendor you are
purchasing from, also include phone number
and address. Lily has the Vendor ID according
to the university’s vendor’s list.
• This section is filled out by Lily, just make sure
to attach quotes and invoices.
• Purchaser’s Name, PantherID #, Purchaser’s
Signature, and Contact # is YOUR information,
YOU are the purchaser, therefore it is YOUR
responsibility to make sure the order is
placed, to get the authorized signatures, and
assure that the funds are released on time for
your event
Approval is MANDATORY by:
Cristina Loreto
Approval is MANDATORY by:
Senate Advisor
Jose Toscano
Approval is MANDATORY by:
Cabinet Advisor
Michelle Castro
Turn in the documents to:
Office Manager
Lily Alfonso
• You must fill out the file for funds form for
EVERY item you are purchasing, unless you are
purchasing from one sole vendor (i.e. one
form for Blue Books from the bookstore has to
be filed in a separate document as the
giveaway pens you are using for Marketing)
• You MUST file AT LEAST 2 weeks prior to
your event
If you have any further questions
• Contact Advisor Jose Toscano
– 305.348.0285
• Contact Lily
– 305.348.2121
• Contact Cristina Loreto
– 786.439.4621 (Call/text)
– [email protected] (e-mail)