What Is Peer Mediation?

What Is Peer
Peer Mediation is a way to
resolve conflicts with the
help of other kids.
 Peer Mediators give kids
an opportunity to tell
their side of the story.
 The goal is to have kids
solve their problems by
talking it out.
 In the end, kids agree on
compromised solutions.
Reasons to use Peer
Sometimes, kids would
rather talk with other
kids than with adults.
We want kids to be
independent problem
…we believe that kids
CAN solve their own
Good Peer Mediators
Care about people
Like helping other kids
solve problems
Have the respect of their
Listen and communicate
well with others
Are leaders; they stand up
for and do what is right
Are able to keep things
Are committed and hard
Job Expectations of
Peer Mediators
Are trained in 3rd grade and
continue their work through
5th grade
Respond to the mediation
needs of 3rd- 5th grade
students in a timely manner
Lead organized games
during lunch recess for our
“PlayFair” program
Participate in special
activities and morning
announcements from time to
Be a good role model at all
times for other RLI
How Will We Choose
New Mediators?
Based on the qualities and expectations we just
outlined, we will be selecting students today.
You will complete surveys to select kids from the
entire 3rd grade.
Mrs. Siudzinski and the classroom teachers will
discuss candidates with high number of votes and
choose from that a group of 5 students who best
meet the qualities we have discussed as being good
Chosen students will complete an application and
submit it to Mrs. Siudzinski for final consideration.
Students who submit a quality application will be
invited to attend training in January.
Mediators from your grade are only chosen one
time. Please make selections that you can live and
work well with as we cannot change mediators due
to the extensive training that they receive.
You will be informed of the results by the second
week in January.
Peer Mediator
Student Survey
Please choose the name of one 3rd grade student who you think
would be the BEST PERSON to handle each of the following
situations. Write that person’s name on the line under the given
scenario. You may use the same name as often as you wish, or pick
different people for each situation. You may choose a student from
ANY 3rd grade classroom.
You and a friend are having an argument about a game you are
playing during recess. You’ve tried your best to end the argument,
but your friend continues to argue. It seems to be getting worse,
and you don’t know what to do next. Who would be the best person
to listen fairly to both sides?
A big fight breaks out between two kids. They’re pushing and
hitting each other, and it looks like someone will get hurt. Who
would both people probably listen to if he/she told them to stop?
You’ve been blamed for taking a really cool gel pen out of a
classmate’s desk. You didn’t do it, but your classmate really thinks
you did. She has told other kids that you stole from her. Now it
seems that everyone is calling you a thief. Who would NOT get
involved in the name calling?
Rock Ledge Intermediate
Application for Peer Mediator
Name: _____________________________________
Grade: _________ Homeroom Teacher: __________________
Address: ______________________________
Home Phone:____________________________
SPECIAL QUALITIES: Check all of the qualities that describe you.
___Care about people
___Peers respect me
___Like to help others solve
___Listen and communicate well
___Good time management and
academic skills
___Can keep private information to
___Eager to mediate through 5th grade
___Want to be a positive leader at RLI
___Willing to lead organized games at
lunch recess
___Willing to participate in morning
announcements & other activities
EXPERIENCE: What are some special things you’ve done to help others?
MY INTEREST: Please write a paragraph explaining why you would like
to be a peer mediator. Include reasons why you think you would do well.
Student Signature: __________________________Date: ________
Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________Date: ________
Recommending Teacher Signature: _______________Date: ________