North Carolina State University ©2005 Labwrite Project

North Carolina State University
©2005 Labwrite Project
LabWrite main homepage
User Tabs
How to use
PreLAB: Getting started
Questions to answer before doing the lab:
What scientific concept(s) is this lab about?
What are the objectives for this lab?
What is the overall purpose of the lab?
What is your hypothesis for the lab experiment?
What reasoning did you use to arrive at your hypothesis?
InLab: Doing the lab
A guide to completing the lab and managing
lab data:
Setting up the lab
Getting ready to collect data
Preparing a table or spreadsheet for recording your data
Conducting the experiment
Visualizing the data
Making sense of your data
PostLAB: Writing your lab report
A step-by-step guide to
help you write each
section of your lab
LabCheck: Making sure it’s right
LabCheck is made up of the LabChecklist &
the Evaluation Guide:
• Use the labChecklist to check off all the items that
need to be in your lab report.
• Use the Evaluation Guide to view the criteria your
instructor will use to grade your lab report.
Lists all the items
that need to be in
your lab report
LabCheck Evaluation Guide
Lists the criteria your
instructor will use to
grade your lab report.
You can also click
on the links to get
help for improving
your lab report.
Start with a LabWrite stage
From the main homepage, click
on a stage. This will take you to a
stage homepage where you can
select what you need.
What you’ll see when you click a
stage, for example PreLAB :
Second, choose
the format of
LabWrite you
want to work in
First, choose the type of
lab you are doing
Using the Self-Guide Mode
• Structured so that you can use PreLab, InLab, or
PostLab with any word processing program
• Has pop-up windows with definitions of important
• Has “more help” links that give you more
• Takes you to resources you may need
• Has “printable” versions of all materials
Self-guide: Step-by-step instruction
One question or step at a
time guides you through
your work.
Additional information
provides support when
you need it.
Self-guide: Pop-up definitions
Click on highlighted
words to bring up a
pop-up window with
a definition
Self-guide: More help
When you click on “MORE HELP”
links, you’ll find additional
information as shown below:
Self-guide: Resources
Resource links will
take you to a specific
resource you may need
to accomplish a task.
You may also go to any
resource from the main
homepage menu by clicking on
Printable versions
Click on “Printable Version” on a Self-guide
Page to view and print a hardcopy of any materials
you may need. More Help and Pop-ups are included.
Using handouts
• Handouts give you the opportunity to fill in
your answers to the PreLab and InLab by
hand or by copying into a word processing
• Handouts are located on the home pages for
each stage.
Using the Tutor
• The Tutor offers an
interactive interface
that prompts you step
by step through all the
stages of labwrite.
• This is what the
interface looks like
Clicking on “Tutor”
When you click
on Tutor from
any homepage,
you’ll see this
Tutor window
with instructions
for starting a new
lab report or
uploading an
existing one.
Navigating the Tutor
Prompt Window
To learn
when you
access the
Click here and type your text...
List of
Steps or
Working with Tutor
• Once you have created or retrieved a file, you are
ready to use the Tutor.
• Tutor will show a question or a phrase in the
“prompt window” to let you know what you have
to do.
• You can click “More Info” for additional
• You’ll be able to type in your answers in the “text
box” and save your work.
• Tutor will keep track of your progress.
• You’ll have to save your work periodically. Tutor
will remind you sometimes. Click “Save.”
Working with Tutor
• You can view your work by clicking “View.”
• You can print your work by clicking “Print.”
• You can export your work by clicking “Export.”
You’ll get instructions on how to bring your saved
work into a word processing program.
• Clicking “EXIT” will quit the Tutor.
• Use the “step arrow button” to go from one
prompt to the next.
• In PostLab, you’ll have several
prompts for each section of the lab report.
• The “list of steps” will highlight the steps or
sections you have completed.