Emotional Release -- How & Why?

Emotional Release -- How & Why?
Class originally taught by Young Living Diamond Kathy Farmer in Florida 10/23/2010
-- Compiled by Shannon Hudson
The smallest substance that brings intelligence to the body is Minerals
1) Minerals – The body can create all vitamins from trace minerals except for vitamin C.
2) Enzymes – When you add enzymes to the minerals your body can now create all
vitamins including vitamin C.
3) Vitamins
4) Proteins
5) Peptides & Polypeptides – Transfer emotion, they actually carry emotional trauma into
the cell for safe keeping.
6) Hormones – Messenger of the body. Your Hormones are the spiritual & emotional
center of the body.
If you change one, it will cascade & change the rest. We erase the trauma on the DNA with
sesquinterpines they cross the blood brain barrier & erase the memory from the RNA. This
takes us back to the perfect programming we started with. DNA acts as a radio receiver it picks
up & transmits what it receives.
Where do you put the oils …WHY??
1) Top of the head (Crown Center)
a. Pineal Gland
b. The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the scull.
c. Violet is the color of awareness.
d. John 10:30 - “I and my Father are One.”
i. Physical & Spiritual antenna
ii. If this is damaged we have a challenge connecting to God & others.
1. Examples: Autism, Alzheimer, Bi-Polar, feeling isolated, feeling that
God is not real
e. Good oils for Crown Center ~
i. rose, frankincense, myrrh to promote a sense of spirituality
ii. cedarwood & galbanum for a connection
iii. spikenard & thyme increase feelings of love
iv. sandalwood for meditation & focus
2) Eyebrows – between & just above (Brow Center)
a. Pituitary
b. Indigo Blue is the color of healing.
c. The Intuitive or Brow Chakra, also called The Third Eye, is at the center of the
d. This is where we connect with God, how we communicate & hear from Father
e. Proverbs 3: 5-6 - “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own
understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your
i. Emotional antenna
1. If this is damaged we have a hard time maintaining hormonal
2. Examples: Depression, PMS, Menopause, Cushing’s Syndrome
f. Good oils for the Brow Center ~
i. Rosemary & peppermint for alertness
ii. juniper, lemon, pine, sandalwood for tranquility & calming
iii. cedarwoord & myrrh to release stress
iv. Clarity, Peace & Calming, Highest Potential, Awaken & Into the Future
3) Neck at the clavicle (Throat Center)
a. Thyroid & Para-thyroid
b. The Throat Chakra is located in front of the throat.
c. Sky Blue or Turquoise is the color of creativity and self-expression.
d. John 8:32 - “You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.”
i. Communication center – Physical , Spiritual & Emotional
1. If we are feeling stifled we damage the thyroid. Thyroid controls our
metabolism. Repeated emotional trauma in the area of
communication will slow down our metabolism or speed it up
according to how the thyroid sees fit to repair the problem.
e. Good oils for Throat Center
i. Chamomile helps express truth with out anger
ii. Fennel promotes conversation
iii. Cypress, rosemary, basil, peppermint, cedarwood, myrtle & EndoFlex for
clarity in self expression
iv. Myrrh helps with communication when there is a lack of confidence
v. Frankincense & valor for courage to speak your own truth
4) Heart on Breast Bone (Heart Center)
a. Thymus & Heart
b. Green brings balance, peace and tranquility into our lives.
c. The Heart Chakra is at the center of the chest and is directly connected to your
ability to give and receive love.
d. Matthew 22:37-39 - “You shall love God with all your heart, soul, mind and
strength and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.”
i. Protective Barrier—Physical & Emotional
1. Damage to the heart in relationships – Emotional
a. As a child with friends & adults
b. As a teen with parents, teachers, fr-enimes, boyfriends &
2. Damage due to outside physical forces – Physical
a. Medication that has warnings for heart patients
i. 1 aspirin takes 12 years to be completely removed from
our cells!!
b. Toxins in our environment
3. Low immune system due to a damaged Thymus or blood supply—
e. Oils good for Heart Center
i. Rose promotes love especially when wounded or full of grief
ii. Bergamot opens the heart and allows love to radiate
iii. Mellissa relives emotional blocks
iv. Geranium increases capacity to listen from the heart
v. Lavender calms & soothes the heart
vi. Spikenard promotes hope
vii. Pine & fir open the heart to receive love
viii. White Angelica for loneliness, disharmony & heart break
5) Stomach (Solar Plexus Center)
a. Pancreas & Liver
b. The Personal Power or Solar Plexus Chakra is above the navel in the area of the
i. Sunshine Yellow ~ lifts our spirit and gives us hope and a sense of ease and
ii. Philippians 4:13 - “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.”
1. This is our emotional & physical control center
2. When you are worried, angry, sad… where do you feel it? When
you’re thrilled? When you laugh?!!?
3. Emotions bottled up & not released cause damage to our pancreas,
Liver, Intestines…
a. Laugh—harder… what do you feel???
4. Perception of who we are supposed to be. How we are supposed to
act. What our parents want. What our spouse wants. We have
expectations of ourselves that don’t even reflect what we really want
out of life. We hold it all in… it damages the entire energy system.
5. Diverticulitis, liver damage, diabetes, colitis, chronic fatigue
c. Good Oils for Solar Plexus Center
i. Rosemary & Juniper protects against negative & restores confidence
ii. Cedarwood & Pine strengthen self-confidence & will power
iii. Chamomile encourages acceptance of limitations
iv. Harmony, Frankincense, Joy & fennel encourages confidence
6) Naval (Sacral Center)
a. Ovaries & Testicles
i. The Sacral or Belly Chakra is located in front of the lower abdomen in the
pelvis area.
ii. Orange is a hot color, full of vital energy, joy and passion.
iii. Nehemiah 8:10 - “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”
iv. This is where we respond to pleasure: Sexual, music, food, addictions—
1. When we have been abused sexually we find that it is difficult to
receive or give pleasure in many areas of our lives. This damage can
be transferred to our children. Our perception of sex as good or bad,
food as good or bad, music… transfer physically & emotionally to
those around us.
2. Inability to have children can result from these emotional issues as
well as; endometriosis, cyst, excessive cramping, PMS, Menopause…
3. When men feel inadequate as men NOT just sexually they can find
decreased sexual desire, inability to maintain an erection, erectile
dysfunction & even prostate health issues.
b. Oils Good for the Sacral Center
i. Sandalwood & cedarwood promotes emotional & sensual release
ii. Cypress, DiGize & Frankincense relieves inner turmoil
iii. Clary Sage is emotionally uplifiting
iv. Geranium nourishes feminine creativity
v. Rose connects sensuality with heart center
vi. Ylang Ylang balances the male & female
vii. Mister strengthens & balances the male
viii. SclarEssence & Dragon Time bring balance to the female
7) Perineum/Root (Root Center)
a. Adrenals & Prostrate
i. Base of the spine in front of the tailbone & the sex organs
ii. Red is the color of our life force which represents the earth energy and
influences our sense of survival.
iii. Matthew 6:33 - “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and
all these things shall be added to you.”
1. This is our foundation & our security.
2. This is where we decide how we will respond to outside forces.
a. Will we fight or will we run. When we get tired of fighting or
running. We hide.
3. This is where we show tension.
4. A lot of tension turns into fear.
5. A lot of fear turns into terror.
a. This is where nightmares/depression/self hate comes from.
b. When our security is shaken we hide inside ourselves.
c. We play out the terror in our own mind.
b. Oils good for the Root Center
i. Myrrh strengthens, energizes & restores
ii. Cedarwood & sandalwood helps us connect
iii. Myrtle encourages forgiveness, acceptance & empowerment
iv. Cypress, frankincense & valor gives stability & protection
Emotional Release Guidlines:
 Quiet & relaxing location
 Dim lights if possible
 NO music
 You can be fully clothed or undressed & covered
o Place towels over energy centers if dressed (oil does NOT have to touch body to
o Place oils in their hand for the Stomach, Naval & Root energy centers
 Drop oils from about a foot above the body
 Take your time
 Let them determine when it is time to go to the next oil by placing their hand out for the
next oil.
 NO talking—except to tell them to say the words you have written (or they have
written) at the right time.
 When you are finished—allow them a few minutes of time alone to think & regain
 Repeat this process MANY times. Each time the body let’s go of more information
Emotional Release Oil Application:
1) Valor – feet
a. Courage
b. Alignment
2) White Angelica – top of head, eyebrows & shoulders
a. Doubles the energy field size & thickness
3) Three Wise Men – top of head & eyebrow
4) Say the statement
a. Kathy Farmer’s General Clearing Words:
i. I lovingly & willingly release all things that no longer serve me in a positive
& progressive way. I release these things to the universe from where they
came to be re-polarized to become a positive & progressive power for me
ii. You can be more specific. Feel free to change it…this was just an idea~
5) Release – Neck, Heart, Stomach, Naval & Root
a. Release all negative blueprints, addictions, emotions, thoughts-6) Harmony – All energy centers
a. Blend of blends
b. Balances all energy centers
7) Joy – Heart
a. Balances & cleanses the amygdala
8) Forgiveness – Naval
a. Changes the frequency in the cells to release un-forgiveness from you or from
9) Present Time – Heart
a. Be in the NOW
Feelings Oils:
 Frankincense – When the Pituitary & Pineal are both function properly they are the
exact same frequency of Frankincense. I use it several time a day on the top of my head,
eyebrow & under my tongue. Anger, argumentative, boredom, confusion, depression,
forgetfulness, guilt, jealousy, panic
 Geranium – Mother Issues, abuse, apathy, despair, disappointment, panic
 Lemon – Anger, apathy, day dreaming, concentration, depression, despair, frustration,
guilt, jealousy
 Jasmine – apathy, argumentative, despair, fear, mood swings, resentment
 Ylang Ylang – Shock, restlessness, panic, obsessiveness, irritability, mood swings,
frustrations, forgetfulness, fear, depression, despair, argumentative, boredom, abuse,
anger, confusion, apathy, anxiety
 Trauma Life – Shock, panic, grief, fear, anger, abuse
 Awaken – Apathy, day dreaming, confusion, concentration, depression
 Juva Flex – Releases Anger & un-forgiveness
Great books to use in Emotional Release:
Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol Truman
Healing Feelings from the Heart by Karol Truman
Releasing emotional Patterns by Carolyn DeMarco
The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Stewart