e fre copper letters sprinkled in glitter

copper letters
Wood Letters, Copper Metal Craft Sheeting,
Acrylic Paint, Sponge Brush, Scissors, Pencil
sprinkled in glitter
1. Lay out copper sheeting, lay the metal letter on top, and trace with pencil. Use scissors to carefully trim copper, leaving a half-inch for overlap on all sides.
2. Fold the half-inch over each side to secrue sheeting to letters.
3. Use sponge brush to dab brown acrylic paint to coppered letters to give a weathered appearance.
Wood Letters, Wood Plaque, Glitter, Acrylic Paint,
Craft Glue, Wood Glue, Sponge Brushes
1. Paint plaque & wood letters.
2. Once dry, sponge brush craft glue over the front of a letter, then sprinkle glitter onto
the glue.
3. Continue painting on glue to letter sides and back, then glitter. Do the same process
for plaque.
4. After all wood pieces are glittered and dry, apply wood glue to the bottom of each letter and adhere to the front side of the plaque,
as shown.
Every little girl loves to see her name sprinkled in glitter!
The possibilities are endless when it
comes to embellishing letters. The easy
& fun technique of dry brushing is
perfect for that antique style. Simply
paint on your base coat and then dry
brush the black paint to edges and
front side in a light streaking motion.
Hang and enjoy!
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spell it out
No matter how you spell it,
letters, words and names go
from ordinary to extraordinary
when they become home décor.
Use them to decorate, label or
personalize for a tren foward
look that says it all.
photo letters
Photocopied Vintage Photos,
Paper Maché Letters, Decoupage Glue,
Distressing Ink, Exacto Knife, Sponge Brush
1. Apply decoupage glue to back of photos and collage onto letters.
2. Using an exacto knife, carefully trim off
excess photos.
3. Use inkpad along letter edges to distress.
4. Once the letter is completely covered and inked, apply a thin coat of more glue over the top and sides of each letter to seal.
tuscan enter sign
You will get stuck on magnets
for the easy change-ability
brought on by wood letters
used with a metal sign base.
Simply attach magnetic strips
to the back of wood letters and
keep everyone guessing as to
what you will say next.
Summer is in bloom with this
dangling and whimsical letter
arrangement. Gather your
favorite scrapbook papers and
coordinating acrylic paints
to dress-up little wooden letters
for every change of season.