Why Search Analytics Matters

Why Search Analytics Matters
The budgets, activities and expectations that drive search
engine marketing—notably Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search
Engine Optimization (SEO)—are all on the rise, and are
increasingly taking budget share from traditional marketing
and advertising channels. With this rise in budget and
expectations comes greater accountability.
Because of this, marketers must take a far closer look at
their search engine marketing campaigns--at a level much
more in-depth than their web analytics applications have ever
been able to provide. Search analytics helps marketers get
a firmer grasp on what it takes to bring their products and
services to the forefront of the hyper-competitive space of
search engine result pages (SERPs).
Search Analytics
Traditional Web Analytics
Search analytics is not intended to replace Web
analytics tools; rather it extends Web analytics
by focusing on search-related metrics, i.e. what
happens when a consumer or a business-tobusiness customer performs a search for a
product or service.
Traditional web analytics focuses on tracking
everything related to traffic coming to a site,
providing an overview of what visitors do after
they arrive. Search analytics focuses specifically
on a site’s search traffic and reveals highly
detailed insights for search marketers.
How Search Analytics Works
Benefits of GeoTargeting
Search analytics examines the dynamics behind a page’s
ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs), providing a
granular look at exactly how visitors find a site through paid
campaigns or organic search.
Search analytics solutions show a site’s ranking for a keyword
phrase in a specific geographic location—a task that web
analytics solutions and rank checking software have failed to
Search analytics focuses only on search and search-related
factors related to a site including keywords or keyword
phrases used, keyword ranking across search engines and
geographic areas, and the searcher’s location.
Why is this information important? If an online business sells
bedroom slippers, knowing that its site ranks on page one
for ‘bedroom slippers’ in Milwaukee but on page two for the
same search term in New York City will help determine if the
business’ current marketing efforts are paying off and which
marketing tactics it should tackle next.
Search analytics solutions let marketers see which keywords
are driving traffic to their site, and shows how a particular
page of the site ranks within the search results, e.g. one
keyword phrase may garner a search result on page three,
while another keyword phrase claims a search result on page
one—the holy grail of SERPs.
Search analytics’ geotargeting data is highly refined, showing
the city (and in some cases, the zip code) associated with
each search referral.
After identifying their current search ranking for important
keywords, marketers can then tweak their campaigns and
move up in the search engine results, thus driving additional
traffic and conversion.
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